‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Confirms She’s Pregnant With Second Child: ‘It Was a Huge Shock!’

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“We made a baby, y’all!”

The upcoming new season of Teen Mom is going to be full of babies! Catelynn Lowell is expecting a baby any day now, but she’s not the only one carrying a bundle of joy–her co-star Maci Bookout is pregnant too!

There have been rumors circulating for the last few weeks that Maci, who is undoubtedly the most-popular of all the ‘Teen Mom’ girls, was expecting, and today Maci confirmed the news to In Touch Weekly. The magazine (which is notoriously slow in putting out its exclusives online, so The Ashley had to link Daily Mail‘s pick-up of it) spoke with Maci about the unexpected pregnancy. According to the magazine, Maci (and her live-in boyfriend Taylor McKinney) learned she was pregnant this summer.

“We still can’t believe it,” Maci told In Touch. “It was a huge shock but we are very excited.”

Maci, who is also the mom of six-year-old Bentley with ex Ryan Edwards, is currently about 16 weeks pregnant and due in June. She said she was surprised to have gotten pregnant, given that she suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and was told that she may not be able to conceive any more children.

‘This baby is such a blessing. I’m calling her my miracle baby,” Maci said. “I knew my chances of getting pregnant were very low.”

(Maci referred to the baby as “her,” so apparently, it’s a girl!?)

Maci said that when she started to experience signs of pregnancy, she took a test.

The first photo of Maci's baby bump is on the cover of In Touch...
The first photo of Maci’s baby bump is on the cover of In Touch…

“We got a test and it said I was pregnant,” Maci told the magazine, adding that she took four more tests afterward to make sure, and they all came out positive.

Filming for the fifth season of ‘Teen Mom’ is pretty much complete, and since ‘Teen Mom’ is set to premiere in January 2015, it makes sense that Maci would reveal the big news now. After all, if she’s known since the summer that she is pregnant, the pregnancy will likely be covered in the upcoming season.

Maci told In Touch that this pregnancy is very different from her pregnancy with Bentley, which occurred when she was only 16.

“Last time there was a lot of worry and concern,” she said. “It was just me and Bentley facing the world together and I had to figure things out as I went. This time I’m able to be excited because I’m older and able to give my baby the stability of the relationship that Taylor and I have.”

In July, Taylor moved from Texas to Tennessee to be with Maci. They have been living together ever since.

Teen Mom Junkies was the first to report that Maci was likely pregnant. A few days ago, the site posted that Maci was seen coming out of a OB/GYN appointment. The site also noticed that Maci had not posted about drinking or partying in quite some time, which is odd for the liquor-loving reality star.

Of course, there will be skeptics to this story. The Ashley would be skeptical too except that, legally, In Touch Weekly can not attribute quotes to anyone who did not say them. Since Maci is quoted in the story, it’s legit.

This will be Maci’s second child and Taylor’s first. The Ashley is expecting the couple to announce an engagement any day now….

UPDATE: Maci has retweeted In Touch‘s story as a way of further confirming it.

(Photo: Instagram, In Touch Weekly)




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  1. I’m not sure I believe Macis story. She claimed that she got pregnant with Bentley when she lost her virginity. That is highly unlikely if she had PCOS. It makes it even more unlikely if she was told by a doctor that she wasn’t likely to get pregnant again. (I definitely don’t believe that a doctor told her that) Maci has been known to lie a lot and I really wouldn’t be surprised if she is lying about this. She probably doesn’t want to admit that she had another unplanned pregnancy. It would be pretty sad if she was lying though. There are a lot of women who really are told that their chances of having a baby are slim. There are a lot of women who do suffer from pcos and the complications are a lot more than just difficulty getting pregnant.

  2. So, judging by most of the comments on here, I’m finding it hard to believe that she’s the most popular lol!

  3. PCOS does not mean you can’t have children. You just dont ovulate as often so it takes longer. But if you monitor your body correctly you can pinpoint things pretty easily. So congrats Maci, you’ve tried to trap another man. Worked out so well for you last time…

    1. I don’t think she knew what she was doing with Ryan. She got pregnant the first time she had intercourse and she was so young.

  4. If you’ve still got all of your ‘plumbing’, you can potentially get pregnant. It’s not that hard, people!

  5. Doesn’t she make a living by lecturing young girls on birth control? I mean.. really? If your job is traveling around telling others to practice safe sex, you might want to make sure you don’t have another oops baby.

