‘True Tori’ Season Finale Recap: Pigging Out & Playing the Victim

"Stop going to the hospital. STOP GOING TO THE HOSPITAL!"
“Stop going to the hospital. STOP GOING TO THE HOSPITAL!”

By Holly Rasmussen

On the season finale of True Tori, Tori projects her feelings onto a five-day-old pig. Yes, a  baby pig. Tori brings the little swine home out of the blue. In the last episode she and Dean were fighting over the fact that he invited a woman friend from rehab over to their house to babysit the kids while Tori was gone. I mean, why not let a strange woman that’s straight outta rehab watch the kiddies?! What could go wrong with that air-tight plan?

To sum up: Tori’s marriage is crumbling. Her husband is bringing home strange women. She has four small children. Why not add a newborn pig to the slop-pit that Tori’s life has become?!

Tori Spelling Pig
The only pig that Tori should be allowed to have is Dean…just sayin’…

Of course, Tori and Dean haven’t resolved any of these issues. It’s chaos in their house 24/7. At least Tori’s friends are there to call her out for not dealing with the issues.

Dean talks to the producers about why he felt the need to bring this strange lady home (because he wanted to sleep with her). He says it’s to “help her out.” How about you help out your marriage by not bringing other women home? Ever think about that Dean-o?

Later, the pig is sick and the kids are crying. It’s utter and total chaos but instead of tending to the kids (and the pig), Tori heads to therapy to talk about Dean bringing the strange woman over. Apparently, Tori had told him previously she did not want this woman babysitting their kids and he brought her over anyway. Ugh, he’s really the worst.

Dean arrives to therapy to tell his side of the story.  (Wait– who’s watching the kids/pig?!) The therapist asks him to try and see it from Tori’s perspective and he can’t even fathom it. He literally can not see things from her perspective. He is so narcissistic. He’s so perfect for Tori.

This therapy thing seems to be working out just great for them...
This therapy thing seems to be working out just great for them…

Dean makes a valid point when he says he thinks the show is a deterrent to their marriage. I mean what man wouldn’t want his rocky marriage broadcasted to the world? Dean storms out of the therapy session and texts the producer that he might not come home. Tori freaks out and thinks this means he could be feeling suicidal. Ugh, he’s so melodramatic and is always playing the victim.

Finally, he texts Tori and tells her he feels so defeated. She actually makes a wise decision and decides to go meet with Dean without the cameras. Hell has frozen over, people!

The next morning, Tori finds out the pig has died. She immediately takes to her bed with a sickness. The next day she decides she needs to check herself in to a hospital. Her “illness,” of course, makes its way in to the press (because she tweeted pictures of herself in the hospital bed, naturally!) and the paparazzi are all over her.

True Tori Season 2
“How’s this face? Does it make me look like I’m on the brink of death?”

The show then cuts to nine days later. She’s been in the hospital that whole time and Dean has been taking care of the children. He talks about how much more calm the household is without her there. Umm, because you can pretend the issues you caused haven’t happened, maybe!

Finally, she comes home and her friend Courtney is there to fill her in on what she’s missed while she was on her deathbed. Courtney tells Tori that being in the hospital that much isn’t normal and she can make the choice to change her life. Preach it, Courtney.

The next day she returns to therapy. She also has a breakdown trying to cancel an event she is booked to do. The therapist brings up a good point. She points out that whenever things aren’t going right in her life, Tori ends up in the hospital. She said she thinks Tori is avoiding dealing with things. Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! That is exactly what she’s doing. Normal people don’t go the hospital every time they have a sinus infection…or a negative story about them circulating in the press.

"I wanna go back to the hospital!"
“I wanna go back to the hospital!”

Tori goes home to talk to Dean about the woman he invited over from rehab. He tells her he doesn’t feel good about talking about this and being filmed and he can’t continue on. She says she thinks the show saved them. He says he’s choosing to step away from the show. That’s where it ends. So, is there going to be another season? I guess we have to wait and see.

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  1. dean gets why she;s mad, he’s just playing dumb. hell i’d be rebelling against her too, she is Impossible! Never stops crying and complaining, it’s so sickening it makes dean look like a victim!

    1. Right! I’m reading this thinking “Wait-what exactly was wrong with the pig? How did the kids handle it? Do they want a replacement pig, a puppy, or are they in that stage of ‘and never will I love again’?” Because all of those things would make better story lines at this point.

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