Nick Viall Calls Out ‘Bachelorette’ Andi Dorfman: ‘Why Did You Make Love With Me?’

Bachelorette Finale Sex
If looks could kill…

For all of you that actually have lives and went out last night instead of watching The Bachelorette finale, The Ashley must give you fair warning: SPOILER ALERT!


Things got awkward and tense on last night’s “After the Final” special when Andi Dorfman came face-to-face with Nick Viall, the man she rejected in favor of Josh Murray (who, in case you hadn’t heard, used to be a baseball player!) Nick, who according to Chris Harrison had tried to contact Andi multiple times since she bid him farewell in the Dominican Republic, was still obviously heartbroken when he appeared last night. While he became tongue-tied when he finally got the chance to talk to Andi, he did manage to embarrass her on national TV!

After Andi told Nick that he deserved to find love again, and that it should be with someone who loves him back, Nick became angry.

“The hard part is…feeling like you did [love me],” Nick told Andi, adding that on their last date she mentioned that she wished she could say “I love you” back to him. “If you weren’t in love with me, I’m not sure why you made love with me?”


“Just for the record, I didn’t need to hear that!”

That comment most likely made Andi feel like a great big ol’ tramp for getting frisky in the Fantasy Suite with multiple guys. She quickly became angry that he brought up that up, telling him that he had hit “below the belt” and that those events should have remained “private.”

Nick went on to explain that sex is very special to him, which is something we don’t often hear from a guy on ‘The Bachelor’ franchise.

“To me, that night, that was like fiance-type stuff,” he told her. “That meant so much to me. That mean something to me. That meant the world to me.”

Andi was clearly unhappy, and she wasn’t the only one. Her friend, Nikki Ferrell, whom she met on Juan Pablo‘s season of ‘The Bachelor,’ was livid, and used her Twitter account to accuse the show’s producers of setting up the entire thing.

“Gee I wonder who told Nick to say that,” she tweeted. “How the producers of @BachelorABC sleep at night is beyond me. #Trash”

Here’s The Ashley’s take on the situation: Andi should have seen Nick at the Men Tell All when he came down to speak to her. They could have had this conversation in semi-privacy (the cameras would have been there most likely, but at least it wouldn’t have been on live TV) and Nick could have gotten closure. Andi is happy and engaged to Josh, but Nick is still upset and she owed it to him to at least answer his questions. Was he wrong to ask her why she had sex with him if she didn’t love him? No. He told her how much sex meant to him, and that he doesn’t just boink every girl that comes along. For the situation, that was a fair question.

Roundupers– what did you think of this situation? Tell The Ashley in the comments! Stay tuned for The Ashley’s full recap of the entire hot mess ‘Bachelorette’ finale episode, coming soon!

UPDATE: Andi’s fiance, Josh, was not happy about what Nick said. He gave his thoughts on the situation to RumorFix on Tuesday.

“To be honest it was very classless and disrespectful and it just shows the type of person he really is,” Josh told the site. “And I don’t associate myself with those kind of people and neither does Andi, so it’s nice that that’s over with now and he’s of no concern to us or our lives. I think it’s all funny. I really don’t pay any attention to Nick, I am just really happy about Andi and I. And we have a phenomenal relationship so that’s all I care about.”

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  1. I hope Nick finds out sooner than later that this rather nasty one did him a favor. And I hope Josh is able to see his new merchandise clearly before the return date arrives. This cold and angry woman is one great actress.

  2. It really irritates me when people say she deserved to have her personal business aired on national tv because she wouldn’t speak to him in private. really? So if one of your crazy exes( let’s be honest: dude was shifty from the first night) repeatedly bugs you about seeing them, and you decline, he ha a right to air your business in whatever way he sees fit? Please. Putting all that aside, I feel bad for nick, but I think the closure excuse is bullshit. She sat down and had a conversation with him about how it just wasn’t there for her. Does it really matter about the semantics? No. It won’t change anything, and it’s time to be an adult and move on.

    1. Normally, I would agree with you about the ex airing your personal business out there, however; this happened during filming of the bachelorette. Andi (and all the rest of these men) signed contacts agreeing to have their lives filmed and broadcast around the US. Anyone who watches this show knows what a fantasy suite overnight date usually entails, and let’s be honest, we all knew she slept with both Nick & Josh. It’s not like Nick went into detail about the specific acts, he asked ‘why did you make love to me, only to dump me 3 days later?’. A legit question one would have after a breakup in a relationship you thought would end in marriage.
      So to sum up, NO I wouldn’t say you deserved it if your ex aired your private business to the world, however, given that this occurred during filming of the show and Andi had multiple attempts to see him privately to discuss this matter and she refused, YES I think she deserved it and totally over reacted.

  3. Maybe he wanted closure but it’s more likely that he wanted more screen time and for adoring fan girls to think he is OMG such a sweet guy.

    There are no actually sweet guys or girls on these shows. The good ones all get snagged in their 20s and settle down, and would never do a show like this. He signed up to be followed while meeting some girl who is also dating many other guys. It is all for fame and because they are egotistic and want attention. So dumb. Otherwise, he would have just signed up for and gotten into some church groups and things.

    He shouldn’t have said that. But, I mean, wasn’t it already assumed? So what’s the big deal? She is overreacting.

  4. “Sex is very special to me. It meant so much to me.” As. If.
    Nick barely knew her, but was totally fine sleeping with her. If sex is so special and “fiance-level” only, I guess he should have waited until after they got engaged.

    Slut-shaming garbage.

    Andi doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. She’s not obligated to talk to anyone.

  5. I really thought Andi would choose Nick because I didn’t see a great connection between her and Josh, but seeing them on the final episode made it clear that they were the better match, particularly because Nick is in his head a lot. As a woman I can say that I am a chronic over-thinker and one of the best things about my hubby is that he isn’t–like Josh, he’s very secure with himself and his decisions. I’m grateful that he can pull me out of my funks and lighten the mood while simplifying things. I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship where I had to pull him out of it and reassure him on a daily basis so I agree with her decision. HOWEVER, I wasn’t impressed by how she handled it on ATFR when she acted like she knew she didn’t love him (and thus didn’t say it) the whole time. If that’s true she should’ve told him before instead of leading him on. On the final date you could see she was annoyed and semi-terrified of Nicks nervous uncertainty so it was good that she didn’t allow him to propose but he did say that he needed to know it was him and he felt confident. She said he should feel confident and he said again that he knew it was going to be them at the end and she replied with a yes. I would have questions too! Nick really needs to get over it and her but I agree with you that she should’ve dealt with it on TMTA. As for the sex, come on Andi EVERYONE knows what’s going down in the fantasy suite and while you may not want to talk about it on Live TV Nick has a point–if they had some great sex then he must be confused. I’m really on the fence about Andi, I like her/hate her because I find her really harsh and self-righteous when she wants to avoid responsibility for her actions–i.e., Eric and her “tribute”, JP after the Fantasy Suite and now Nick.

  6. I think that if Andi didn’t want this to be public knowledge, she should have seen Nick in private the 2 times he tried to talk to her without the cameras rolling. The fact that she refused means that it’s fair game whatever he brings up in front of the cameras because she totally had that option to discuss these things privately.
    That being said, I cannot stand Josh and think he’s a self absorbed person who cannot get over the fact that he’s a has-been baseball player.. (Does anyone else talk about their former careers as much as he does? Sheesh) And the fact that he blatantly said on camera that he is trying to knock Andi up was far more inappropriate than anything Nick said and was, in fact, more ‘classless’ than anything Nick said as well.

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