Jill Duggar Reveals Why She Announced Her Pregnancy So Early

"We made a baby!"
“We made a baby!”

Jill Duggar wasted no time getting pregnant after she married Derick Dillard in June– the 19 Kids and Counting stars conceived just one month after tying the knot. They also wasted no time in announcing their big baby news! On August 20, Jill and Derick announced that Jill was two months pregnant.

While most couples wait until the pregnancy moves into the second trimester (at three months) to announce a pregnancy due the risk of miscarriage being lower, Jill said she had a reason for announcing so early.

“Understanding that the majority of miscarriages happen within the first trimester, and believing that every life is precious no matter how young, we decided to share our joyful news as soon as we could,” she told Page Six.

Jill’s mother, Michelle Duggar, suffered a miscarriage in 2011. Her 20th child, Jubilee Shalom Duggar, was delivered stillborn.

Derick and Jill, who did not kiss (or get busy) before their wedding day, never had any intention of using any kind of birth control.

“We knew that we weren’t going to prevent having children, so when we found out we were expecting within our first month of marriage, we were thrilled!” Jill told the newspaper.

Jill is due to give birth in March, but told Page Six that she is not sure whether or not she will allow TLC to film the birth for ’19 Kids and Counting.’ (I’d imagine there would be some modesty issues to worry about if they allow a camera crew to film her as she pops the kid out.)

Jill little sister, Jessa, may also be pregnant by next year. She is reportedly getting married in November and if she’s anywhere as fertile as her mother and big sis, she’ll be announcing her own baby news shortly.

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  1. What is to love about them? Their crazy rules, religious extremism, their misogyny, their intractability, their family-wide self-delusion, or their public exploitation of their creepy family? Perhaps it’s their hatred of gays, other religions, progressives, the poor, or anyone not like themselves? Great role models, narrow-minded, bigoted religious nuts. Check out the politicians they support, check out their beliefs that women should now their place, obey, and be nothing but servants and baby factories. Yep, imagine what they want for the future of America

  2. Yes! Thank you for realizing we have watched you grow like family and very much share your WONDERFUL news! God bless!

    1. You do know that Jill herself didn’t write this, nor will she ever read it because it’s on the evil Internet, right?

    2. Yeah watching their little religious cult grow while emotionally abusing their children has really been a bonding experience. I cant wait to see how the little brainwashed Duggar children do when thrust into a world that isn’t controlled by their parents and religious leaders…I’m getting all sentimental. The real reason they told everyone is because they are making so much money from their show and speaking engagements that she knew a baby would mean more cash…..Sorry not sorry.

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