Is Farrah Abraham Returning to ‘Teen Mom?’ The Truth on the Latest ‘Teen Mom’ Rumors

The Ashley has been getting a lot of readers reaching out to her via The Twitter and email, asking whether certain rumors regarding the girls of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 are true or false. As Rounduper readers know, The Ashley does not write about every ‘Teen Mom’-related story that’s published; that would take all day and, frankly, most of them are not true or have very little truth to them.

However, this week has seen an abnormally large amount of rumors circulating regarding the ‘Teen Mom’ casts. Here, The Ashley will attempt to clear up some of these rumors, and let you know which are true and which are not. Again, The Ashley will not verify anything that she doesn’t know to be true or false, which is why she hasn’t published anything thus far about the stories below.

teen mom season 5
“Oh boy! More meeeee!”

Rumor #1: Farrah Abraham is returning to ‘Teen Mom.’

Believe it or not, this is actually TRUE! In Touch Weekly reported that Farrah will be back on the show and The Ashley can confirm this story is true. Although Farrah was not invited back to participate in the fifth season of ‘Teen Mom,’ The Ashley’s source tells her that it is indeed true that Farrah wants back on the show. She has been in contact with the show’s producers recently and has made promises to change her image back to something more appropriate for the show’s audience. The Ashley’s source says that producers are most likely going to allow her back on the show.

One thing that’s not clear is how it will work. The other cast members of ‘Teen Mom’ have basically finished shooting the season, so it is not yet known if they will include Farrah on Season 5 or just add her into Season 6 (which is likely going to happen, but hasn’t been made official yet.)

Update: Farrah has told RumorFix that the rumor is not true. However, The Ashley maintains that this did, indeed, happen. (As we know, Farrah isn’t always that great at telling the truth.)

Hands up so we can see those rings, guys!
Hands up so we can see those rings, guys!

Rumor #2: Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin are having marital trouble.

FALSE. This rumor was likely started by this story on The Stir. (This is the only time The Ashley will probably ever link one of their articles. She has very little use for any of the “news” they put out; most of the time they just create stories from their own opinions and pass it off as fact.)

Anyway, the story says that Kail has “basically admitted” that her marriage to Javi is in trouble, based on a photo she posted. In the photo, Kail’s ring finger does not have her wedding ring on it.

“See how she has her right hand covered up, but her left is totally in your face? It’s almost like she’s trying to send a message with this shot, or something,” the article reads.

The only problem? The photo was obviously taken in a mirror. The “left hand” they claim should have the ring on it is actually her right hand. The article also goes on to speculate that because Javi and Kail have not posted any photos with each other lately, their marriage is clearly in trouble.


This is false. The Ashley’s source tells her that their marriage is just fine. Even Javi and Kail seemed to find the article ridiculous, and attempted to put a stop to it.

“Woah… All these articles about our troubling marriage?” Javi wrote, with Kail retweeting the message.

"I wanted to know if she wanted to buy some Mary Kay!"
“I wanted to know if she wanted to buy some Mary Kay!”

Rumor #3: Jeremy Calvert was caught texting some broad whose friend sold the texts to Radar Online.


The Ashley has read the story posted yesterday by Radar Online, alledging that Leah Calvert’s husband, Jeremy, was recently texting a girl named Brittany Musick, trying to get her to come do the nasty with him in his RV while he’s out of town for work.  The site provided photos of the texts and Twitter messages between Jeremy and Brittany, claiming that a “friend” of Brittany’s provided them to Radar.

“When approached by Radar for comment, Musick said she was ‘shocked’ to learn about the MTV star’s divorce. ‘I said ‘The way Leah talks on Twitter, it seems as if ya’ll are still together.’ But he said ‘No, it’s not true,'” the article reads.

The Ashley believes that the texts and messages are probably real. (After all, The Ashley told you that Jeremy was recently trying to pick up a chick at a Buffalo Wild Wings while on the road for work…as you do.)

She does, however, call BS on Radar‘s story that Brittany’s “friend” was the one that “gave” the messages to Radar. The Ashley would bet that it was Brittany herself who sold them to Radar, and likely made a couple hundred bucks off the deal.

Leah has yet to speak up about the story; however on November 30 she told a fan that she and Jeremy “are still married.”

