EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert is a First-Time Aunt

Isaac and Leah with Leah's daughter in 2010.
Isaac and Leah with Leah’s daughter in 2010.

Leah Calvert‘s home life with her husband, Jeremy Calvert, is currently a mess, but the Teen Mom 2 star still has a reason to celebrate. Yesterday, Leah became an aunt when the girlfriend of her younger brother, Isaac Messer, gave birth to a baby girl. Leah, who also has a younger sister, Victoria, has become an aunt at the age of 22.

Isaac, who is still in high school, is now the proud father of Baily Amelia Messer. His girlfriend, Maddy Smith, gave birth to the baby girl at 4:12 p.m. Baily weighed in at 5 lbs., 6 oz, according to Maddy’s Twitter account.

While many of Leah’s family members came down to the hospital to welcome Baily into the world, it’s not known if Leah has seen her niece yet. As The Ashley told you yesterday, Robbie Kidd came forward last night and admitted that he did, indeed, have sex with Leah in October, confirming the reports of an affair that have been circulating for months. Isaac had actually been living with Robbie up until last month.

Maddy, Isaac and Baily yesterday

This is the fourth granddaughter for Leah’s mom, Dawn Spears. She is already grandma to Leah’s three daughters, Aleeah, Ali and Addy. Victoria does not currently have any children, although she recently became engaged so that could change.

The Ashley broke the news that Isaac and Maddy were expecting back in October.

Leah has not yet spoken about her baby niece on her social media accounts.

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  1. it’s funny how both Leah and her brother turned out to be teen parents, yet the whole Messer family, especially mama Dawn acts all high and mighty all the time. i’m not saying they should die of shame but at least should not cover Leah’s cheating ass. they judge and condemn others but when other people have an opinion about Leah who puts her life on TV and nobody put a gun to her head to do so, they immediately pull out the judgy-wudgy card…

  2. Does anyone else think it’s just weird that Leah’s brother lived with Robbie? And didn’t a relative of Robbie’s marry a relative of Leah’s? I know that stuff happens but to go back to Robbie after that along with everything else she’s been through because of him and for Isaac to live with the guy who’s been banging his big sis off and on just seems really weird. Not incest but definitely a familial kind of vibe. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like that kind of situation would make normal people uncomfortable… I’m going off on a rant, my apologies.

    Ashley I believe you meant to say “it’s not known if Leah has seen her niece yet” rather than the above “it’s not know if Leah has seen her niece yet.”

  3. I thought the purpose of this show was to prevent high school pregnancies… How is it supposed to spread the message across the country when they can’t even get the message down the hallway!

    1. Omg you read my mind. I don’t want to hear MTV say another word about how this show is helping prevent teen pregnancy. 3/4 of the girls ON the show went on to have more children! And now this. Smh.

      1. In the beginning of 16 & pregnant, the message was good. It’s when they started Teen Mom that it started getting glamorized. They could have kept this being a positive impact if they hadn’t gotten caught up with the reality show and kept it as a documentary format.

    2. They keep telling us that this show is supposed to prevent teen pregnancy when in reality it glamourizes it. Just look how famous its made these bunch of nobodys.

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