‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert Addresses Marital Issues: “We’ve Had Problems”

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“We’re still together y’all!”

Teen Mom 2 fans have been speculating for over a year about the state of Leah Calvert‘s marriage to second husband Jeremy Calvert. The couple’s fighting has been a main focus of the show for the past season, and even fueled Jeremy’s Assault By Bacon on his wife last season. In addition, Leah continues to tweet subtle messages that are seemingly related to her troubled marriage to Jeremy.

In a new interview with In Touch, Leah addresses her marital problems and reveals whether or not she and Jeremy are really getting divorced.

“Divorce is not an option for us,” Leah told the magazine. “I truly believe that Jeremy is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and my girls, and I really think we can overcome anything.”

While Leah admits that “We’ve had problems,” she said that she has finally convinced Jeremy to go to marriage counseling–and it’s been working for them.

“It’s helped us to see each other’s feelings from a different point of view. We’re doing our best to fix our relationship,” Leah said. “Jeremy and I promise each other every day that we’re never going to give up. In the end, I feel like that’s what marriage is all about.”

Not to be a buzzkill, but Leah’s statements about never divorcing Jeremy eerily echo statements she made when her marriage to Corey Simms was in question back in 2011. During a reunion aftershow, Leah said, “Marriage to me is a big commitment. If I took that vow it is going to be forever.”

While it is to be hoped that Leah has grown a lot since her marriage to Corey, she continues to post cryptic tweets which many assume to be about her marriage.

“Any action is often better than no action, especially if you have been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time,” Leah tweeted on July 21. The day before she wrote, “This is one battle I will NOT back down from, and the bitterness to come will not be on my hand.”

On July 18, she posted, “What you do unto others will only be done unto you… #AlwaysBeVeryWise.”

Leah and Jeremy have been married since 2012 and together are the parents of one-year-old Adalynn. (Leah also has twin girls with her ex-husband Corey.) The couple must be getting along well because just last week, Leah expressed their desire to have another child.

“Oh my I love having my girls. Their [sic] fun and when [Jeremy] is gone it’s all #GirlTime hehe but we hope to have a boy,” she tweeted.

Whatever is going on with Leah and Jeremy, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans will be treated to a front-row seat this season!

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    1. Although she may not “need” our two cents, she will always get it as long as she’s putting her life on our TV’s every week and doing interviews regarding questions about her marriage and family. That’s part of the ride and she knew it going in so I find it extremely hard to feel bad for her for anything other than her daughter with muscular dystrophy.

      Let’s face it, Leah shouldn’t have hooked up with Corey in high school after knowing him for a month, which lead to her getting pregnant with the twins. But, she did. She shouldn’t have married Corey if she was still hung up on her ex, Robbie. But, she did. She shouldn’t have cheated on Corey with Robbie, then jumped the gun when divorce was mentioned simply because Corey was hurt by her unfaithfulness, but, she did. She shouldn’t have hooked up so quickly with Jeremy, got engaged, and gotten pregnant right away, but, she did. When she had a miscarriage, she should have decided to wait a bit and handle what was already on her plate, but, did she? No. She married Jeremy as fast as she could and got pregnant AGAIN. Now, she’s in an unhappy marriage, has 3 kids, and is most likely still harboring feelings for Corey. She made her bed, now she’s got to lie in it. Suck it up and be woman, Leah. And, learn to appreciate what you have in life instead of always finding something that you are unhappy about.

  1. What does she mean she takes the vow seriously? She and Corey divorced right after they got married! Her and Kail blow me away- didn’t you know marriage isn’t all roses and butterflies? They both also whine about EVERYTHING and really. They are lucky. They get to stay home with their kids while their husbands make the money!

  2. I think it’s sad that she was married twice with 3 kids by the time she was 20. I can’t stand listening to her whine and complain all the time. I understand that she has alot on her plate but geez. Maybe if she didnt nag jeremy so much they wouldnt fight so much. I also think they rushed their relationship

    1. she has a lot on her plate, and her marriage is shaky, yet wants another kid! Her problems are that she immediately had another kid the minute she got with Jeremy. She constantly nags about being a single mom because he isn’t home with her 24/7. Yet it looks like he relented and got a job closer, now she has picked up not having enough money! They are both driving 50,000 trucks and she gets a lot of child support. She just wants to complain, she needs to see how bad her life would be without the mtv money

  3. It’s just a sad situation. The root of Leah’s issues had never been fully dealt with. She has some deep seeded insecurities that led her to have sex with Corey as a rebound to begin with. And cheat the week of their wedding. In my opinion, she has cheated on Jeremy multiple times throughout their relationship with Corey even if all she has done is what we see on the show. It is totally wrong and cheating to go to an ex and say you want to work it out or you have feelings when you are marrying someone else. Crazy girl lives on drama.

    I find it practically impossible that such a new marriage could be so troubled. I have been married much longer than they have and never had the sorts of arguments and drama that we have seen on the show. My husband has also never slapped me in the face with bacon, so I digress.

    Good luck to them. I don’t know what Jeremy ever saw in her and I seriously hope they aren’t pregnant again. 🙁

    1. i agree with you completely, I would like to look up the boy she cheated on Corey with, I bet she has had sex with him. Which is why she nags her husband to be home, as she finds it convenient to blame HIM for her reason for straying in her mind. If anyone needs counseling, it is her…she needs individual help

  4. well they aren’t his children, they have a father, but in all fairness to him, we don’t see everything just very small snippets. She’s needy and codependent, I don’t understand why he married her to begin with!

  5. Yeah, she hopes to have a boy…..with Robbie…. I’m not buying what’s she’s selling. They’re going to be divorced or filing for divorce by the next season. And shouldn’t she focus on the three kids she has now, especially her daughter with extra needs, before adding ANOTHER child to the mess that is her life. I’m starting to think girl is a professional baby maker, marriage hopper. It’s like she has children to guarantee a man will be in her life and a paycheck for 18 years when they decide to leave her crazy codependent rear. No wonder Jeremy takes so many out of town jobs!

    And is it just me, or does he not seem very close and affectionate with the twins? Hell, Javi even gets on the floor with Isaac, but I don’t think I’ve seen Jeremy play with the twins, only Addalyn. And whhhhyyyyyyyyyyy do they always feel the need to bash Corey on front of the twins?

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