‘Teen Mom’ Leah Calvert Says She’s Writing Tell-All Book, Explains Where Daughter’s Money Went

"All y'all kids get out! Mama's workin' on her book!"
“All y’all kids get out! Mama’s workin’ on her book!”

Yesterday was Christmas so most of us took the day off to drink eggnog (just kidding– no one drinks that stuff in real life) and be with our families. However, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert must have finished her festivities early, because she hit the Internet around midnight last night to clear up some of the latest rumors circulating about her, and reveal a shocking revelation about what’s to come.

As The Ashley reported earlier this week, In Touch Weekly posted a story claiming that Leah had taken $50,000 from a trust fund meant for her daughter Ali. In her Christmas night Facebook post, Leah attempted to explain where the funds went.

“[As for] the article of me taking money from my children…The funny thing about it is… The money that was given to my kids is not in the account they’re saying it was “stolen” from… Have you ever heard of CDs at a bank?”

Leah also discussed an incident from last week in which she ranted about a Facebook page that she believed her ex-husband Corey Simms and his family were posting negative stories about her on. (The Simms clan maintains they are not associated with the page.) During the rant, she insinuated that she knows that Corey and his new wife Miranda are having trouble in their marriage.

“I was simply saying that because they shouldn’t act all perfect and put someone else’s marriage on blast by false accusations,” Leah wrote in the Christmas rant. “No one’s marriage is perfect and I actually know facts to how theirs isn’t so it’s definitely not right for them to allow such things being said or posted if they wouldn’t want me to defend myself. Corey is a great father and I respect him for that but any of them trying to bring me down or downgrade me only looks horrible to those that know facts about more than anyone on any page out here.”

Leah made it clear that she believes Corey or someone associated with him was responsible for selling the story about her taking the money to In Touch Weekly.

“I’m doing my best at being as nice as I can be and as PATIENT as I can be for soon it will be my time to speak to everyone and they will see,” Leah wrote. “I will not need a ‘close source’ etc or even an attorney to do it for me. I have no reason to downgrade anyone but just to speak the TRUTH rather I look bad or I don’t look bad.”

In a later comment on that same post, Leah revealed what she meant by her ‘time to speak’ coming soon.

“Each and everyone out there will learn a lot by reading my book that will be coming when the time Is right,” she wrote.

Leah seems to be planning (or is already writing) a tell-all book, following the lead of fellow ‘Teen Mom’ stars Farrah Abraham, Kail Lowry and Amber Portwood. This is the first time Leah has every mentioned that she is writing a book, so there are no other details available. However, you can bet your bottom banjo that The Ashley will be the first one in line at the Wal-Mart to fetch a copy, should it ever be released!

Click here to read Leah’s full Facebook rant from last night!


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  1. Laugh all the way to the bank, Leah, then get off social media and stop reacting to these lonely losers who don’t know what they think until they read someone ELSE’S post, then they might as well just copy and paste…they just pile on with no wit or wisdom.

  2. I’ll admit, in the beginning I was really rooting for her. But, she’s on a downward spiral & I don’t see this ending on a good note for her. I can’t tell if she’s still poppin’ pills like Pez, or if she’s so manic depressive that she doesn’t notice her obvious delusions. I’m sure she’s been in damage-control mode since Jeremy caught her sneakin’ around the trailer park again & figured out Jeremy Lynn doesn’t like sloppy seconds. Although, in her mind, everything is sunshine & rainbows & everyone is just trying to “downgrade” her. I’d like to sympathize, but it’s painful to try & decipher these random rants of hers. I’m assuming she tries to be vague & sound intelligent by using “big words”, but I don’t think she understands their meaning or how to use them. If she does plan on releasing this “scandalous tell-all” about her drama, I hope she’s intelligent enough to recruit someone who can actually write, or at least who’s sober enough to make sense of her hot-mess life. Or, she could stop sabotaging her own life & try keeping her private things PRIVATE, starting with her vagina.

    1. Good God, for a grown woman (or man) to refer to another human being as “sloppy seconds” proves what a poor excuse for a human YOU are. Get back under that rock of yours, face down, please.

  3. Ch.1-Trapping Corey
    Ch.2-Riding Robbie’s peen behind Corey’s back
    Ch.3-Trapping Jeremy
    Ch.4-Riding Robbie’s peen behind Jeremy’s back
    Ch.5-Making Miranda’s life he#*
    Ch.6-Stealing Ali’s money
    Ch.7-Pill popping
    Ch.8-selling nasty Mary Kay
    Ch.9-Hopefully going back to 3rd grade learning how to write

  4. I can’t wait for this book. Poor girl being downgraded for raising her girlses. If she needs help with chapter names I’m thinking chapter 2 bacon beat down Chapter 5 Scandal on a deer cam or canoodling in camo lol

  5. I didn’t even think she know how to read. Writing a book is a major stretch. I bet tens of people will be clamoring to purchase it.

  6. This situation with Leah is obviously a very bad one and I honestly feel bad for everyone involved. People make mistakes and bad things happen sometimes but it’s never too late to turn your life around. Whatever Leah did or did not do, she just needs to concentrate on getting her life back on track and stop ranting on social media about what people say about her.

  7. I really hope she has a good ghostwriter and/or editor for this book because I can’t understand half the stuff she’s saying most of the time…(her most recent post is a great example). She uses such horrible grammar and then tries to insinuate things or be vague and it just doesn’t always come through right. Is it just me on this?

    1. No its not just you. That rant was painful to read. “Downgrade”?!? I guess she means degrade which would be a bit more appropriate but still doesn’t make a lot of sense. She sounds impaired it’s so bad. But every time she chose to put stuff like this in writing she’s engaging in drama in a way that is easily documented and admissable in court. Not smart, Leah. If you really cared about those #AAAgirls you’d learn to shut your mouth and be an adult.

    2. her whole family talks/writes like illiterate hicks. seriously, they talk like Ralph “Supernintendo Chalmers” Wiggum. lol

  8. “This is the first time Leah has every mentioned that she is writing a book, so there are no other details available”
    Correction: the ghost writer with the basic grammar of a first grader will most likely be writing the book. Doubt “girlses” will go to press.

  9. Why does leah always say…soon you will out the “Truth” .. and when it comes out,she always looks Bad. Get stuff private girl!

  10. Considering the horrendous spelling and grammar that Leah exhibits on Twitter and in her every day speech, any book written by her would have to be almost painful to read.

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