Leah Calvert Announces She’s Quit ‘Teen Mom 2’: What’s Really Going On?

"So long, y'all!"
“So long, y’all!”

A few days ago, The Ashley broke the news that the producers and cast of Teen Mom 2 were preparing to start filming the show’s sixth season. She also told you that while Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska and Kail Lowry had all signed on for Season 6, Leah Calvert had not yet turned in her production contract. Earlier this week, a show source told The Ashley that MTV planned to go on with Season 6 with or without Leah.

Well, it looks like it will be without Leah.

Last night, Leah confirmed The Ashley’s reports by telling a fan that she would not be doing Season 6. She added that she wishes her co-stars well.

“I hope my girls continue to move on with TM2.  I wish them the BEST xoxo,” she tweeted.

Leah revealed last night that she's done with 'Teen Mom 2.'
Leah revealed last night that she’s done with ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Of course, many news outlets jumped on the story and The Ashley has been seeing a lot of incorrect information circulating. Below she will try to distinguish the rumors from the fact.

Q: Will the show get cancelled if Leah doesn’t do it?

No way. The other members of the cast are already signed on and going to continue filming without Leah. Producers are hoping that she will change her mind and agree to film, but they are prepared to go on without her. Those involved with the show– production, cast, etc. were notified recently that Leah was not signing on and to be prepared to go on without her.

Q: Is it true that they are replacing Leah with another girl?

The Ashley saw this one circulating and thought it was hysterical! NO. They are not going to go pull a random girl from ’16 and Pregnant’ to replace Leah. They will run the show with Chelsea, Kail and Jenelle only, just as ‘Teen Mom’ will run with only three of the original four girls.

Q: Will Corey or Jeremy still be on the show even if Leah doesn’t sign?

No. The show is about the mothers and MTV will not continue on with Leah’s story if Leah isn’t part of it. Also, it’s highly unlikely Jeremy would have signed on for this mess anyway. Corey and his family will also not film, due to this reason. Corey’s father, Jeff, confirmed this earlier this month via Twitter.

Q: Why did Leah quit?

She has not yet revealed this. (Give her time. We all know how she loves to reveal stuff on Twitter and Facebook!) The Ashley’s sources say that she was very scarred after all of the Corey/cheating stuff aired on ‘Teen Mom 2’ and she doesn’t want to go through that again.

Q: When will Season 6 air?

No premiere date has been set for Season 6. (It hasn’t even been filmed yet!) However, The Ashley hears that it will premiere after the next season of ‘Teen Mom’ airs.

Note: The Ashley mistakenly wrote that Chelsea Houska’s father, Randy Houska, had tweeted a premiere date for Season 6. He did not; The Ashley misread the tweet, and included it by mistake. It has been removed so y’all can calm down now. The Ashley regrets this error.

The Ashley will keep you posted on the latest updates!

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. I’m thinking the current life she is living is one that would get her children taken away if aired, and she knows it. She has no skills and needs that alimony payment. I could also see Corey and Jeremy banding together to try to get custody taken from Leah and fighting to get their kids off TV. Who knows the whole story, but knowing how much she relies on that $$ I will be interested to see what becomes of her.

    My guess – she loses custody, gets back with Robbie, files for bankruptcy in the next few years, and ends up in tabloids for all sorts of craziness. And of course uses her social media to garner sympathy for the situation she has put herself in. I’ve never liked her, and now more than ever I believe in Karma.

  2. Must be she’s raking in a bundle selling her Mary Kay products. She just cut off her nose to spite her face. If she doesn’t do the show, neither does Corey. There goes her payday. See what the courts decide she gets in child support from him w/o his “Teen Mom 2” income. Same with Jeremy. She’ll end up on welfare. I think all 3 of her children should be awarded to their fathers.

  3. I think Jeremy. Was a good guy qoeked to support her and her girls ain’t many men.she should. Of treated Jeremy. Better shell never find another guy like him and if she’s on drugs and he’s getting a divorce he should. File for custudy of his kid.

  4. if the allegations about Leah’s drug use are true. I have to stress ‘if’, as so far we have seen no evidence to suggest they are true, despite what alleged ‘credible’ sources say, I very much doubt MTV, who have a duty of care as an employer, would allow Leah to sign the contract unless she accepted help for her addiction. What we know to be true is her marital problems. With an impending custody battle I doubt that Leah would want anything filmed on tv that could be used against her in court. I find it hard to believe that Leah does not need the money, especially if her and her husband do get divorced. If their cards get declined when they are both earning substantial amounts of money, as we saw on teen mom, how will she manage without her hefty payments from mtv.As someone mentioned in an earlier comment, maybe the courts will not allow filming. The Simms family are being very dignified about the situation, and, when you watch the girls at Corey and Miranda’s house, they are calm, clean, dressed and seemed to have a structured routine. The opposite can be said of the portrayal at Leahs’s house, where life appears to be chaotic, girls half dressed and unkempt, and, eating an assortment of junk snacks and fastfood, and, subjected to ridiculous arguments. Kailyn, and Jenelle’s poor children also have to witness constant bickering and volatile arguments. Also, I get the impression that Leah likes the notriety that the show’s exposure subjectsherto.Not to mention her mother and sister. However, I am sure there will be a book and exclusive interviews at some stage. If you look at her twitter page she obviously has some pr company looking after her. I hope they all find peace and hapiness.

