Another ‘Sister Wives’ Baby? Kody Brown Hints That Wife Robyn is Pregnant Again

“Back to maternity wear!”

The Ashley is convinced the producers of Sister Wives are just cruel people. Last night’s season finale left us all in suspense, with fourth wife Robyn Brown making a huge deal about having a “big announcement” to make. Fans eagerly waited as Robyn prepared to spill the secret to her family, only to have the announcement cut off to create the ultimate cliffhanger for next season.

Of course, everyone assumes that Robyn’s “secret” is baby-related. (Raise your hand if you were secretly hoping Robyn’s “secret” was that she suddenly realized what a tool her husband, Kody, is and that she was leaving because she was tired of watching Meri cry?)

Anyway, the Brown kids were also speculating that Robyn was once again with child. If true, this will be Robyn’s fifth child, and her second with Kody. (Her first three children are the result of her first marriage to David Jessop.)

Kody fueled the pregnancy fire last night when he posted a tweet hinting that he and Robyn should probably have another kid.

Wife Number 1, Meri, hinted that “the secret” may be revealed on next week’s ‘Sister Wives Tell-All’ episode.

The Ashley has been doing her best to sleuth out the truth. While she didn’t get a definitive answer from her efforts, all signs point to the fact that Robyn is once again pregnant. Recently a person claiming to have many mutual friends with Robyn said on social media that Robyn is, indeed, pregnant. Of course, that’s hardly definitive proof.

The Ashley will update this if she gets any more information!


  1. Que poco tolerantes, envidian la felicidad de otros, a ellos le hace feliz ese modo de vida, soy chilena y aqui son muy machistas, pero muchas nos alegramos por ellos, sean felices nada mas importa.

  2. Soooo tired of the sister wives and the receding hairline wannabe lookalike Kody. I live in Lehi and they cause their own drama. Who can afford 1 large brand spankin new house in Vegas let alone 4??? Their little reality show pays for all their schtuff not the polygamy jewels they sell. If they wanted to be so secret I think the best way to do it is go on a reality show. We are all paying for the college tuition for the 78 kids with our taxes and watching this dumb show. I am NOT a Mormon but polygamy was used way way way back in the day when there were a million widows and no hubby’s, it served it’s purpose THEN but the Mormon church has long since removed that practice. It’s illegal in all 50 states and they are the kinds that make it so when I travel and I say I live in Utah they immediately assume I share my husband, and which wide am I? Ridiculous! The Browns need to get real jobs and quit having babies and earn their own money and put some braces on some of those kids and perhaps a hair cut at Great Clips rather than on the patio. If Kody spent as much time working at a job as he did running from house to house spreading his seed, and Janelle and her personal trainer everyday and no $$ for college for the kids but Meri is going back, Robyn won’t work, I think she is still nursing her 4 year old and trying to have Kodys love child, Christine is just so jealous of everyone she can’t concentrate on anything else but trying to earn Kody for an extra night. I guarantee those 3 have been or are on public assistance cuz they aren’t legally married, don’t work and again, how does a woman with that many kids make a large house payment. 2+2=4 no matter how you do the math. They are deleted from my DVR. I have a real job, pay my bills and am a law abiding citizen..if I wanna be a swinger, I keep it private! AMEN TO LAURAS COMMENT!!!!

  3. By the way the “Tell All” episode went with Tamron Hall, it makes me wonder if perhaps Robyn had a miscarriage. The reason being that beforehand it seemed like they wanted to tell something and then all of a sudden they didn’t want any questions asked about babies.

  4. Don’t you think it’s a little odd that every ‘wife’ had no problem financing their homes but Meri the legal wife had problems? What form of special financing or government assistance getting their home loans do you think they got as ‘single’ moms? You can bet they are taking advantage of the system. Oh we want acceptance as legal wives, but we still want to work the system as single moms.

    1. You got it right, I bet they are taking advantage of the welfare system too.
      Overall their arrangement in my eyes is immoral and disgusting.

  5. I was disappointed in the last “tell all” interview. Tell Alls should be just that. TELL ALL… answer the questions that the fans want. Leaving such a cliffhanger and Christene acting so childish was NOT what the fans wanted. If the Browns want the world to know that “not all polygamists” are the way Warren J was…. then they should be more honest in their actions on the show… So Christene shows jealousy about Robyn having another baby. That was clearly the issue….(no matter what she says)….. Come on Browns… Be HONEST… There is no perfect family. I happen to love the show… but I would rather see honesty, …. struggles and all….

  6. My goodness the negativity on this page is stifling! If everyone truly feels as if this show is a waste of their time and the Browns are so horrible, why in the world are they still watching?? Sad to see such bitter hostile people . If you don’t like what’s going on within the show, don’t watch it!

