Nathan Griffith Reveals Plans to Adopt ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace

kaiser jace new baby
Why wasn’t Babs invited to splish-splash at the waterpark ?!

Jenelle Evans’ mother, the fabulous Barbara Evans, has had custody of Jenelle’s son, Jace, since he was just a few months old. While Babs has done a great job raising Jace, who is almost five, Jenelle’s boyfriend, Nathan Griffith recently revealed that he plans to adopt Jace and take him out of Barbara’s care.

“I want custody of Jace,” he told OK! in a new interview. “He listens to me and I’m a good role model for him. [Barbara] just yells at him.”

Our gal Babs is not going to be happy when she reads this article (if she has time, however, since she is busy working to support Jace, Jenelle’s sister Ashleigh and Ashleigh’s young son!) Nathan goes on to skewer poor Babs’ parenting skills.

“I look at him as one of my kids so I want him in a more structured and understanding home,” Nathan told the magazine. “When he’s with Barbara it gives me an unsettling feeling in my stomach.”

The Ashley can’t help but giggle thinking of Babs reading this article and screaming, “Are ya kiddin’ me!?”

“I love her and I respect her, but she hasn’t grown up yet—and I don’t like that,” Nathan added.

I just…can’t…

Jenelle's Mom
“I should hit ya with a doughboy just fah sayin’ that!”

Nathan did not go into specifics about how he plans to get custody of Jace. Currently only Barbara has custody; Jenelle and Jace’s real father, Andrew Lewis, do not have custody currently. (‘Member that time Andrew showed up on ‘Teen Mom 2’ looking like a background dancer for Kevin Federline? Who could forget this classic Andrew look?!)

In the article, Nathan also discussed how Jace is taking to his brand-new baby brother, Kaiser.

“Jace is already protective of his little brother and calls him Kai,” Nathan said. “It’s awesome.”

Jenelle and Nathan used the interview to reveal the first photo of Baby Kaiser. The Ashley isn’t posting it due to copyright concerns, but you can check it out here.

(Photos: Twitter, MTV)


  1. Jenelle is more of a schizophrenic than people realize.
    Her insane outburst and possible battering of that poor dog last night was insane.
    She is a bomb waiting to explode.
    I kind of wanted that poor dog to retaliate against her after the way she treated him while her child looked on.
    And how many times can she say “dude” before climbing in the bed with all of the laundry and junk around her.
    She is bringing yet another innocent life into this world or has and I cannot believe CSB has not stepped in.
    She is not mother material and you can see she has no interest in her first one , lest what interest will she have in this one.
    I think she has very abusive behavior and would keep an eye on this train wreck.

  2. i think jenelle it a good mom. but she need to stay out of touble bcaues she might go back to jail. and jace might go to barber house and jace going to said i don’t like you barber u meaan

    1. There is nothing good about her parenting, I disagree with you.
      She is a time bomb waiting to explode and I believe will eventually abuse those children just like we witnessed her with the poor dog.

  3. I don’t think anyone gives Barbara enough credit. Sure she may seem crazy and have a temper problem but she stepped up and took care of jace when jenelle wouldn’t. Not to mention she is taking care of a another grandchild. Nathan needs a reality check. Good luck trying to get custody when you don’t even have custody of your first kid.

    1. I give Barbara all the credit in the world. She worked her tail off to raise three kids, who turned out to be train wrecks and want to blame Barbara for not being there. Well someone had to work three jobs to support them, and I’m sure she did her best with them. Sometimes crazy is just crazy and there’s nothing you can do to fix it. And I think she’s edited to look like a screamer. I’m sure she’s much more patient and strict with Jace then the editors want to portray. And I’m sure Jace comes back in such a fabulous mood when he’s done with his visit with his mother, and poor Barbara is left to deal with the mess Jenelle and Nathan created

    2. Babs is teaching Jace to be disrespectful towards his mother. And Nathan does have a point about Barbara’s yelling and screaming not just at Jace but at Janelle as well. And she’s also disrespectful towards Nathan as well.
      Since Janelle met Nathan Barbara hasn’t done anything but put Janelle down and done everything she can to isolate Jace from his mother.

  4. Well well well.
    Adopt Jace? The fact that Jenelle THE most pathetic moron on the heels of Farrah has me questioning the court system that would even consider custody of anyone to these two.
    Jenelle wouldnt know how to raise a mouse never mind another child.
    She is not mother material whatsoever.
    She screams at the drop of a spoon and you never know what is going to set her off from minute to minute.
    I do not believe this child would be safe or sound in her and the new boy of the week’s custody for an hour.
    Pa thetic. that is all folks.
    And grandparents are denied access to their grandchildren if the parents deem it to be so.Really? The courts are just as much of a mess as Jenelley poo.

  5. Does Nathan realize in order to adopt Jace, Jace’s father would have to sign his rights over? Andrew isn’t about to give up possible future Teen Mom 2 airtime for Nathan to play house. And really? 3 DUIs, no custody of your first child, and you think you’d be able to adopt him? I doubt you can adopt a dog from a shelter. Saying you respect and love someone, then telling them to grow up is kind of the opposite of love and respect. Also, what happened to the abuse allegations? Jace only listens to Nathan because he allegedly beats the poo out of him.

    P.S. Did they seriously buy the Douche Mobile? A yellow Hummer, really Jenelle and Nathan? 2006 called.

  6. Teen Mom 2 has two of the most delusional dads when it comes to custody. Adam and Nathan believe their opinion is like the bible. They both are in and out of jail, and in trouble with the law but its never a big deal to them. What court system would ever give either of these guys custody? Nathan should watch what he says because Barbara has the right to keep Jace away from him. The only people who make me feel uneasy with Jace is Nathan and Janelle.

  7. “…looking like a background dancer for Kevin Federline?” made me chuckle! You have a way with words, The Ashley.

  8. What plans does he have to regain custody of his daughter? Perhaps working on that instead of giving interviews to drum up publicity for the new season would be best.

  9. hahaha this is just what I needed today. I would love to see Nathan’s step by step approach to getting custody of the child of your girlfriend who does not even have custody. The odds of this happening are virtually equal to me getting custody of my neighbors kids. It makes no sense. Maybe he should have said he plans to marry Jenelle and help her regain custody of her son.

    I love his speal on how he thinks of Jace as his own and wants him to have structure. Um??? He has no rights for his own daughter. What a moron.

    Why is it that people like Nathan end up with 3+ kids and college educated conservative couples often end up with none? I worry about what the world will be like in 50 years.

    1. First Andrew has to give his consent for Nathan to adopt Jace then he has to sign away his paternal rights to Jace. Since Andrew hasn’t been in Jace’s life since he’s been born he should do that anyways.

    1. YES! That is all I see when I read the name. Kai would have been such a better choice. Kaiser is a sandwich roll and Orion is Onion/Orios/Astronomy. Weird name.

  10. I feel for poor babs. She’s what like 50 or 60 years old, she needs to be sitting at home, with her feet popped up sipping a glass of wine and enjoying retirement. But instead she’s supporting not only Jenelle’s son but also her other grandson on a wal-mart salary. On top of that, she’s bashed for doing so by two pos douche bags that dont even have custody of their first kid.

  11. When are these morons going to understand that kids always behave better when they are with people who are NOT their parents?

    Of course Jace is well behaved when with them, he’s not with his real parent. He’s having a slumber party with his big sister and her boyfriend.

    SMH Jenelle is going to be in for a rude awakening IF she ever does get custody of him.

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