Robbie Kidd Returns to Twitter, Talks About ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert

"We like Twitter, y'all!"
“We like Twitter, y’all!”

All has been quiet over the last few days in regard to the alleged cheating scandal involving Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert, her husband Jeremy Calvert and Leah’s ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd. While Leah has been busy tweeting her love for Jeremy and totally ignoring the fact that her husband accused her on Twitter of screwing Robbie, Jeremy has been tweeting about how much he wants to go party in Vegas. He has also posted tweets that were taunting Leah about her alleged Robbie hook-up.

Robbie decided to get in on the tweeting fun on Tuesday, resurfacing on his Twitter account after being absent for over a year. He seemed eager to address the rumors that he and Leah had been hooking up. When asked whether or not he had spoken to Leah lately, Robbie answered.

“No sure haven’t. Like I told everyone in the first place, her problems are hers, I have my own,” he wrote, adding, “I’m a big boy. No reason not to tell because I have nothing to hide.”

Robbie denied that he had been caught via the deercam sneaking into Leah’s house.

“There’s no deer cam proof anywhere because I wasn’t there for there to be….once again, no deer cams have caught me doing s**t,” Robbie told several followers.

Of course, The Ashley jumped into the Twitter party and asked how Jeremy got the idea that Robbie and Leah were hooking up.

“Small town drama,” Robbie told The Ashley. “That’s all it is.”

Robbie then directed his followers (as well as Leah’s husband Jeremy) to read the recent statement he gave to Radar Online..

“Apparently they already have a magazine out with an article about all this? My statements are there and he can read if he wants,” Robbie tweeted. (Click here to read what he said!)

Robbie seems to be enjoying all of the drama just like we are!

“I get just as much of a laugh as you do because all this drama and bulls**t is over nothing,” he wrote.

One site has reported that Leah paid off Robbie to say that nothing happened between them. The Ashley is not confirming this report; however Robbie did tweet the following to The Ashley on Monday:

“Even if I had done something, nobody here on this twitter feed pays my bills so there opinion means nothing.”

Just for the record, Robbie still follows Leah on Twitter, and Leah still follows Robbie on Twitter. Leah does not, however, follow her own husband, nor does he follow her.

As for the status of Leah and Jeremy’s relationship, The Ashley’s sources tell her that Jeremy is still totally done and not going back with Leah, despite all of her “happy family” tweets.

Finally, Robbie addressed Leah’s alleged drug use. When asked by a follower if Leah really does have a pill habit, Robbie answered, “No I have no idea what she’s into. Not my business.”

If you need to catch up on all of the Leah/Jeremy/Robbie drama, click here, here and here!

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  1. I think jeremy didnt realize what he was getting into with 3 kids. I think he just wants a way out cause he sure doesnt seem to want to be there.

  2. i think that Leah and Jeremy need to devorce clearly neither one of them love eachother and the girls don’t deserve to go through a bunch of drama and bs all because mommy and step daddy/daddy can’t grow up

    1. Agreed. I feel so bad for the girlses. Did you watch the “Unseen Moments” the other day that showed Leah’s reaction when she found out a kitten was dead? She was SCREAMING, hysterically crying (to the point the girls were petrified and trying to comfort their own mom) and she told them the cat had been “smothered”. If that was her reaction to a friggin newborn KITTEN dying, I can’t imagine the emotional trainwreck that’s going on at home with all this crap. The GIRLS are the victims…not Leah. I normally would never say this, especially about people I don’t personally know, but (based on what I’ve seen) I hope Cory DOES get custody. He seems a lot more stable and even tempered than her.

      1. That was so frickin’ creepy. Jurrmy asked her to go into the laundry room and shut the door so he could tell her out of the girlses earshot and she could then walk out and share the news with them. Instead she got so hysterical that when she opened the door Gracie was upset and trying to attack Jurrmy, convinced Jurrmy was hurting her mom. So Leah has to calm the kid down then continues her freak-out and neither of the twinses have any idea what in fresh hell is even going on. The look on Ali’s face said it all – “Same shit, different day”. Life is stressful but ANY parent, even another “Teen Mom”, would have composed herself before walking out there to her girlses. That was just spooky as all hell. She has some SERIOUS issues, not including the drugs she is clearly using.

        1. That was soooo inappropriate! I remember when my pets died – my parents sat us down and told us very calmly. By then they were in boxes and we didn’t even have to look at them if we didn’t want to. Then we buried them in the ground and said some things about them. They even encouraged me to play them songs on my guitar (hippie child, what can you say). I think my mom and dad cried a little but it was never anything like Leah’s mental breakdown.

          What a horrible way to handle something like that – something that might have been one of their first experiences with death.

          I can already see the dynamic forming – the mother acts like a child, and so the children act like the parents. It’s so sad because with Leah’s selfishness they’re never going to get a chance to be kids.

        2. Why are you all using the term “girlses”? That’s not a word. The plural is just “girls”. If you want to denote a possessive then it’s “girls'” or “girls’s”.

  3. I’m sorry I don’t believe him or Leah. Jeremy hasn’t changed his FB status or said its false on twitter and we all know that they did it with Corey. I used to like Leah but she’s such a money grabber she spends all her money on make up and cars that’s why Corey doesn’t want to pay her more she uses Corey and Jeremy for money and probably didn’t want Robbie cos he’s broke

    1. If they’ve been having difficulties they might not share finances anymore. Lot’s of married couples have a joint account and then their own accounts. I think this theory of Leah paying Robbie is a little far-fetched, but not for the reason that she wouldn’t be able to hide her money from Jeremy. In fact, I don’t think it would be difficult at all for someone who has a history of lying.

    2. And here comes Leah/Dawn/Crazy Sandy with a bullock argument that tries to make 1+1=3. Maybe dawn did it ? Also he’s living with Isaac Messer, Leah’s little brother, who probably doesn’t have the money to live on his own. So yeah the Messers are probably also paying Robbie’s bills, who is basically unemployable because of his criminal record. Jeremy wouldn’t really say anything about Leah giving things to her family and if he did he’d most likely get a: “JURMY LYNN!! ITS FOR MAH FAMILEE!!!”. That’s my guess anw.

      1. Baaaaahaaaahaaaa best.comment.ever. I seriously almost choked on my soda when I saw her lookin high as a kite use Corey’s middle name during an argument. Like who does that to their EX husband?!

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