Controversial “16 and Pregnant” Star Nikkole Paulun Claims to be Pregnant Yet Again

Nikkole is claiming to be pregnant yet again!
Nikkole is claiming to be pregnant yet again!

Here we go again! Just over a year since 16 and Pregnant Season 2 star Nikkole Paulun was accused (and basically proven to be guilty) of staging a fake pregnancy and stillbirth, she’s announced that she’s pregnant yet again! (If you don’t remember that whole debacle from last year, click here and get ready for a ride on the crazy train!)

On Sunday night, Nikkole shared the news with her over 50,000 Instagram followers, telling them that she has taken multiple tests, all of which say that she is pregnant.

Nikkole, who is already the mother of four-year-old Lyle,  posted photos of multiple positive pregnancy tests, along with a caption explaining how she found out and how she feels about this second third pregnancy. In the extra-long caption, Nikkole wrote that she felt really sick while tanning yesterday (as you do) so she decided to take a pregnancy test (as you do). She wrote that she was surprised to see a positive result.

“I was in shock! I told myself it was because it’s a $ store test and didn’t believe it,” Nikkole wrote. “I went to my mom to tell her and she told me to go buy another test. I bought a more expensive one and right away, positive. I wanted to go to the hospital to find out more but didn’t want to pay the co-pay so I went home and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of night feeling like I had the flu and was up most of the night/morning. I couldn’t even keep water down. I finally called my mom and told her I couldn’t handle being this sick and wanted to go the ER. I stopped and bought one more test on my way to my moms to see if the results were still positive and they were. I went to the ER complaining of nausea, vomiting, fever, and abdominal pain (my stomach hurt from not eating in 2 days) Within an hour they took a urine sample and came back to tell me that it was positive. I got blood work and an ultrasound to confirm it as well and I’m 3-5 weeks!”

Nikkole has been dating a guy named Ryan for over a year and in June announced that they were engaged and getting married in October. (They still aren’t married, by the way, and it’s November.) She told her followers that she’s surprised that she got pregnant. (Um?!)

“This is definitely a shock as I wasn’t expecting this at ALL,” Nikkole wrote. ” I’m extremely overwhelmed with emotions and drained from being so sick. I know I’m not completely ready to be a mom again but I know everything will work out perfect!”

Of the 19 girls that appeared on ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 2, 10 girls (including Nikkole)  have had second pregnancies or second babies in the four years since they appeared on the show. While some of these pregnancies were planned, such as Brooke Tarrant‘s and Kail Lowry‘s, others were not. Other Season 2 girls to get pregnant again include Jenelle Evans (twice), Lori Wickelhaus, Leah Calvert (twice), Felicia Cooke, Aubrey Wolters and Ashley Salazar. Season 2 star Megan McConnell is currently pregnant.

Stay tuned because Nikkole’s latest “pregnancy” is likely to be just as weird as her last two!

UPDATE: This story just got a little weirder. According to Teen Mom Junkies, Nicole and her “fiance” are no longer together, and he is already dating another girl!

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  1. After reading this it makes me wonder… did she purposely get pregnant to get on ’16 and Pregnant’? For the money? to be famous? It also makes me cringe my teeth because who in their right mind would fake a pregnancy and DEATH?? This girl is sick and is hypnotised by Fame!!! this is what it does to people!!!!

    1. A co payment is something we have in the US. Every time you go to a doctor (provided you have insurance) you pay a small fee usually 20$ instead of paying about 100$ or so if you didn’t have insurance.

      1. Yep. It’s also a thing that, if you can’t afford it, you probably shouldn’t be having another kid. Don’t know if you remember from last time, but babies generally = lots of Dr. visits. Idiot.

  2. She and her fiance are no longer together. I think she went and got pregnant by some other guy to try and get him back with her.

    Why would you go to the ER? If you took a pregnancy test and it is positive, that indicates that you have HCG in your urine and are pregnant. There is no such thing as a “false positive” test, although false negatives do occur. So positive pregnancy test + pregnancy symptoms = pregnant… no need to visit the ER.

