‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert Reveals Details About Her Child Support Deal with Ex Corey Simms

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“He don’t pay for his youngins, y’all!”

Since divorcing in 2011, Teen Mom 2 stars Leah Calvert and Corey Simms have been able to get along and effectively co-parent their twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. On the current season of the show, however, fans have watched as their co-parenting plan has fallen apart, and relations between Corey and Leah, as well as their spouses, Miranda Simms and Jeremy Calvert, have become strained, due to disagreements over Ali’s medical bills and care, and child support. On this week’s episode (recap coming soon!) things came to a head for Leah and Corey. Cameras rolled as the exes screamed and cussed at each other over Ali’s wheelchair situation.

Leah took a lot of criticism for demanding more money from Corey for the girls. On Thursday, she used her official Facebook page to explain to her fans what was really going on between her and her ex. She started the post by admitting it was wrong for her to use profanity in front of the girls.

“I am writing to update my fans on last night’s episode, 9/10/14,” she posted on Thursday. “I am admitting that I shouldn’t have been using bad language in front of my children. It was in the heat of the moment and It was a scene where you only saw certain parts of the filming!”

Leah went on to reveal some private facts about the custody agreement she has (had?) with her ex-husband.

“As for the child support issue, He was ordered, by the State of WV, the $1200 a month in child support,” Leah wrote. “I wanted to work with him and was willing to accept $800 a month.”

Leah says she agreed to the reduced child support rate so that Corey would be financially able to help pay off Ali’s medical bills.

“Approximately 6 months after that he wasn’t paying his half of the medical bills, to which all of them were in my name and I was getting collection letters,” Leah wrote. “I agreed to lower his payments to $200 a month so we could pay off the medical bills. This agreement lasted for a year and they never were paid. This is when we went back to court, to get the bills paid and out of collections! Also, to restore my credit.”

Leah ended her post by reminding ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans that the show is very edited and that they are not getting the entire story when they watch an episode.

“The truth will reveal itself in time!! Remember what you see on TV is only 1/3 of what is actually going on!! Thank you for your support, I love each and everyone of you!” she wrote.

Corey and Miranda have yet to respond to Leah’s post via social media, but a sneak peek from next week’s episode shows a frustrated Corey discussing the situation with Miranda in the car.

“I just hate how it’s become a personal thing,” Corey tells Miranda. “I hate that we argue at our drop-off. From day one, I never wanted the girls to witness me and Leah having a heated argument.”

Watch the whole scene below:



  1. Corey should be paying child support. $1,200 is not that much when you have a disabled child (and have medical. Bills) and he hasn’t even paid her. She is a fabulous mother and is doing a better job than most would at her age (or any age). Shame on him – he just doesn’t want to pay child support and is causing her so much unnecessary stress. Not sure why they couldn’t call the insurance company together and then she could talk to him.

  2. I can tell some people really do not understand how child support works. The average rate before college to raise one child from birth to 18 is $241,000….now add in a disabilty, medications, therapy, dr appts, not to mention she puts the girls in things like cheerleading…..raising kids are not cheap and it means that Corey is responsible for half of everything for the girls so that includes rent, heat, groceries etc it’s not just based on food and clothes. I have twin boys with my ex husband and he only pays 250 a month(for both of them) because I wanted sole custody of my boys because we are military and don’t live in the same location…..I also have to pay half of their flight costs to go see him during his visitation…..child support is crazy and if she was accepting 800 then 200 just so he would help with bills that’s beyond nice on her part. When court orders the support payment it’s based on what she makes and what he makes so if he showed proof that he makes good money they base it off that not what she wants or what he wants. When my ex and I went I was responsible for 52% and he was responsible for 48% and we were both classified at minimum wage income. I wish some of you took time to really pay attention to society stuff is not cheap for yourself let alone adding kids!

  3. Unfortunately that isn’t how it works. You do not need to keep track or prove anything. The majority of states have a child support calculator. If he was making 5 dollars an hour or 35 dollars an hour. The office of recovery services a child support enforcement agency will average both sides and determine the amount that way. Unless a judge says other wise. As far as providing proof of where the money goes legally cannot be something to “prove”. Child support is not just money for the child and the child only. Child support is designed to replace what the custodial primary parent spends on day to day things. Clothes food school supplies and what not. If leah wanted to blow the money in Vegas she isn’t going to get in trouble. Minimum standard payment for each child is 400 dollars. So seeings how their child is disabled 1200 a month isn’t that much. oh one more thing. who’s business is it if she has new cars or nails or phones. The children have food and a roof and she does one hell of a job. Even an only child that has disabilities is enough to stress a parent. She has 1 with that but also has 2 other kids. So instead of criticism and saying not very nice things. Stand up and high 5 her. She’s awesome.

  4. If the medical bills are in her name and he’s paying that much in child support, why not take what he is paying in child’s support and pay the bills. I mean there is no way she spends $1200 a month on them girls. She doesn’t pay daycare, all she has to do is buy them clothes and groceries. She’s just money hungry and trying to make there day seem like a douchebag!

    1. You must not have read the entire article. He was ordered to pay $1200. She let him pay $800 to h,help him out with paying off his share of medical bills. When the bills were going into collections she told him to only pay her $200 for the girls and for him to use the other $1000 to pay the bills. When she was still getting collection notices and saw he had not paid anything on the bills is when she contacted her lawyer for them to go back to court. Before passing judgement on someone and writing something nasty on the internet you should really read the article so you don’t look crazy 🙂

  5. Can we just take a moment and discuss (1) Leah’s awful new haircut and (2) how in the hell she drives a different car every season, sometimes more than once in a season. lolz….”money problems”


    You guyz donesn’t understand how much of a great person leah are! she always do what’s bestes for the girlses! Look how well their dressed compared to her !

