EXCLUSIVE: MTV is Delaying Filming of Season 6 Due to Leah Calvert’s Issues

"I don't know what to do, y'all!"
“I don’t know what to do, y’all!”

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert has seen her world crumble around her in the last week. On Friday, her husband, Jeremy Calvert, accused her (via Twitter) of cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd, igniting a firestorm that has escalated over the last few days.

Today, In Touch Weekly threw another bombshell at the 23-year-old mom of three in which they finally exposed Leah’s intense drug problem and even spoke to her supposed dealer. (The Ashley will address all of this later, don’t worry, in addition to the latest news in the Jeremy/Leah/Robbie situation).

For now, let’s talk about MTV’s role in all of this…

Currently, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls and their beaus are all signed up for Season 6…everyone except Leah and Jeremy, that is. A production source has told The Ashley that MTV and the show’s producers are very aware of all of the news that’s been circulating about Leah’s marriage and drug problems; however at this time there is no plan in place to get her into any type of rehab facility or treatment. (Those who read The Ashley’s book, Teen Mom Confidential, know that MTV footed the bill for the rehab stays of Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans.)

In the past, the girls’ drug use has been brushed under the rug until it couldn’t be denied any longer. While footage of Leah nodding off due to being in a pill stupor was shown during Season 5B, the episode clearly did not tell the whole story. Leah’s drugged-up state was blamed on her anxiety pills but, as many fans pointed out after the episode aired, that type of stupor Leah was in is more common when the person is using opiates, not anxiety pills.

The show’s producers don’t like to get involved in this type of issue, judging from their previous handling of Jenelle’s addiction to heroin. In December 2012, Kieffer Delp‘s mother, Vickie Delp, revealed on her Twitter account that MTV asked Jenelle’s mother to stage an intervention for her daughter after crew members witnessed alarming drug use by Jenelle. They themselves did not do an intervention.

While MTV may not be planning (at this time) to get Leah help, they have been affected by her alleged drug problem. Another source tells The Ashley that Leah is the reason that filming has not begun on Season 6. Despite the fact that this Leah/Jeremy/Robbie love triangle would be equal to ratings gold, they can’t capture it all on film because Leah has yet to return her contract. According to a show crew member, none of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls have filmed anything for Season 6 yet.

(Also— The Ashley would like to clear up something she read. Another media outlet stated that The Ashley said that MTV had rushed a film crew down there to capture all of the drama. This is not true, nor did The Ashley ever say this.)

It is not known whether or not Leah’s ex-husband, Corey Simms, has signed on for Season 6, but a source tells The Ashley that Jeremy is not planning on doing the next season, at least at this point. (This can change of course, especially if MTV throws more money at him.)

Anyway, many of the people that work with Leah on the show are very worried about her and have been for much longer than this story has been out in the public. One person tells The Ashley that several of the girls and other cast members were considering even staging an intervention for Leah to get her help; however, to The Ashley’s knowledge this has yet to take place.

The Ashley will go into more of the stuff regarding Leah’s alleged drug use, plus the state of her marriage to Jeremy, in follow-up posts! Stay tuned!




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  1. Ummm…u most certainly did make the comment about mtv rushing there! Not that it matters…but it’s there on the article about, “did leah really cheat…” http://theashleysrealityroundup.com/2014/10/17/exclusive-behind-the-scenes-details-did-teen-mom-2-star-leah-calvert-really-cheat-on-husband-jeremy/

    I read that after i read this so i remembered this post when i saw it. Not being rude as this might be an innocent mistake. But, it struck me as odd that i just read about the denial and immediately after i saw it in that article.

  2. There will not be an intervention until Leah and her mother – family get out of denial and admit there is a problem. Leah’s mother is in more denial than her daughter who is highly addicted to opiates and can not get off them on her own! MTV needs to get involved because Leah is caring for 3 children one with a disability and MTV are filming her drive around with her kids in this condition! Shame shame shame

  3. They shouldn’t delay filming. This is stupid. She signed up for MTV, and she chose to cheat and ruin her marriage. They most certainly SHOULD be filming right now, and they’re idiots if they don’t.

  4. AFFECTED not effected. “While MTV may not be planning (at this time) to get Leah help, they have been effected by her alleged drug problem.”

  5. Ummmm, coming from an ex drug user, you do nod out on anxiety meds like she was on the show. On the first teen mom. The chic who went to jail, was on them and she did the same. But i dont need to see ppl doing it on tv to tell u this i know this first hand cuz my mom was on them and died from them and she nodded out with a cig in her hand and caught the house on fire and took her live. So just because you think you know that only pain meds cause this “nodding affect” dont believe everything that pops in ur lil heads.

    1. Agreed! I have nodded off like that on only .5 mg Xanax which is considered a low dose. Had to cut it half to .25 but was still sleepy so now use 1/4 of a pill or .125 mg. So depending on Leah’s sensitivity to meds and her dosage, she could very well nod off like that on anxiety meds.

  6. Leah caused All this herself! And heck yeah mtv is waiting on there cash cow to come thru! Cant wait to see the next season…ihope that robbie is on next season too! This is better than any soap opera!!

