‘Kendra On Top’ Episodes 10 & 11: Reconnecting with Dear Old (Deadbeat) Dad

This week on Kendra on Top, Kendra heads to Costa Rica to visit her nudist father! Finally, something interesting is happening. We are all so tired of seeing Hank mope around the whole episode, every episode.

Raise your hand if you want this photo made into a T-shirt.
Raise your hand if you want this photo made into a T-shirt.

This episode starts out with Kendra and Hank blubbering at couple’s therapy. They still aren’t addressing his cheating scandal, of course, but Hank talks about he feels like he had to be perfect. He says that his stalled athletic career was a huge blow to his ego. Kendra says she does the miss the man she married because he was confident and successful (and didn’t have to televise his therapy to make money, I assume).

Kendra’s friend Jessica drives her to the airport and discusses Hank’s identity crisis with her. Kendra says her marriage was headed for trouble even before the scandal happened. She said Hank was having anxiety attacks and was very unhappy that his football career ended. Kendra believes this contributed to everything that has been going on.

"You go get those ratings, girl!"
“You go get those ratings, girl!”

She also tells Jessica that her mom, Party Patti, doesn’t know she’s going to see her dad. She said that her mom always painted her dad out to be awful. But let’s be honest, Patti isn’t exactly a grade A quality parent herself.

Kendra arrives in Costa Rica and goes to her resort. Her father didn’t pick her up from the airport? After 20 years he couldn’t bother to show up to pick her up? Um…OK.

Oh, haaaay, Federico! How you doin'?
Oh, haaaay, Federico! How you doin’?

Upon arriving at the resort, Kendra meets Federico, the hunky owner of the resort. (Because…of course there’s a hunky owner named Federico. Why wouldn’t there be?!) Kendra’s dad arrives at the resort later that day. They immediately embrace and Kendra laughs and cries. This seems to be one of the only genuine moments we’ve seen so far this season.

"So...can you get me into the Playboy Mansion or what?"
“So…can you get me into the Playboy Mansion or what?”

Kendra’s dad, Eric, looks a lot like her. I guess this explains why she [luckily] looks nothing like Party Patti. Eric says he has been trying to find and get in touch with Kendra for a while. He says he tried to reach out when she was younger, but Party Patti put a stop to that.

After discussing a few memories from her childhood and his recent surf injury, they head to her dad’s house. Apparently Jessica’s Internet search was correct and he is a millionaire. (That may explain why he has never reached out to Kendra—he didn’t need her money!)

He lives in a huge house atop a hill. Kendra tells her dad about the rumors about Hank. Again, she’s talking to everyone under the sun about the affair…except Hank. Her dad says she can bring the kids and Hank to Costa Rica to visit if she wants and she pretends to be torn about the decision. But let’s be honest, we all know she’s only doing what WeTV tells her to and is only going where they tell her to go.

Eric Wilkinson
Taking advice from a man that abandoned you? Sounds like a plan!

Kendra confronts her dad about feeling abandoned by him as a child. He says he didn’t want to drag the kids through the fighting between him and Patti. So…he just ignored them for 20 years? That makes sense.

Kendra and her dad agree to stay in each other’s lives. In the preview for next week, Hank and Little Hank come to Costa Rica! Let’s give Hank a bunch of tequila and maybe he’ll finally talk about his affair on camera!

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3 Responses

  1. Ash- You don’t think Kendra looks like Patty?! OMG I see SO much of Patty in Kendra (facially)…especially as Kendra gets older. I think every year she looks more and more like her mom. I remember one episode of The Girls Next Door they were in a wig shop and Kendra tried on a bob-cut wig and the resemblance was uncanny. 😉

    But seriously…her mom’s behavior, attitude and actions disgust me. I don’t care if she disagrees with her daughter seeing her father (she’s an adult and she has that right, though I understand how it could sting especially if you’re a bit…um…unstable)–but the fact Patti sold Kendra out to the tabloids and trash talked her during the roughest time of her life is unfathomable.

    1. exactly. she went straight from her mommy’s house at 18 to hef’s mansion for 5 years, then married hank, and now she has the nerve to say she worked her ass off to get where she is. and belittles hank like he fails at everything. at least he was successful at Something he Worked at at one point in his life, wtf has she ever done? if it wasn’t for hef she’s still be smoking meth and screwing low level dealers for it like she was and why hank has never told her that idk but he’s a better person than me for taking all that crap and never saying s**t. (the other half of me think men who let little sluts get away with beating them down and shaming them without so much as a response deserves what they get) rant over.

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