Get a Sneak Peek of TLC’s Mormon Special ‘My Husband Is Not Gay’

"Don't look at him, don't look at him..."
“Don’t look at him, don’t look at him…”

By Holly Rasmussen

TLC has announced that its new special, My Husband’s Not Gay, is set to air January 11. Yes, you read that title right. The husbands are not gay. So why the need to clarify this? Well, that’s because all of the men featured in the show are attracted to other men…but are married to women. Yeah. This is happening.

The men all say while they are attracted to other men, they are also attracted to their wives. So are they bisexual, you ask? No. The men qualify what they feel as “SSA” or “Same Sex Attraction” and are adamant that they do not act on these feelings.

All of the men featured in the show are members of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints religious group (otherwise known as Mormons). They all state that they are resisting the urge to act on their attractions to men because they want to live their lives to “please the Lord.” The couples all live in Salt Lake City, Utah, naturally.

Let’s meet the men (and their long-suffering wives).

First we have Jeff, who has been married to Tanya for 10 years and they have a son.

Next comes Pret. He has been married to Megan for nine years, they have two children.

We also have Curtis and his wife, Tera. They have been married for 20 years and have four children.

Finally, we have Tom. He is not married, but hopes to be. He is searching for his perfect Mormon match in Salt Lake City and TLC is taking us along for the ride.

All of the couples and Tom are friends with each other. Apparently this gay-but-not-really-gay mindset is a somewhat common thing. Who knew?

The show will allow us to watch the men grapple with their attractions to men, and see how the wives deal it from their end. (This seems like it will be the most fascinating part of the show. What makes a woman want to marry a man who’s still struggling with his sexuality like that?) We will also watch Tom search for love. (Here’s to hoping Tom throws caution to the wind and ends up with a man!)

While ‘My Husband Is Not Gay’ is currently scheduled to be a one-time special, it could eventually become a full-time series. Many of TLC’s most-popular shows, such as 19 Kids and Counting and My Five Wives, started out as one-time specials and were developed into a series because they proved to be so popular.

Watch a sneak-peek of ‘My Husband Is Not Gay’ below!

(Photo and video courtesy of Discovery Press)

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  1. where to even start, this is all over the place, men getting married to women that are really gay. It’s all over religion. So many in Hollywood are gay and cover it up. For every one that is out, there are another 100 in. Look at John Travolta, he’s gay, Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney, and so many others. Remember Jim McGreevy, the ex governor of NJ? He stood up and said “I am a gay American”, as his second wife Deena was looking on. It’s all over the place, every day I see a couple, where the man is CLEARLY gay, and he’s standing there with his wife or girlfriend. It’s over religion, not just Mormons but all of them, it’s just about 2015, and so many more people are in the closet then out,,it’s very sad and pathetic.

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