Exclusive Breaking News: Leah Calvert Has Signed on for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6!

season 6
“Ok, I’ll do it…”

Just weeks after Leah Calvert told fans on Twitter that she would was quitting Teen Mom 2, it looks like the reality star has changed her mind!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Leah has signed on for Season 6! Multiple sources have confirmed to The Ashley that, although Leah was worried about having her marriage turmoil exposed on national TV again, she has agreed to do Season 6.

According to one source, Leah signed the Season 6 paperwork last week and will begin filming her segments soon! (The other girls– Chelsea Houska, Kail Lowry and Jenelle Evans–recently began filming again.)

Another show source tells The Ashley that Leah signed on for one reason only: she needs the money. Although she recently started her own styling/photography business, Leah does have three children to care for and, with her marriage to Jeremy Calvert basically over, she needs to have a steady source of income.

With Leah now on board for Season 6, her ex, Corey Simms, will also be allowed to film. (Corey and the rest of Leah’s family would not be able to do ‘Teen Mom 2’ if Leah hadn’t signed on. The Ashley’s not going to lie–she would have loved for Corey to have taken over as the principal on the show. Can you imagine him reading those narrations?!)

Anyway, it’s not known whether or not Leah’s estranged husband Jeremy will sign on. The Ashley thinks it’s unlikely, as he seems to want very little to do with Leah or the MTV crew at this point, but she can’t confirm or deny that he will be a part of Season 6.

The Ashley will keep you posted when she gets more details.

Media outlets MUST credit and link back to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup for this exclusive story.

Leah’s drama with her husband Jeremy recently made OK magazine’s list of 20 Biggest ‘Teen Mom’ stories of 2014! Check out the rest of the stories here!

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  1. None of these teen hoes will quit the show its their only income.
    And that includes Farrah the anal slutbag, if Farrah was doing well outside of teen moms he wouldn’t need to do the show, Mtv fkd up bringing her back door/ I mean back to the show

  2. I think she was waiting to see how the custody case went with Corey first. Judges and advocates for the children can quickly say No way to TV series. I am assuming (yes that’s dangerous Lol) that the court said it was fine. I hope that is the case because no TV show is worth risking losing your children for.

  3. Hi The Ashley,

    Do you have a link to Leah’s gloss website? i must see this website! A business of beauty and whatnot is something i would see more fitting for Chelsea…after all we did all see that orange goop she sprayed onto her poor cousins face lol but to each their own. Anyway I can’t find her website and don’t really want to type gloss.com on my work computer in fear that something NSFW might show up! thanks!

      1. I just went through the website and i can’t take any of this seriously. some of her team may very well be licensed in cosmetology or esthetics, but as far as we know Leah isn’t formally trained in anything beauty. I don’t mean to be harsh but she should really work on how she styles herself, hair and makeup included, before charging to style other people. Also I know laws differ from state to state but usually you have to licensed in either field to legally charge for services. As a current esthetics student I find this comical, I wish she would just stick to her first passion which was to be a nurse. The beauty industry really doesn’t get the respect that I feel it deserves, anyone can curl their hair or put on eyeliner but that doesn’t qualify you as a pro. Makeup artists work and train for years to get to where they are..I don’t mean to judge so harshly but Leah doesn’t seem right for this industry, I can see Chelsea and her friend Megan doing something like this. But hey she’s got the $$$—oddly enough! so best of luck to her.

        1. Do you really think Leah is smart enough to make it through nursing college? She didn’t even pass the enterence exam…

          1. Do you really think Leah is smart enough to make it through nursing college? She didn’t even pass the enterence exam…

            And, spackling peoples faces with makeup isn’t exactly harder, or worth more education, than being a nurse, where you hold peoples lives in your hands.

          2. I never said makeup was harder, I simply said it isn’t for everyone though in most states you are supposed to be licensed to charge for the services. I suggested she try nursing again because she did express her passion for it in past seasons and I think she’d even said things like she would be in nursing school if she wasn’t a mom. You make a good point though, I totally forgot that she didn’t even pass that entrance exam! Lol

  4. Is it possible that she waited until the custody hearing? Is it possible that happened and she kept custody and then decided she would do the show

  5. I still don’t understand why she left Corey in the first place he is a way better man then Jeremy could ever be so Corey better come back or I’m not going to bother watching anymore!!

      1. If that’s the way you think 90% of this website becomes invalid because none of us know the people featured on here. In which case why are you even here?

  6. I knew she would end up doing season 6. She needs the money more than she hates the judgement from the viewers. Maybe she also wants to get her side of the story of what happened between her and Jeremy?

  7. I thought she might, However I hope her life gets a little more stress free, I feel for her. her life must feel like she is under a microscope and everyone is watching her. that would be incredably hard but add to that relationships and a daughter who requires a lot of time and all 3 who need her love and attention its got to be hard.

  8. Everyone seen this coming! Waited a whole 3 wks Leah!? Lol.. Hope Jeremy comes back to tell his side..you know shes going to be boo whooin bout her life! Theres always Two sides to a story! Hope corey and his family comes back too, there awesome 🙂

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