EXCLUSIVE! MTV is Casting For New Pregnancy-Related Documentary Series

MTV struck ratings gold in 2009 when it took a chance on a pregnancy-related reality show called 16 and Pregnant. That, of course, became a mega-hit and stemmed several popular spin-offs including Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, and now it appears that the network is preparing to add another show to its baby-related reality show offerings!

Several MTV casting directors tell The Ashley that they are currently looking for girls to take part in a new documentary series about pregnancy! The new show will feature girls that have found themselves pregnant after having an overseas rendezvous and are now trying to reconnect with the person that fathered their child!

“MTV is looking for outspoken women who are in this complicated, emotional situation and want to tell their story,” the official casting notice reads. “This is an opportunity to find the father of your child and possibly come to a resolution. We will follow your journey as you revisit the country where it all happened and attempt to connect with the father of your baby.”

If you have always dreamed of being a reality star and have found yourself knocked up by someone that lives in another country, this could be your calling! In order to be considered, however, you must appear to be between 18-24 years old and be at least three months pregnant at the time of casting.

If this sounds like you, the casting directors encourage you to email them at MTVDocCasting@gmail.com. You should include your contact info, a photo and details of your story.

Maybe you’ll be the next star of one of The Ashley’s reality TV recaps!

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    1. True or how many girls are going to pin innocent guys they met on vacation/ study abroad to be on the show, while in reality they got pregnant in the states, a week or so later I hope MTV sees this is a bad idea and scrap the project please it is going to do more harm more than anything

  1. I highly doubt this show is even going to green light, and will get enough partipents, how many women would be like I went to Mexico for spring break, and had a one night stand now I am going back to find my baby daddy and have the whole us judge me while mtv films it, if mtv really want to do another pregnancy they should do one on adoption. Mtv should use this idea for a true life episode or a special not a whole series

    1. And adoption show sounds fantastic! So many girls struggle after giving the baby up, I’d love to have mtv show what happens when the girls change their mind and its too late or the dad fights the process etc

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