EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert Has Opened Her Own Business

"I promise I won't give you 'Mom Hair!'"
“I promise I won’t give you ‘Mom Hair!'”

Leah Calvert‘s personal life may be at a low point, but the (former) Teen Mom 2 star’s career is taking off. The Ashley can exclusively report that Leah has opened her own makeup and photography studio in West Virginia!

Leah, who announced last month that she was quitting the MTV reality show that made her famous, has opened a studio called “Gloss.” She is the owner of the business, and works alongside two of her friends providing makeup, styling and photography services. (She finally found somewhere to use all of that Mary Kay makeup, y’all!)

“Gloss and our stylists have been featured in In Touch magazine and pride ourselves on bringing a little red carpet magic to our clients,” the studio website’s “About” section reads. “We have trained professionals with experience to meet any styling needs. Check out our packages and email us today!”

(Does anyone else think it’s a bit odd that Leah would promote In Touch, being that it was the magazine that originally exposed her alleged drug problem?)

Anyway, the makeup studio also specializes in getting little girls ready for beauty pageants. For $450, Leah and the gang will come to you and spray-tan your lil Honey Boo Boo and then do her makeup and hair.

The Ashley is being snarky but in actuality, she thinks this is a fantastic move for Leah. Given all of her marital problems (and other assorted woes), the best thing Leah can do is get off of TV and resume a normal life. This type of work would be great for Leah, who can use the fame she’s garnered from ‘Teen Mom 2’ to create a successful life for herself.

Leah’s family seems to be supportive of her newest venture. Yesterday, her grandmother, Sandy, asked her Facebook friends to pray for her granddaughter.

“Everyone start praying for Leah Dawn Calvert God knows Shes in his hands,” Sandy wrote.

Leah has also seemed to have found a renewed interest in religion.

“God is LOVE!! I am so thankful for the life he had give unto me!” she tweeted on December 7.

Leah isn’t the  only Messer family member to have recently hopped on the Jesus train. Leah’s sister and father have recently been seen attending church in West Virginia.

Congrats to Leah!

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  1. I just keep wondering what kind of training does Leah have to do this business. She has no professional training to be an esthetician. Maybe it’s her name behind it and she’s hiring professionals. Either way…. Wouldn’t it be nice to be 22 and have the opportunity to run our own business with no training? Dr. Drew you call that showing American teens what it’s really like to be a young mother? Doesn’t seem reality to me….

    1. Remember when Chelsea got in trouble for doing makeup before she got her license? You can’t accept money for doing makeup professionally without a license.Maybe she’s just the name, who knows??

  2. As I was reading this I was like “….who the hell needs styling in West Virginia” but I forgot about the beauty pageant insanity down there. That makes sense.

  3. I am happy for her. She is beautiful and works so hard to be a great mother. She is setting such a great example for her children.

  4. I am all for entrepreneurship, especially women entrepreneurs. But Leah needs to invest in a better website without typos AND calm down on the lipstick. Those girls are a whole lotta look.

  5. Orange tan, Blue eye shadow, pink lipstick, black liquid eyeliner and glamour shots. Count on this to be a rousing success. Then again it IS West Virginia

  6. Lol after seeing her makeup on some of the episodes, I wouldn’t let her touch my face with a 10 foot pole. Pageants maybe since the makeup is supposed to be ridiculous and over the top. Good for her for trying to (finally) support her kids herself though.

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