EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Discusses Her New Clothing Line

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“Buy stuff!”

Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry is venturing into the world of clothing design. The reality star, who has kept herself busy this year by releasing a book, going to school and starring alongside our gal Babs (and some other chicks) on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Her clothing line, called Love & Lowry, launched this week.

The Ashley reached out to Kail, who was happy to provide more details about her clothing line. She said that she got the idea to create a clothing line while she was working a recent charity event in Michigan with Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. The company she has teamed with, Drive Wear Customs, had a booth at the event.

“They have really high-quality products and it really got me interested,” Kail told The Ashley in an email.

Kail worked with the company’s graphic designer to create designs that featured things that she loves, such as breastfeeding, mermaids and Frenchie dogs. She also created a design that featured the title of her book, Pride Over Pity.

“This line is really made for anyone,” Kail said. “Some of the stuff comes from what I know people associate with me.”

Kail said that the shirt with the breastfeeding logo is her personal favorite piece.

Kail Lowry Clothing Line
Anyone else think this girl looks like Maci Bookout?

“I love and support breastfeeding and I think it’s a cute design to put on a shirt to help spread awareness and normalize breastfeeding,” she said.

Eventually, Kail said, she would like to start designing the actual clothing in her line, not just the designs.

“My goal is to eventually have a full website,” she said. “I want to do complete looks with accessories too. So that’s the next step if this all goes well.”

Currently, there are six designs on the site that can be placed on several choices of shirts and toddler pieces. Sizes range from toddler to adult, with maternity and plus sizes coming within the next week or so, Kail said.

Of course, Kail’s venture has been met with some criticism from the show’s fans (who, might The Ashley say, are great at finding something to yell about when it comes to something any of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls do. It’s like a gift or something.)

“Some people are saying that the prices are too high, but these are high-quality custom designs–they are not just screen-printed designs,” she said.

Plus, Kail added, 10 percent of all of the clothing line’s sales will go to a charity organization.

Kail isn’t the only ‘Teen Mom’ star to venture into clothing design. Maci Bookout recently put some  T-shirts designs on her website as well. (Luckily none of the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars have chosen to make the type of “custom” products that their former co-star Farrah Abraham has released!)

To check out Kail’s new clothing line, click here.

(Photos: Love & Lowry.com)



    1. Nvm, I guess it is a nip. Couldn’t read it at first and couldn’t imagine that anyone would knowingly out that on a shirt.

  1. These teen moms think they can slap a basic ass quote on a shirt and then expect us to buy them for 30 or 40 dollars. Majority of us can make a better looking shirt for cheaper. Too bad their brainwashed fans girls will purchase anything these girls dish out.

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