Co-Parent Clash? Leah Calvert Shames Corey Simms on Social Media Over Custody Issues

Teen Mom 2
“SERIOUSLY?! Was that necessary?”

Is Corey Simms a deadbeat dad? That’s certainly what Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert was implying when she took to her social media accounts on Saturday to publicly shame her ex-husband for something in regard to their twin daughters.

It was a surprise to fans, who have watched Leah and Corey evolve into friends and great co-parents to the girls over the course of the series. Corey appears to be a great father but Leah’s social media postings seem to tell a different story. She hinted that she had to pursue legal action against her ex-husband to get him to step up.

Leah started her social media tirade on Saturday, when she posted a comment to her Facebook page.

Leah posted this to her Facebook page on Saturday.
Leah posted this to her Facebook page on Saturday.

Since Leah has multiple baby-daddies, she admittedly could have been talking about her husband, Jeremy Calvert, who is the father of her youngest daughter, Addy. However, Jeremy “liked” the post, which basically confirmed that the rant was about Corey.

Leah, who admittedly loves drama, continued to stir the pot by then heading over to her Twitter account. In her tweet, which thanked a person she called “the best divorce and custody lawyer,” it appeared that she was trying to keep fans guessing as to whether or not she and Jeremy were divorcing by adding in that the custody lawyer also handled divorce cases.

Leah likes to keep people guessing...
Leah likes to keep people guessing…

Coincidentally, Lyne Ranson was the same lawyer she used during her divorce from Corey back in 2011.

It doesn’t appear that Corey is having any money trouble. The Ashley has confirmed that he is up-to-date on all of his tax payments, including the payments on the West Virginia home that he shares with his wife, Miranda. (She was not able to see if he was behind on child support payments, however.) Leah may be talking about Corey’s time, or possibly, something to do with his insurance to get Ali her wheelchair. (Corey’s dad Jeff confirmed on his Twitter a few days ago that Ali has still not received her wheelchair and is using a “loaner” currently.)

This is not the first time that Leah has chosen to make things that are going on between her and Corey public. During the Season 5A reunion show, she chose to expose the fact that Corey had cheated on Miranda early in their relationship. An online spat between Corey and Miranda and Leah resulted. (Click here to read about that!)

The Ashley will update this story when more information becomes available.

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  1. She pisses me off soo. Much…she’s so self centered..there are plenty of mothers in this country who have special needs kids who aren’t bringing in 300k from a tv show ..and some of them are single please Leah quit the pity party..oh and you look like a muppet

  2. What is wrong with the loaner wheelchair? And why blame Corey because his insurance was denied? Of course it would be denied. Leah seemed to think the video of her playing and having fun with the wheelchair would justify spending $20k for a custom pink one. She probably went out and bought it anyway, and is now making him pay half. The kid will grow out of it next year and then she will demand another one each year. Just because her kid has a progressive diagnosis, doesn’t mean she needs wheelchair right now. I don’t see anything wrong with what Corey does, use the wheelchair when you go to the zoo, but who needs it at home, when you take 2 steps here and there? Leah is out of her mind crazy

  3. Its annoying that she and Jeremy act like corey should pay for everything. He didnt make the twins alone everything shouldnt be all on him.

  4. Wow… Calling someone as resilient as Leah “trash,” is so incredibly ugly. While she may sometimes ‘self-medicate,’ so to speak, on unnecessary purchases as a diversion, she is a loving mother who has voiced her desire to grow, learn and “be the best person I can be.” How could anyone refer to somebody like that as “trash?” Sometimes we need to look at the core of who someone is and focus more on their strengths rather than their limitations. We all have limitations, by the way. Name-calling is one primary example of a serious limitation aka “weakness.”

  5. Hey I was wondering is it me or does the arguement in the truck with Jeremy and leah look off? If you listen carefully and look at her mouth it doesn’t look like she said “fuck it.” I think mtv just did that cause we obviously wouldn’t second guess them. I heard a rumour that when Jeremy was out of town for work he would frequent strip clubs. Funny when I knew he worked for weeks away from home I automatically thought theirs no way he goes to his hotels straight from work every single day. When I read that somewhere I wasn’t at all surprised. No doubt he works hard but I think if you read her lips closely you can see ” if you cared about that, if you cared about that you wouldn’t be spending money in strip clubs” her pronounication sounds like “sh trip club” not “fuuck this” look and listen I am certain she said that. Mtv obviously benefit from this cause Jeremy actually seems like a good dad and exposing that could change a lot. I could also see leah telling producer to edit that or she won’t continue filming. It looks as though she was in the heat of the moment. As much as her life is in the public eye I don’t think she wants people to know about her marital problems.

