New Season of ‘Sister Wives’ to Premiere in January 2015: Dayton’s Health to Be Discussed

SIster Wives
This family photo was taken on November 29, according to Christine’s Twitter account.

America’s favorite polygamous family, The Browns, are coming back next month! While we’ve been getting a decent dose of multi-wife hijinks thanks to My Five Wives, viewers are thrilled to hear that a new season of Sister Wives is on its way. TLC, the network behind both shows, announced today via TheWrap that the next season of ‘Sister Wives’ will premiere on Sunday, January 4. The first episode will bring two hours of Brown family fun.

“Kody and the Sister Wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – have settled into life in the cul-de-sac, but life is anything but easygoing for the family,” the network said in a statement. “The family prepares for two of their daughters, Mykelti and Madison, to graduate high school bringing a flurry of mixed emotions.

That’s not all that will be happening this season; it seems they are finally going to address what the heck is going on with Dayton, Robyn’s son.

“The family bands together to deal with a potentially risky surgery involving their son Dayton.”

Viewers have noticed (and commented about) Dayton’s health problems, but up until now the Browns have been reluctant to discuss them in detail. Last season, Robyn told Kody that she believed that Dayton has Asperger’s Syndrome. Although many viewers believe that the boy does, indeed, have some form of autism (and have been very vocal about it on public forums that discuss the show), Kody blew the idea off.

Of course, Kody is not exactly a medical expert. Remember, this is the same guy that told his daughter not to kiss a guy because kissing allows you to transfer your hormones into someone else’s body.


Eye surgery
This photo, taken last season, clearly shows that something is wrong with Dayton’s eye.

Viewers also noticed that something was not quite right with 14-year-old Dayton’s eye over the past season or so. At one point, it appeared that he had a black eye. At other times, it looked like his eyelid was drooping and possibly even had some type of scar or cut going across it. While the network statement did not specifically say that the “surgery” involving Dayton was in regard to whatever is happening with his eye, this is likely the case.

In the family portrait above, which was taken on November 29, Dayton is now wearing glasses.

Also coming this season will be some more business-related stuff (that we don’t really care about) in regard to the family’s Sister Wives Closet business. (Unless the family is going to go into a big meeting and make fools of themselves again like they did last season, The Ashley is not really interested.)

The network provided TheWrap with a preview clip in which a lesbian polygamist (apparently those exist!) tries to invite herself into the Brown family and/or marry Robyn.

Watch the clip below and be creeped out:

(Photos: Twitter, TLC)


  1. I have been watching for several years. I think that the family has separated to their on wife and children. It looks like some are no longer wanting that life. I think Janelle is very intelligent and works for the family.
    I see tension between the wives. I hope that everything works out for the best. Janelle don’t let anyone put you down. You are beautiful. One more thing –The business adventure about selling jewelry was is a no go.

  2. Can’t wait until this show finally ends! That’s when it will get very real and very interesting. Without Bravo’s money rolling in Kody and Crew will have to get jobs. Oh the horror!!

  3. This show makes me insane. They have completely changed who they are from when the first season started. The wives and their children now live four separate lives and Kody just makes the rounds. The lengths they are going to to try to be interesting – like the chance of a lesbian polygamist marrying Robyn – ridiculous! And Dayton – they admitted from the beginning that he had aspbergers – remember, Robyn cried about!

    1. All this bashing of the wives,of Kody,of kids,of Sisterwive Closet and you will be glad when it is over. Do any of you know how to change channels on your TVs Flip a-page in a newspaper, not to buy the rag magazines or go to a different web site. You don’t like what they are doing. Move on! Go back to the early teachings in the Bible. Men had more than one wife and concubines besides. We live by mans’ rules not Gods.

  4. I have watched it since the beginning, but am starting to believe that some of the antics are strictly motivated by how much controversary they initiate, as if poligmy isnt enough. Instead of being the close knit family the show started out to be, we now view four specific family entities with one man running from house to house (and bed to bed). As far as Dayton, he totally explained what was wrong with him regarding being Autistic, but what they breezed over was the “accident”. Something really odd must have happened because there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING I can find that tells what happened to him two years ago. When the youngest got dehydrated last year, it was like the world had ended and we had a minute to minute report. This “incident” regarding Dayton, was life altering, but yet, not one word except for a blurb “he was hurt in an accident” and they can finally go in and fix the lid. Not one word about what created the problem to start with. Anyone have a clue?

  5. I have enjoyed watching the show and how Kody treats his wives with respect and cares about their feelings. However I will stop watching it if he brings another wife into the mix. This says he has to be looking and flirting with other women. May it is all about sex with other women. Enough is enough.

  6. I have been looking and watching for any information relating to there return. This show in itself shown that we all need to accept or at least try accept others lives and beliefs in there way of life. I’m afraid if you bring in a lesion it might cheapen the show and make it look like they are just trying to push the wires of the viewers. We the viewers all care for the Browns and don’t think it needs that turn of events. Let’s keep the show about the browns.

  7. I’m pretty sure Robyn says in the first season when she’s introducing her family that Dayton has Aspergers. It wasn’t “I think he has it.” It seemed like she had known for a while.

  8. Love love this show I am so happy they are back I don’t believe in that lifestyle but I still love the show to each their own

  9. Have you looked at their closet site recently? It looks like crap you buy dirt cheap from a distributor in China and sell at your mall kiosk. I am dying to know who would pay $50 for a shirt that looks like the female equivalent of Ed Hardy. But I guess when you are trying to support 4 families it’s okay to have no direction.

  10. This show is so senseless but I find myself fascinated by it.I cant quite pinpoint what it is but I keep on watching.


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