Exclusive Interview: “16 and Pregnant” Star Jamie Mckay Welcomes Second Baby

16 and pregnant
Jamie, Ryan and their two children Miah and Mason

Jamie McKay, who starred on the third season of 16 and Pregnant, surprised her social media followers today when she revealed that she and her longtime boyfriend Ryan McElrath recently welcomed their second child! While the couple was very public about Jamie’s first pregnancy with their four-year-old daughter Miah (she had the baby on national TV, after all!), they decided to keep the second pregnancy very quiet. In fact, Jamie never even announced on her social media accounts that she was pregnant!

In an exclusive interview with The Ashley, Jamie revealed that she and Ryan welcomed their baby boy, whom they named Mason, on October 25.

“I wouldn’t trade my babies for anything,” Jamie said, adding that she and Ryan are doing well. “He has been such a big help.”

Jamie had a difficult pregnancy the second time around.

“With Mason, I had a lot of pain,” she said, adding that she had to leave work at 32 weeks.

“I was dilated and at the time I was having contractions!” she said.

Luckily, everything turned out OK for Jamie and for Mason, who was born healthy. Jamie and Ryan are still adjusting to life with two kids, and, although Ryan is fine with stopping at two, Jamie isn’t so sure.

“Ryan says no more but I wanted more kids so there’s still a possibility!” she said.

(Photo: Courtesy of Jamie Mckay-Bella Baby)




  1. She says I wouldn’t trade my babies for anything!!!!!
    Yet aborted a pregnancy, 16 and pregnant and teen mom glorify pregnancy, none of these girls have learned a thing.

    Mtv promotes these girls and their not in anyway preventing teen pregnancys, shame on mtv

  2. True, guest. However, at her age wouldn’t you think she would choose an alternative “method” after having a baby at 16? Besides, that’s not even my point. The fact she had one at 16, aborted one she didn’t “want” and 5 minutes later got pregnant with another that she suddenly realized she was “ready” for? I’m sorry but that just isn’t ok. This isn’t casual dating where you can just do what you want, when you want and “end” it when ever and how ever many times you deem fit, or convenient…..

    1. You’re really just angry that she had an abortion and you can’t have kids. That sucks, and I feel for you, but that’s not her problem. She had the abortion in November 2012, and since it’s almost 2015, I’d say she waited a lot longer than 5 minutes before realizing she was ready for another child. She’s not a kid anymore, she is a mother, an adult, and is a woman who has the right to choose when she is ready for more kids. I’m happy for her, and hope they do well with the new addition to their family!

    1. That’s so dumb, do you know that in many states abortions are expensive, difficult to arrange, and can be uncomfortable at that? No girl in their right mind would rather get an abortion every month or two instead of just taking a pill, getting an IUD, or using one of the other various birth control options. Abortion isn’t birth control, even the morning after pill isn’t birth control – they’re more expensive, a pain in the ass to have to do, and they can be uncomfortable to downright painful.

      And your opinion on this is no more valid because you have problems conceiving, I’m so sick of people using that as some kind of playing card. I have PCOS, but I don’t throw that down like some kind of credential every time something like this comes up.

      My god, that sentence may have been one of the stupidest things I’ve had the misfortune of reading this year. What an ignorant thing to say.

      1. Sadly, when I was in high school I knew a couple girls who had a few abortions all within months of each one. One girl had a few and then got pregnant again and just decided to keep that child, she then got pregnant again and now has two kids. This was just within high school years..

  3. Glad to hear those two are still together. It looks like Ryan has changed a lot and is a great father. Congrats to them!

  4. Hey Jamie? Congrats and all? But let’s wait a few years and see how we do with what we’ve already got….ok?? Goodness.. What’s the hurry?? Can somebody help me out with that?

  5. Acruelly this is her third pregNancy remember she aborted the Seco do one then posted an ultra sound saying the baby was with God how trashy to sau Ryan doesn’t want more but she does so basically they will have more.smdh stupid girl

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