    1. Not only will Leah not get the Teen Mom 2 income she’s become use to; neither will Corey or Jeremy. And undoubtedly that will have an impact on what courts will award her in child support.

  5. Leah is a good person if she chooses to reveal the reason she quit the show or not is her choice and nobody should have a damn thing to say about it! She is not on drugs other than the anxiety meds and if that’s illegal then I guess a lot of people are doing something illegal by being on them myself included you have no proof of her being on other drugs. The cheating on Corey thing was understandable he didn’t treat her the way she deserves to be treated so she looked elsewhere a lot of people do it and don’t get flack for it just because she is on tv does not mean she should either. Corey deserved to get cheated on in my opinion! She is NOT cheating on Jeremy and just because you morons think she’s one herself does not mean she is not capable of getting a normal job infact she had one! Get over yourselves because none of you are in the right to judge her justly!

    1. How does ANYONE “deserve” to be cheated on? What the hell is wrong with you? If you are not happy, LEAVE! It’s that simple! You don’t need to go hop in bed with another person to get your point across.

    2. Lol!
      “Corey deserved to get cheated on…”
      What an idiot!
      If you are not happy, LEAVE! Sleeping with two men at the same time is so nasty! A week before your own wedding?? Even worse!! Filthy, filthy girl!

    3. 1. Anxiety meds are obviously not illegal. What we saw on the show is she was so doped up she couldn’t look after her children – that level of intoxication is a problem.

      2. She also never tried to fight anxiety naturally. There are a million different avenues that need to be explored before you start altering brain chemicals with meds.

      3. She slept with another man days before getting married. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! No one, under any circumstance, deserves that. She shouldn’t have married him. She is awful.

      4. Of course she is cheating on Jeremy. Even if the Robbie stuff isn’t true we saw her cheat on him with Cory before Addy was born. Not physical stuff, but just the flirting and keeping the door open is definitely cheating.

      Your morals are appalling.

      1. Let’s not forget that anxiety meds alone will not dope you up that much! I’ve been dealing with anxiety for years and although at one point I was on Xanax and it made me a little drowsy at first it was never on that level and I was on the highest dose possible.

  6. You known what no one knows what she going through tell you walk in her shoes….i think she a grate mom and …and her anxiety med yeah when she was on the show she looked like she took to much…I know that not it I bet she don’t ever take pills so yeah it was too much for her because she’s not used to them ..i have a god baby that is in my life more then his own moms because it is so hard for her it takes a strong woman to take care of a child with special needs ..my god baby has no muscle at all this is a rare condition took is soooooo sad ….you guys are haters walk in her shoes and tell me you don’t have anxiety……

  7. Even though I’m a kid I still know that you are a good mother and me and my mom love you and want you to continue on teen mom I just want you to know we love you and everytime teen mom was on me and my mom would watch teen mom and I just want you to know that we loved watching you on tv and hope you don’t quit teen mom without you there is only half of teen mom we will be so happy if you stay on teen mom pease stay on teen mom.

    1. That’s really sweet of you Latasha! You are correct, TM2 won’t be the same without her!!

      (I started watching 16&P, TM, TM2,& TM3 with my daughter too!)

    2. Hey Latasha! Do you love Teen Mom? How much do you love Teen Mom? Just wondering if you love Teen Mom? Please let me know if you love Teen Mom. Thanks, love! Lots of love xo

  8. I like leah and her family I have watched this from the beginning and I am going to miss her and I hope she changes her mind hang in the leah and God Bless You and your family

  9. I think 1 of the reasons is not wanting video footage for the courts to use against her in the custody matter. The second reason I think might be Jeremy saying if she does the show he will not try to make it work because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of the world by taking her back.

    1. I think Jeremy DEFINITELY is the major factor in her choice not to come back. It smells like an ultimatum to me…

  10. She will support her girls the same as evrryone who doesnt do tv shows for crying out loud does it really matter y she wants obv she isnt worried about the money or she wouldnt quit

    1. Oh please, who are YOU fooling? She’s not exactly qualified to do much of anything, where she makes the standard of living she’s accustomed herself to.

      Child support, and minimum wage, aren’t going to keep her in make up, hair or nails, much less a roof over her head, or Lunchables for her girls…or drugs.

          1. I don’t claim to be perfect, but I’m a heck of a lot more moral and upstanding…oh, and educated, than Leah.

            Fail, sure, everybody does. But, most of us learn from our mistakes, not compound them by doing them over and over again.

