Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald are Married–and Reportedly Did Not Kiss at the Altar!

"No smoochin'!"
“No smoochin’!”

Jessa Duggar married her fiance, Ben Seewald, earlier today in an elaborate, on-camera affair just like her older sister, Jill, did back in June when she married Derick Dillard. While Jessa’s wedding was similar to Jill’s in that it had 1,000 wedding guests and was recorded by TLC for 19 Kids and Counting, it differed in one very big way–Jessa and Ben did not share their very first kiss at the altar as Jill and Derick did!

Starcasm reports (via a wedding guest) that Jessa and Ben left the altar in the middle of their ceremony and retreated to a private room so they could kiss for the first time without one thousand people (plus TV cameras) staring at them!

“The big surprise was that there was no kiss during the ceremony,” an insider told Starcasm.

The ceremony wasn’t completely kiss-less, though. The insider reports that while Jessa and Ben were off privately smooching, their preacher talked to wedding guests about kissing, and then directed them to watch Jessa’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, kiss instead. (W.T.F?)

The wedding guest reported that security was out in full force, making sure no one secretly tried to snap pics of the wedding.

People reported that despite her much-talked-about virginity, Jessa opted to wear a blush-colored gown instead of a white dress. The wedding was accented in coral. Jessa’s sister, Jinger, was chosen as her maid of honor, while Ben’s best friend Dylan served as the best man. Jessa had nine other girls (including her other sisters Jill, Jana and Joy, as well as some of Ben’s relatives) serve as bridemaids.

Of course, the whole thing was captured on camera and People reports that Jessa and Ben’s wedding will air next season on  19 Kids and Counting.

To read more exclusive details of the ceremony, head on over to Starcasm!

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  1. They have well behaved, educated, talented, christian children. They are not on drugs, having babies out of wedlock, they are not on welfare, they help other people. They are not perfect and have had their own heartaches. What I do not agree with is they admit the first year they has no tv, no pets, and concentrated on each other, their children especially the younger ones are drenched in tv, and think the world revolves around the Duggers. If I hear about Dugger time it get angry, they are teaching the entire family the world waits for them. Sometime reality will hit these kids when the cameras are off, show up for work on Dugger time and see how the employer is going to react. I think somewhere they crossed over the line, the kids are going to pay the price when everything does not go their way. Great parents, good values, just to much publicity.

  2. I say good for them. Yes, creepy and weird that Michelle and Jim Bob managed to find a make out opportunity during their daughter’s wedding; but while I really don’t get the chaperoning of hand-holding and saving the first kiss until marriage thing, I can see not wanting to do it in front of everybody, TLC cameras or not.

  3. duggars are getting to be as bad as the rollofs,how can tlc continue to pay these two families to film them.matt rollof is all about how much money he can spend,their marriage was allways a joke,and the kids were all lazy and a bunch of slobs.duggar parents needed to practice what they preach,not okay for their kids to do,but they did.

  4. If you don’t want to kiss in front of a thOusand people then why not make your wedding more personal and only invite those who are really close to you? I don’t get this and I’m starting to not like these people.

    1. because if they don’t marry in front of thousands of people they will probably break contract with TLC and then the duggars wouldn’t be making all that money! The true “Christians” are the ones out there every day giving back and not seeking fortune. Jim Bob is nothing but a money grubber; no doubt their children will follow in his footsteps. Disgusting.

  5. What is the big deal everyone is making over another one of the daughters getting married. Did everyone think they were going to just sit around and twiddle their thumbs. They are beautiful girls and I’m sure many men had their eyes of them.
    Good Luck to the Happy Couple.

  6. God Bless this wonderful Godly couple! How DARE THE WRITER OF THIS PIECE TYPE “WTF” when instead of Jessa and Ben kissing DAD AND MOMMA KISSED………get over your foolish selves!!! GOD BLESS AND MANY WISHES FOR THE FLEDGLING COUPLE – honour and respect their privacy!

    1. I felt that it was totally strange and somewhat shameful that Jim Bob and Michelle once again pushed themselves into what should have been their children’s spotlight, hence the WTF comment. And also, if they want privacy they SHOULD NOT BE ON A REALITY SHOW, nor should they allow their entire courtship and wedding to be filmed. -The Ashley

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