  7. They should be filming this. She knows what she signed up for. I don’t feel bad for her at all- she brought this on herself when she started doing drugs and cheating. She was my favorite when she was married to Corey but she screwed that up, and now she’s screwed this one up too, as well as causing problems for Ali by not taking her to therapy or school. That stuff won’t fly forever- truancy laws, people! Aleeah is turning into a little hellion because nobody gives the poor girl any attention. She NEEDS love and attention, as well as discipline, but the need for discipline wouldn’t be so dire if Leah ever paid attention to her. Its no wonder theres so much jealousy between the twins and until Corey gets custody it will only get worse.

    Leah probably won’t sign the contract now that she expects two HUGE child support checks! Greedy.

  8. Well these fans who pointed out that anxiety medications do not cause drowsiness that can interrupt the users work or personal life do not know what they are talking about. The side effects of anti-anxiety medication include, but are not limited to drowsiness, lack of energy
    clumsiness, slow reflexes, slurred speech, confusion and disorientation, dizziness, lightheadedness, impaired thinking and judgment, memory loss, forgetfulness, nausea, stomach upset, blurred or double vision.

  9. Bologne… I dont beleive shes taking drugs.. People will say anything to sell a story! ONE episide she was nodding off and slurring her words and anxiety meds CAN and WILL do this to you if on to high of a dose! If it was a big secret i dont think she wouldve been talking about it prior to visiting her physician.
    I beleive she may have cheated, and maybe she is using pain killers who knows… I just think people shouldnt be so quick to beleive everything they read!! Facts before accusations… And what kind if “drug dealer” turns themselves in?? Lol

  10. I don’t know what kind of anxiety meds that these folks are talking about but I have a seizure disorder(epilepsy) and I was directed to take anti anxiety meds after a seizure and that’s exactly what they do, they make you nod off. Seeing where these people say that they don’t just shows me that this is extremely unreliable. I’ve been on those and opiates because of my epilepsy and the anxiety meds were way worse to make me fall asleep. Thank goodness I don’t have to take them often but I do when I need them. Anyways, this girl needs encouragement and support, not to be judged and bashed by a bunch of people that don’t really know her heart or her TRUE struggle. She’ll get what she deserves, whether it be good or bad but it sure isn’t our place to point fingers. You shouldn’t point your finger until YOUR hands are all clean!

    1. Amen!! My thoughts exactally!! Anything to sell a story! Even worse for everyone to beleive the storys! Even if true, its not our business and people wonder why reality stars have addictions… Look at the pressure they are under, negativity from “fans” and the media. They signed up for it but its still more than most can handle im sure…

    2. You would sleep after a seizure regardless. Leah was clearly non functional the day of that phone call. She should’ve contacted her physician after seeing the first pill had such an effect on her. She obviously needed her dose adjusted or a different medication. However, if she was on meds that weren’t prescribed by her physician… Well, you get my point.

    3. I like how so many people down voted this comment, when it happens to be the most real one.

      So now I can expect probably like a thousand down votes.

      I hate how the media is treating this story. It’s pretty sad.

  11. I think he’s been done with her for a while. The past couple of seasons he’s looked pretty agitated with her. I first, really noticed it, when they went on vacation (the one where Leah was laughing at her daughter stuffing her bathing suit top. Which I thought was incredibly tacky.) And, it escalated from there.

    Frankly, so has Corey. Now we know, for both, it’s for good reasons.

    I hope they both get their kids, and get away form MTV. Their kids need to be in a stable environment, far away from Leahs drama.

  12. Oh that’s right, it’s on the internet so it must be true! I take medication for an anxiety disorder and when I first started taking it, it most certainly made me tired to the point of not being able to keep my eyes open. And some media outlet most certainly did report that Mtv sent crews down there, I just can’t remember if it was The Ashley!

    1. Everybody has an addiction. Food, cigarettes, alcohol, gossip. Leave the poor girl alone she is already going through a hard time with corey and everybody wants to add on to it.

  13. I have wondered about drug use with Leah in the past. Just little things the show showed prior to this season. Then Cory saying he had seen her acting weird at cheer and other events.

  14. Corey’s dad Jeff recently posted a picture of him with filming equipment. While it’s possible it’s an old picture, I do believe he is currently filming.

    Also, I doubt MTV is actually refusing to film Leah. I think they’re just saying this to make it look like they’re doing something, especially if they’re not shipping her off to rehab. Leah is ratings, they would never cut her.

  15. I don’t think Jeremy will do the next season. It seems like he’s done with Leah and doesn’t want anything to do with her. Him and Corey seem like level headed people and probably realise that they make good money on their own and don’t need the show to supplement their income.

    I honestly think Leah’s waiting to see if Jeremy will file for a divorce to renew her contract or not. If he files and leaves, she’ll renew because she’ll need the money. But who knows, Leah doesn’t like being portrayed as anything but the victim and a lot of her skeletons are coming out at the moment. Of course she doesn’t want her faults and mistakes aired unless she can justify them.

    the plot thickens…

    1. Oh, I think those skeletons are leaping out of her closet. No matter what she does, sign or not sign, people now see her for who she is.

      I feel so sorry for those girls, who are the innocent victims in this mess of their mothers making.

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