  7. I am still wishing Janelle would sit down and watch the episodes and see what the rest of us are seeing. She is a bright, smart woman and capable of so much better for herself and her children. Is Kody a tool? Absolutely! Every time I hear him say “love should be multiplied, not divided” I want to slap his silly face. He is not multiplying love. He is going from one woman to the next, acting out the so called husband and father. Once again, I feel sorry for the kids. As for Meri, get a job, go to school part time. Who the hell cares what Robyn thinks about it. She is so self centered it is pathetic. And Christine. Wake up. smell the coffee. Get a damn job! All 4 of those women need a major wake up call. Plural marriage is crazy. It is for the man and the man only. Marriage is tough enough but to have all those so called wives and 17 children? Obviously Kody Brown cannot support them all, much less get a damn haircut. Yet he wants to be the boss, make all the decisions and have each wife obey him completely. Jerk! And the women who sit there next to him and spout off all the silly comments on the family. I wish I could feel sorry for them but I don’t. Once they lose their show, their homes and it all goes down the toilet, maybe, just maybe one or 2 of those women will grow spines and take their kids out of that mess. I can only hope so for the kids.

    1. I totally agree with you. Cody is acting like a pimp and they are letting him. Meri loves him and has let this plural thing happen to keep him. Janell wants to be loved by someone and has been made into a baby machine and Cody uses her for sex alone. Christine, not sure about her. Robyn is all Cody thinks about you can tell. I feel sorry for all of them and they really need therapy

  8. I was wondering also how they can afford those homes. I think the show is ridiculous. I would love ask those women how they really feel. A marriage is based on love and honesty.How much love did Cody have for his first wife when he wanted a second one, and third, and fourth? They can’t even sit and watch a movie together and hold hands or have sex two nights in a row cause there are other wives. I think they’re brain washed by Cody who thinks he’s obvious God’s gift to women. They should all wise up and leave his sorry ass. None of them ever smile.

  9. I’m also tired of this show. Who cares if she is pregnant. They act like it is a miracle.
    If you watch the show where they give their
    presentation to the investors, you can already see her belly. (she’s wearing the pink blazer). She must be about 4 to 6 months along. You can even see her belly when she’s sitting next to Kody during the T.V interview. What a screwed up family.
    They don’t even seem they are supporting each other anymore. The want to go their separate ways. Poor Kody, who is going to support him now.

  10. Is it my imagination, or has anybody else noticed that Kody pays more attention to Robyn then he does to the other three?

  11. It just upsets me to see them living in these big gorgeous beautiful homes when I have been working my ass off all my life and can’t afford to live like that or take vacations like they do. Honestly what kind of work have you seen them do other than trying to sell jewelry, and they get to enjoy all these rewards while I’m still working like a dog.

    1. Understandable. My husband and I are retired and still watch every penny. We never had homes like those nuts are living in. Hang in there Mary. Eventually the so called Brown family will lose everything once they lose their contracts to appear on TV. I would love to see Christine and Janelle especially leave Kody’s silly ass and hit him for child support! Now there is some justice!

    2. Does it upset you to see anyone else living this way? Some people simply got a better break. It’s basically an acting gig, and much like other actors they get paid to do what they do, in there case it’s simply live their lives. We are all handed out lives and we make the best out of them. I too work daily, but I’m not angry at those who are afforded more but work less.

  12. Hard to believe this contrived nonsense is still on, they are so boring. It’s a show about a bunch of middle aged overweight women that have sex with the same loser man. The women were single mothers on food stamps, the man would come around once in a while to see how his spawn was. Then they got lucky and sold their drivel to TLC I’m I missing something? Is there something more to this show?

    1. My thoughts exactly.

      Considering there are already 17 (17!!!) kids I hardly think the announcement of another would be a good cliffhanger. A second child? sure. 18th? Sorta loses it’s surprise factor.

      I can’t believe any woman would want to have be with Kody. But then add that they have to share him and deal with sister wife drama and him hardly being around? Unbelievable.

      1. I’m also shocked at how horribly they all get along. The wives simply tolerate each other. They’re not sister wives, they’re concubines who hate each other. And yes, the show is getting so boring. They never ever ever talk about the reality of polygamy. It’s always about jewelry, houses or college. If they want the show to remotely succeed, they need to open up and get real. I am simply watching the show as I would finish a dull book just to see how it ends.

      2. Robyn has three of her own children from a previous marriage. Now Robyn and Kody have Solomon. Which means Kody has fathered 14 children. Janelle (6) Christine (6) Meri (1) Robyn (1). I don’t think Robyn’s ex-husband has relinquished his parental rights of his three biological children to Kody. I think it’s wrong that Robyn makes her own three kids call Kody dad. They have a father that they visit regularly. They are messing with the kids minds.

  13. she’s not! because Kody’s twitter asks” Shall we have another baby?” why would he say should we if their is already a baby on the way.
    She will at some point but not this summer.

  14. haven’t watched in a while. I am not sure why but Robyn still makes me so uncomfortable. Another Baby? Sorry but most women can do that lying down. Wh does Robyn act like it is such a special talent? Just to stick it to Meri I guess.

      1. That is a distinct possibility. All last season Meri cried, shrugged and twisted her mouth. She LOVES playing the victim. Her irritating, entitled daughter is just like her. None of this is going to last. They have three years in those McMansions to pay back the interest only. After three years they have to apply for a conventional loan to and will then have to pay principal and interest. How is this going to happen if they dont have jobs? If they cannot get conventional loans the McMansions then go back to the builder! I am guessing they will either split up or all go back to Utah. At this stage I can only see Janelle qualifying for a conventional loan and keeping her house. She is a very sharp woman. Kody will look after Meri and Robyn and Christine will be up the creek without a paddle, which means they will return to the old house in Utah.

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