  7. If she is the one taking them to the doctor all the time she may be signing as the responsible party. I’m divorced and my ex-husband pays the insurance but I take my son to the doctor take care of the co-pays and the prescriptions. When he ended up in the hospital recently I put down he’s the responsible party but normally I put myself. Also, if she has most of Cory’s info. she can call in on the wheelchair.

  8. The problem with Leah is that she will never be happy.. no matter what she has she always wants more . $1200 for 2 kids in child support is way to high! something isnt right with that. She wasnt happy in her marriage with corey she was always wanting more and now she is doing the same thing while in her next marriage . she will never be satisfied! maybe if she didnt drop 2k on crappy makeup for “her business” which now she isnt even selling or 3k for a washer n dryer that she isnt using or god knows how much for the car that she bought her sister than she maybe she would have more money! leah has a spending problem. If I were corey i would have my lawyer make leah show exactly what she spends his money on for the girls because i can guarantee u that most of it is going to her crappy cheap hair extensions and nails, and terrible makeup!

  9. At this point I don’t know who or what to believe. I don’t have kids and am not divorced, but $1200 seems high for child support – can Leah prove that it is all being used for the girls? Does Jeremy support them financially in any way? With the limited amount Corey sees the kids, the amount does seem high – although I’m the first to admit I have no clue what is a decent amount.

    Corey has always seemed like a decent father and person to me. Yes, he can get annoyed and lash out, but Leah broke up their marriage by cheating in the first place and then kinda toyed with him again when things were starting up with Jeremy. It also seems as if Leah does not like it when Corey receives any positive feedback and the comment on the reunion show about him cheating was not required.

    I would like to see Corey gain custody of the kids and see how that works out.

    1. My sister pays $800 for her two boys and she has really no visitation with them, so yeah $1200 seems a bit much. Two seasons ago she said the court ordered him to pay $800, and she went behind his back to ask for more, AFTER she met Jeremy. If I were Corey, I would ask the courts to make Leah prove what the money is going to, which he legally can do. It’s odd someone who’s “drownding” in medical bills is able to drop three grand on a washer and dryer set, and two grand on makeup and another fifteen hundred on a laptop. I’m no math major, but something isn’t adding up here…..

  10. Corey’s insurance bills are in Leah’s name? How is that possible? I am a medical professional and I will tell you right now, you can call an insurance company until you are blue in the face but it will not push them to make a decision. They’ll give you an answer when THEY determine, not you. It’s not right but unfortunately most people are at the insurance’s mercy. Blaming Corey will not get you that wheelchair any faster honey, especially since Ali is the only child in the world with her disorder. End rant lol

  11. Leah may not be mother of the year. Corey was suppose to pay so much a month but Leah and him made a agreement that he would pay 200$ a month as long as the medical bills get payed. Leah is a mother of 3 who is trying to do right by her girls,unlike some mothers&fathers out there. So if you want to judge somebody how bout the parents that dont care about their kids. And for those of you how dont like any of the teen moms STOP watching the show or reading about them and find something better to do with your time

  12. I hope they work out this issue so they can effectively co-parent again. I don’t think people should comment on the situation because we don’t know all the details. Mtv doesn’t air everything. Keep that in mind.

  13. I just have to say that if leahs ugly, dweeby, husband Jeremy was the one being taken to court by her he wouldn’t be so happy, he makes way more than Corey and she would get a lot for their child…I can’t stand leah, she’s ugly and she needs to take some of that child support money and hire a make up and hair person, she looks ridiculous! Her and retard Jeremy are gonna end up divorced, and she will have another kid and be married for the 3rd time, living off alimony and child support from Jeremy and corey..

  14. If she would have been a real woman, she wouldhave allowed Jeremy to keep working the job where he makes big bucks. She is still used to that big income, where she could spend freely, and she ain’t likin it now, which is why she needs to go after Corey. Leah doesnt realize on every exchange she was harping on that darn wheelchair to Corey…like it was all his fault insurance was doing its job. He has kept quiet for so long, despite her always saying negative stuff about him, it shocked her when he said something. She tries to act like mother of the year, but if she lets little things turn her into a crazy woman and needs xanax, she should at least split custody 50/50

  15. Leah makes me want to vomit. Her and her moron husband make me sick. I’ve been team Corey since her 16 and pregnant episode. If Corey does have to pay $1200 a month the medical bills will NOT get paid but Leah will make sure her nails are done, they have the newest cell phones and brand new trucks. Guarantee it

  16. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the girls are on Corey’s insurance, shouldn’t the medical bills be in his name as he is the cardholder?

    1. My oldest son was on his dad’s insurance but I was medically responsible for him. So all the bills came to me. It asks you when you fill out the paperwork who is medically responsible for the child and the bills and she as the custodial parent is.

  17. Ummm…why not take the $1200 the state requires him to pay & use some of that to pay Ali’s medical bills instead of cutting down & hoping for him to pay bills that aren’t in his name. I don’t know if I believe all of this, but if it is true she needs to learn more about finances. The entire situation is a shame bc they both are making a lot of money from MTV so there should be no reason they can’t pay the bills.

    1. she has no idea about finances because she’s never held a real job, much like the rest of the teenmom sluts who feel enabled because mtv pays all their bills. the entire cast is disgusting

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