    I can’t imagine that she got an ultrasound and didn’t share it online, but did share her pee sticks. I call BS on the whole ER visit but I do bet she is pregnant. She is a total weirdo but faking two pregnancies would be a bit much, it’s more likely that this one is for real.

    I’m 26 weeks with a loved and planned for baby. My heart breaks that some kid is going to have this psycho as a mother.

    1. At 3-5 weeks, there’s no fetus on the ultrasound so I highly doubt the tech would have printed out pictures of what appears to be an empty uterus.. Or I’m sure she would have posted those too!

      1. I can’t imagine her not taking a photo in the ER. She posts everything that could garner attention.

        You’re right though, I’ve never heard of anyone getting an ultrasound at 4 weeks pregnant. But I have also never heard of such violent super early preggo signs that warrant a visit to the ER. This just makes zero sense. I still think she never went to the ER but just fabricated the story to add a little something for people to talk about. She wants people to be all “aw! get better soon!”

        I really do think she is pregnant this time, but the ex boyfriend needs to get a dna test pronto.

        1. I don’t believe her one bit. I will say with my last pregnancy that I was throwing up at 2/3 weeks pregnant. However I was on a cruise which I has done many times before and never got seasick. The sickbay just assumed I was seasick since the test they did came up negative. Given I was only around 2/3 weeks I’m not surprised. It was a two week cruise so when I came home I tested and realized why I was really sick. I was 5 weeks when I test and confirmed a week later by ultrasound after a bad car accident that put the baby at 6 weeks. Before 6 weeks there is nothing to see and even then at 6 weeks there isn’t much along with searching for a heartbeat that early it took them 2 hours (great hospital to take that much time to find a heartbeat but it really just needed the machine volume to be all the way up and find the right spot). She is lying though and it is obvious.

        2. Umm, although you may be (were?) pregnant, you’re quite ignorant. There IS such a thing as false positive. Home tests are NOT 100% accurate.

          Also, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I KNEW I was, pregnant because my nausea and cramping was SO severe as soon as I missed my period. I actually ended up in the ER twice at 2-3 weeks and again around 5-6 weeks. Both times they did ultrasounds and you could tell there was something there. Even showed the ovary that released the egg. They didn’t print anything out or allow me to take pictures.

          Now, I’m not saying this girl wasn’t lying. I’m just saying that being pregnant doesn’t mean you know everything about being pregnant.

  3. It’s very VERY easy to take those dollar tests apart, make a sharpie line to say it’s positive, and put it back together and no one is the wiser. Just saying…..

    1. I’m not trying to defend this girl (I think she’s psychotic), but there’s multiple photos of multiple types of pregnancy tests on her instagram, as well as hospital photos. Talk about overshare….. If you’re using Chrome for a browser you can right click any photo and hit “search google for this image” and if there’s the same picture posted anywhere else online, it will show you the result and the website it came from. These photos actually appear to be legit. I’d be skeptical if it was just one, but seeing multiple brands makes me think it’s real, and the lines look legit (aka not drawn on). Gross though.

  4. I am 7 weeks and found out at 5.. They see the heartbeat and I’ve been puking for two week prior every ones body is different. And if she saying she is who cares. It’s her body her choice. It’s just a tv show people must seriously need the money instead of getting a job and supporting their children that way. But stop bashing the girl. If you don’t like her. Than don’t read about her or write. It’s pretty simple

  5. I work in ob. You can find out you are pregnant as little as little4-6weeks so she could be telling the truth.

  6. My 5 week ultrasound looked like a tiny gummy bear and took a little bit to even find! And the first trimester has the most accurate ultrasounds for dating. She is totally lying, they wouldn’t give her such a big range, she would have an actual date.

  7. Nope. I call bull. At three weeks you can’t see a dang thing on an ultrasound. Me and my husband were trying to conceive, and after six months we got pregnant – I tested at 3 weeks and 3 days and that line was soooo faint it was hardly there. This girl is so full of $hit it kills me.

  8. Those dollar store test are right. I brought one for the fun of it after me and my hubby got married. I started feeling like something was wrong so I took it and it said I was pregnant. I took 5 of those in total and they was all right.

