Farrah Abraham Gets Backlash For Postings Photos of Her Grandpa’s Funeral to Social Media

Farrah Abraham took to Facebook and Twitter to express her sorrow over the recent loss of her grandfather, Sonny, who passed away on July 25. While she wrote a very nice tribute to her grandfather, whom fans may remember from Farrah’s 16 and Pregnant episode, it was what she posted with the memorial words that was somewhat disturbing.

“Birth & burial, So much love & a family who was touched by you,” Farrah posted on Facebook. “You are the best man we know you Grandpa and I’m so happy and thankful like the rest our family for having you in our lives, your one of the great ones. You showed me what hard work, dedication and passion was as well I’m so proud of both you and Grandma for having an amazing marriage. Thank you for being there for all of us and not judging but helping.”

She included a vintage photo of Sonny (who is the father of her mother, Debra) as a young man. That’s when it got weird–Farrah also posted two photos from her grandfather’s funeral–complete with one of Sonny lying in his casket!

Fans on Farrah’s Twitter and Facebook pages commented that it was disrespectful for Farrah to take and post photos of her grandfather’s funeral.

“Isn’t it creepy that she takes photos of the funeral and burial or it’s just me?” one commenter asked.

“Would he really appreciate his body on media like that though?” another asked.

Other fans argued that they, too, have taken photos at the funerals of loved ones but rarely post the photos to their social media accounts.

The Ashley extends her sympathy to the Abraham and Danielson families over the loss of someone who, by many accounts, was a great person.

What do you think of Farrah’s tribute? Was it creepy or caring? Take the poll below.

3 Responses

  1. I think this is the nicest thing that Farrah has ever said.

    I think people are being too harsh and judgmental about this. If she wants to post pictures from her grandfathers funeral then who cares? Why make a big deal about it? It is her family and her social medial account. Now, if she was posting pictures from a non family members funeral then It would be different.

  2. In other countries and cultures, it is common place to take pictures at funerals. I remember visiting a Filipino friend and looking at some old family albums and smack in the middle was pictures of a funeral.

    However, I’m about 99.999999999% positive that Farrah is not from one of those countries or practices anything from those cultures…so it is incredibly tacky and she just flat out used poor judgment.

  3. I’m always disturbed. Not only by Farrah, but by ANYONE who posts pictures at funerals, or at the cemetery on social media. It’s supposed to be someones private time to grieve, but honestly people just treat as if it’s just another regular place. You know there’s something wrong with society when you can check in at someones burial/funeral.

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