    2. Please..you know she did not want to quit..her hand was forced..she will just find some other guy to marry and live off the state

    3. Who are you kidding? As soon as the TM2 money is gone (and if Ali’s medical bills are that much expect it gone in less than a year not to mention her little habit and spending 3k on cosmetics) she’ll be living off the child support money from both Corey and Jeremy, and welfare. So West Virginia get ready to support Leah and her kids. Maybe she’ll run out and get pregnant again so she’ll have someone else supporting her?

  11. What is she going to do for money? Her story will likely turn into what it would have had if MTV had never been involved her life; living with her mother and working a minimum wage job like a lot of young mothers…

  12. Yall are ridiculous for assuming you know what goes on in Leah’s life. Just because a person makes mistakes doesn’t mean there bad parents or whores or whatever else you all are trying to label her as. Get over it. Yall are probably saying ugly things for the simple fact that she is no longer airing her personal life on worldwide tv, so now you all can’t stick yalls noses where they don’t belong. Those girls are loved & Leah does her absolute best, as we all watch every season and thats all you can ask for. So for crying out loud put the pitchforks down & let her do what she needs to do without yalls negative opinions.

    1. How do you know she is a good mom? Based on 20 minutes of footage on one teen mom episode? lol..no one knows if any of these moms are really “good moms.”

    2. Leah does her absolute BEST????!!! Did you NOT see her F*CKED UP on pills!??ON CAMERA???!! LMFAO! Yeah #1 mom there! !smh

    3. This is either Leah or her sister replying. The style of writing is exactly the same. I immediately heard Leah’s voice in my head within the first sentence.

  13. You misunderstood randys tweet. He was talking about seasons like summer and fall. His tweet had nothing to do with teen mom. If you read the whole conversation you’ll see that is the case. He made a dad pun joke.

  14. That’s really too bad. I know most people watch Leah’s segments for the Drama but Ali’s story is so unique and inspiring. I have enjoyed watching her brave journey. Plus she’s a twin so it’s even more unique. Leah get over yourself, so I can keep up on Ali’s progress!

    1. I agree with you too! Little Ali is the only reason I don’t fast forward through her segments. Well, really Ali and the “Corey-isms” (Jesus God Leah) and the Jeremy bacon slaps!!!!

  15. Maybe she is just ready to move forward without cameras following her everywhere . Stop putting her down. She’s a damn good mom!!

    1. How would you know? Based on 20 minutes of footage on 1 episode? The reality is no one knows if any of these girls are “good moms.” That is reality!

    2. yes..feeding your children a diet of cheetos and soda while you spend your money on hair and make-up makes you mom of the year

      1. That’s a really immature thing to say. What makes you think she only feeds her children soda and cheetos? Because you saw it on the show? A show that shoes 15-20 minutes of her life on each episode? And how the hell does wearing makeup and dying your hair make you a bad mom? I highly doubt she spends all her money on that. She would have to own quite a bit of hair stuff and make-up if that was true. The truth is that WE DON”T KNOW THE TRUTH. Not everything that goes on these women’s life is put on television. So everyone stop saying that someone is a bad mom if there is no evidence of abuse or neglect. Yes, Leah was on medication for anxiety but it was her doctor’s fault for giving her something that strong where it made her doze off. And according to her, she was only on it for a week!

        1. Hallelujah girl! We need more people like you on this board. I seriously feel like so many people on here are so damn biased. Acting as if they live perfect lifes, and that Leah is just the worst. It’s so annoying.
          People need to understand that there’s ALOT more to the story than just what the media is covering.

          Keep speaking your mind Megan!

          1. Yes, I am shocked by how ignorant some people are and have the nerve to pass judgment on people that they watch on tv when they know that only 1% of their lives is shown. Totally ridiculous.

          1. Why cause I’m defending someone everyone is talking trash about?
            Nah, I think you are the sad invidual. You go by yourself some cheetos darling 😉

        2. Have you seen those kids, other than at Corey’s house, eating anything but junk food? Even little Ali stated about her Lunchable, “This is NOT food”, on one episode.

  16. How will Leah support her girls without the income from Teenmom 2? With no substantial source of income, fighting to retain custody of her girls will be extremely difficult. Of course, if the talk of drug use is true, income may be a moot point. Those 3 little girls are in for some tough times. They are the ones that matter most, I hope for the best for them.

    1. Jeremy’s income would give them more than enough to live off IF she didn’t overspend and they actually made it work. I think the fact she quit the show is very indicative of them staying together and bet Jeremy gave her a “You stay…I’ll go” ultimatum.

  17. She needs to learn to keep her legses closed. Personally, I think she lost custody of the twins and doesn’t want that to be showcased on the show.

      1. If you’re fighting for custody of your kids, morals does come into play when the court makes decisions. Don’t fool yourself. Also if Jeremy files for divorce, there’s another custody battle right there. Make no mistake, if Leah did cheat with Robbie, it will come into play during the custody battle(s).

    1. I think the guardian ad litem or the courts put the kibosh on filming.

      You know Leah didn’t want to stop, or stop the paychecks, at the very least.

  18. this is very good news, both shows should be cancelled, it doesn’t help these girls it only hurts them, I hope she can address her issues privately.

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