(Top Two Photos: The Ashley; Bottom Photo: MTV)




  1. I live in Austin Tx where Farrah lives…and today I heard an advertisement on the radio that Farrah is hosting a christmas event at an Austin strip I don’t think she is changing her ways for mtv.

  2. Has anyone visited and read Farrah’s restaurant’s website? Most of it is incomplete with dummy text, but what is there is absolutely hilarious!!! She’s an English teacher’s worst nightmare! Run on sentences, atrocious grammar and spelling. What is she thinking? If you’re going to create a website for a professional business, you have to hire writers. Is that how she writes her “so-called columns” and those trilogy books??? OMG!! No wonder the restaurant hasn’t took off. You cannot do something like that on your own with a Associates in Culinary. I would love to know what her total book sales and custom lady bit molds were. I wonder if she actually took a loss.
    On the topic of her returning to Teen Mom, I remember her saying in an interview that some need Teen Mom for income, but I don’t. Not verbatim, but she said something like that. WTF? Even if she didn’t do any of the inappropriate behavior and lifestyle, she is still mean, rude, selfish, and disrespectful to everyone including her parents. She humiliates people and ugly cries when people fight back and hurt her feelings. She alienates everyone unless they compliment and agree with everything she says. You notice her only friends are the people she pays or pays her. She humiliates her parents in front of Sophia. Sophia loves her grandparents, but she will never respect them because Farrah teaches her not to. We’ll forgive her physical ugliness if she can improve on her personality ugliness.

    1. MTV knows damn well Farrah won’t keep her word and that is what they are counting on for ratings..when her next porno comes out they can pretend to be shocked

  3. I don’t care how terrible Farrah may be, she got pregnant so young and her parents wouldn’t allow her to get the abortion she wanted.
    They decided her life for her and it’s just disgusting, I feel so badly for her. She’s still stuck mentally, emotionally, and psychologically in high school because she was forced to become a mom too soon.

    1. Yeah she didnt get an abortion, but if she Really didnt want sophia she would have pawned her off..Sophia is her Meal ticket! And No one has a perfect life..but she is a BITCH!!! She is So selfish and rude! Sophia said it right in that “being farrah ” episode ..SHE IS EVIL!

    2. during her ep of 16 and pregnant, her mother actually asked what she was deciding to do and farrah said she wanted to keep her, therefore it was Farrahs decision.

  4. i remember seeing a video on TMZ which had her discussing either the first backdoor teen mom video or the other second one i forget but they were on the phone with Farrah and she basically told Harvey she is a millionaire. Farrah is just an asshole who deserves to have her singing “career” , restaurant, book writing that i would bet $$$ that she hired a ghost writer because she didn’t even know what an adjective was on this youtube video where Shane Dawson was interviewing her, and anything else she is claiming to be working on completely fail her miserably. i wonder how long it will take for her to try to shack up with either one of her parents and knowing her she will claim they begged her to come back..i think doing porn is best career option for her at this point. lololol

  5. Who wants to see Farrah..??.All she does is Bitch! Heartless Ho! I never believed kail and javi were In love..there more like roommates..Why doesnt she take his last name, she always says she Hates Her family..?? And Jeremy..well What comes around goes around Leah!

  6. Farrah needs money desperately, SAD! Javi and Kail will NOT stay married long term, that’s what I think. But we shall see I guess!

  7. “The Ashley’s source tells her that it is indeed true that Farrah wants back on the show.” – She’s broke! “Restaurant” not yet open two months after the deadline, selling her house, crawling back to the network/costars she insulted, STRIPPING for “research” = the empty headed silicone barbie is finally out of money and money-making schemes. Guess the novelty of watching a “Teen Mom” do porn wore off and now they don’t want to pay her big money to take it in the backdoor anymore. Too bad those breast implants don’t yield any ROI, huh Farrah? You could say they depreciate in value with each passing year. Kind of like your character.

  8. Farrah is a fame seeking whore. She will do and say anything to get people to pay attention to her. She knows Teen Mom is what made her famous and knows her fame will slowly start deteriorating without it. I can’t believe the producers are allowing her back on the show. I personally didn’t even enjoy her on the show. All she did was mouth off to her mom and dad. There was nothing interesting about her life. Catelynn, Amber and Maci were much more appealing to watch.

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