    1. I’ve always wondered about those. I get a kick about the fact that they’re right up front next to the gum and batteries – you know, for all of those times you’re at the checkout and are like “crap, I forgot to pick up a few tests again!”

  9. I was confirmed 3 weeks in ultrasound. Yes you could see the smallest hint of her and I had morning sickness from that point m to the day I delivered.

    1. At 6 weeks the baby is barely visible. It’s completely impossible to see a baby at 3 weeks all you see is the sac.

  10. With my daughter i had morning sickness for three days before i found out i was pregnant and i was only nearly 6 weeks and with two of my pregnancies ive had ultrasounds done at 5 weeks and a couple days and you can see the baby..

  11. I’m calling complete bullshit on this because at 3-5 weeks, most women don’t even know they’re pregnant yet, much less being kept up half the night “sick”. I didn’t even start to feel morning sickness with both my pregnancies until I was about 8 or 9 weeks pregnant and it was only a little bit. I understand all pregnancies are different and two women don’t feel the same symptom, but really? Having morning sickness at 3-5 weeks? I’m just not buying it and I can’t be the only one.

    1. Not saying that she is being truthful, but as you said, all pregancies are different. I’ve known women who start getting nauseous at 4-5 weeks. I knew one who started feeling really sick at around 4 weeks and kept being sick with nausea and vommiting throughout her entire pregnancy.

      1. I gotta agree with you on this one. I was around 2/3 weeks when the morning sickness started (I found out at 5 weeks that I was pregnant). For me I chalked it up to being on a cruise in December (although after many cruises I was never seasick). I joked about being pregnant, referencing Rugrats to my husband since it was a cruise for our anniversary. It is entirely probably to be getting very sick around 2/3 weeks although that is right when the egg had implanted it is still possible to get those symptoms but not a positive test (which is why in the sick bay of the ship even the doctors said it was seasickness when we returned home and I took at test at 5 weeks we then realized the truth).

      2. You talking about me? 🙂 haha…cause that was definitely me! I was sick from 4 weeks a few days all the way until giving birth. But pregnant this second time around, at 7 weeks now and still feeling fine. Every pregnancy really is different….not to say I particularly believe in Nikkoles being real.

    2. As I said in my reply to the person who replied to you. I had morning sickness at around 2/3 weeks but didn’t think much of it because we were on a cruise. I took a test at 5 weeks pregnant that explained so much!

    3. I had morning sickness with my 2nd pregnancy at around 4 weeks. I knew i was pregnant, i could just tell.

    1. Seriously “3 weeks pregnant ” is actually about 1 week post conception. That’s like a few cells of baby. She must be lying

      1. Even then at 6 weeks the baby is very small. I had one done at 6 weeks from a car accident. Not much could be seen and it took a lot of looking for a heartbeat.

      1. Jenelle faked a miscarriage with Courtland which she named Ashton then she had an abortion with Courtland baby and then got pregnant with Nathan kid kaiser. I find it interesting that both her and Nikkole’s fake children were both named ashton.

  12. If you have to buy a Dollar store preg test….You are NOT ready for baby #2!! Dumb little girls trying to trap there Loser boyfriends! How bout college girls? A career maybe? Smh!

    1. Just Me,

      Buying a dollar store pregnancy test doesn’t mean that she is unfit to be a mother to baby number 2, some people just have their priorities of where their money goes to. All at home pregnancy tests are the same, doesn’t matter if they at 89 cents or $30 they all have the same end result. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and I bought an 89 cent pregnancy test and it worked quicker and was more accurate then the $20 I bought. So don’t be quick to jump to conclusions.

      1. The $1 Store tests are the ones used in doctors offices. They work better then most high end brands as they are meant to detect a lower level of HCG.

    2. What a dumb thing to say. The tests at the dollar store are very accurate and detect as little at 10 mlu of HCG – the same as first response and clear blue. I got a positive on those tests sooner than the “first response” test.

      When women are actively trying to conceive many of us stock up on the dollar store tests. I took tons of them just watching that second line get darker and darker, it is reassuring and only 88 cents a test instead of $10.

    3. What you should have said was ‘if you can’t afford a copayment to go to see a doctor’ then you’re not ready for baby #2..

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