  6. Leah is an idiot. Blowing $1800 on mary kay (those are basically schemes/scams). She pisses away money so now Corey is the bad guy because he can’t make up for what she so frivolously spends without blinking an eye?! She doesn’t need any more than she’s getting especially since Corey sees them and it’s not Jeremy’s responsibility to provide- it’s not his problem Leah and Jeremy are broke. Grow up Leah! Stop publicly shaming Corey because you think it’s gonna make you look better. It isn’t! It makes you look more pathetic!

    1. mary kay isnt a scam. you just have to know ppl who are gonna buy their products.
      if leah has $ issues she needs to stop wasting money on hair, tanning, and trucks.(she has another new car, a big truck).

  7. Leah is nothing but disgusting trailer trash. Corey seems to be great dad and she’s just a self centered twit who acts like she’s still 16 years old. I’m sure her $8 an hour job at a tanning salon is REALLY chipping away at the medical bills

    1. IKR?? If you make 300k a year and have to take a minimum wage job “to pay the bills”, it’s time to look at your expenses and spending! I mean I could understand if she wants to have a lil job to get out the house, and if that’s what she’s really after, just be honest and say it. Cause your excuse to help pay the bills make you look like a moron!

  8. Wheelchairs like that are custom made. They measure you for it and then they build them. My mom waited about 2 months for her chair once they finished the measurements. Unfortunately insurance wouldn’t provide a loaner for her but we knew someone that had one we could use. I’m not saying that Corey isn’t stepping up for the wheelchair, but since she has a loaner it’s probably already in the works.

    1. clevegal42
      why would the wheelchair be custom made ? aleeah is a child and will grow so if the wheelchair is custom made wont she outgrow it ?

  9. I dislike Leah more and more each time I watch her. Although I understand she has a lot on her plate, she whines entirely too much about never having any help which is ridiculous. I knew for sure I didn’t like her when she decided to talk about Corey and Miranda’s relationship issues on national tv! This girl has got issues.

    1. She acts like she is the first and only person to have a child who needs extra care. And she wouldn’t have so much on her plate if she didn’t jump into having another baby with another man she barely knew.

  10. I totally agree! For Leah to now claim that she doesn’t have any money, even though it is common knowledge that they are pulling in over 200,000 a year is crazy. Corey pays his child support, he shouldnt be asked to pay for extras. If she starts claiming poverty, we know it is because she insists her husband choose a lower paying job to be near her.

    1. Even if Germy didn’t work at all… if you can’t live off of 200k paychecks in WV (even if that’s the pre-tax number), guess what Leah, YOU HAVE A FREAKING SPENDING PROBLEM!!! Geeez, you’d think she’d get the hint having lived in trailers for part of her life. How hard is it to live within your means when you make around 300k dollars between husband and wife?! Drives me nuts to hear about these people’s “money problems”!

    2. how are they making over 200k?
      doesnt mtv pay $5000 for 16&P and then mtv pay $60k ($60k for 6months of work is great, most pplwork all year long!).and she claimed in an oct 11 2002tweet that [ ] jeremy made $4kwk/$16k a month as a pipe layer for Price Gregory but he doesnt have that job anymore.

      she gets additional $for selling her stories to usweekly but does it add up to $200k ?

      they have to pay taxes on that income. i’m guessing corey claims the twins so leah/jeremy only get 1 child tax credit.

      1. Most pipeline engineer jobs pay very well ($80,000+), plus whatever Leah brings in. You don’t factor taxes into gross income, but even with taxes on that amount there’s no way should be hurting for money even just on her salary. Especially considering that the cost of living in her area for a family her size (with full time custody of three kids) is $42,000. It’s not exactly $200,000 (his was almost that at the previous job, why they didn’t save more is beyond me), but that’s really not the point. Even if he was on the lower end, they’d be pulling at least $140,000. Does it suck that her child has a rare disability? Yes. But the point is that she can quit bitching about the wheelchair and spend some of her Mary Kay dollas on something worthwhile at that salary. (Or at least feed sissy something other than cheeseballs and lunchables.)

  11. I don’t know why these girls have to share EVERY private issue that goes on in their lives with the world on twitter. Whatever reason she’s angry with Cory, she needs to keep it to herself. He’s still her children’s father and she shouldn’t publicly embarrass him like that.

    1. They also need to stop bashing Corey in front of the girls. Jeremy loves talking about how he doesn’t step up in front of them. But Mr. Jeremy doesn’t step up and act like much of a father figure to them either. I’ve hardly seen him interact with the girls this season, and yes they have a dad but they also have a mom and Miranda still interacts with them and doesn’t hide off in another room when they’re around.

  12. Leah is such a bitch. Quit sub tweeting like your a teenager. Grow up and deal with custody issues in private like a real adult. Shaming your children’s father on the internet is trashy..

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