  6. Love reading these comments!Love Maci but lets be real, shes always looking for an instant family. This is a trend w/ her. She got knocked up by Ryan and got a ring. Then w/ Kyle she was always pushing the pregnancy thing…I remember thinking – he better run b/c she is going to try to trap him. Then, shortly after this next guy moves in, she starts having unprotected sex with him. Maci wants connection and stability, she just decides to go about it w/ putting a baby first. Lets hope this time works out better then the first two experiences. On another note, a Dr. shouldnt just tell you may not be able to conceive again w/ such flippancy. My husband and I have been trying for 4 years, weve had 5 procedures done and 3 miscarriages and the Dr.s still havent gotten to the point of telling us we may not be able to have a child. If a Dr did tell her that, then she should look for a more compassionate Dr who doesnt throw in the towel so easily and make patients feel desperate.

  7. My friend was told she can never have babies because her body produces too much testosterone (or ti-tosterone lol). She had unprotected sex with her boyfriend for 6 months. She gave birth to their son 6 days ago…

    It’s a blessing and congratulations but I think she sends young girls the wrong message along with Catelynn. One of the reasons Cate&Tyler chose adoption was to be able to finish college and get a job. Yet none of them are to close to finishing. Maci hasn’t finished college either and used to live like an irresponsible college party girl with her son. Most people are bullshitting Ryan but he had a point when he told Maci she was lazy… These girls preach about safe sex and protection, some of them are even getting paid to lecture teenagers, yet almost all teen moms are getting pregnant and only a few of them are in a long term, steady realtionship with the father. Most teen moms who don’t end up on mtv are working 2-3 jobs, struggling to pay the bills, hardly have time to party, let alone buy houses and expensive cars…

    1. Ryan didn’t have a point in telling her she was lazy. At that point, she was doing all of the caring of the baby and he was not stepping up as a a father. Since then she has made other things a priority, but when he said those words she was NOT lazy, she just didn’t have enough support.

  8. I think she is exaggerating her purported difficulty to conceive. I think she used it as an excuse to not be on BC and got a trap baby out of it. She’s wanted another kid since she was with Kyle King. Taylor wasn’t getting serious with her so she saw surprise baby as a way to move things along – just my impression!

    1. I bet if we actually spoke with her doctors they wouldn’t say this is a “miracle baby.” People with PCOS conceive all the time. I wonder if she really even has the disease.

  9. Omg she can’t have another child or something!? People her oldest child is 6 yyear’s old and she’s grown now she’s not teenager anymore and obviously her boyfriend is also happy. Stop being so judgmental please!!

    1. Crystal, I think people are just concerned because she still hasn’t gotten her associate’s degree and owes almost $100,000 in unpaid taxes to the IRS. It’s obviously her choice what to do with her body and life, but it is questionable timing for her to have another child.

  10. Sorry I don’t believe the pcos story. She got pregnant accidently again. Yes she is 24 this time so better but she still hasn’t finished Her degree has no job and owes 80,000 in back taxes. Teen mom is the only reason she got pregnant she needs story line.

  11. Damn all these shit talkers want to criticize and make all these assumptions of her personal life, but bet they don’t even got half their shit together neither.

    But besides all that congrats to mac and Bentley and her boyfriend

  12. O o ooh weeee. Ain’t she just a ding dang dooesy!? She gone and got herself knocked up again. What is wrong with these girls

  13. It doesn’t say it was an unhappy shock like all of you are judging saying just because she has PCOS if she wasn’t using protection it was still a chance and shouldnt be a shock. Maybe she was shocked because it actually happened, as in a good shock as in yay she gets to have another baby. Congrats to Maci and Taylor, so happy for you and i’m sure Bentley will be stoked to be a big brother. For the rest of you spend more time worrying about the issues in your own life before judging someone else’s behavior!!

      1. Maci IS a loser though. She hasn’t finished a 2 year degree in the last 6 years. She has jumped from one relationship to the next without a break in between, and she is a known party girl. That is probably the reason she hasn’t been able to finish her degree. Plus she has had problems not paying her taxes and owes the IRS lots of money. Not to mention this is the third boyfriend she has lived with since her son was born 6 years ago.

  14. I’m one of those who was told I had almost zero chance of conceiving naturally…

    Guess what, after having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for almost 10 years, I got pregnant.

    Unexpected, yes…probably shouldn’t have been a shocker, but it was.

  15. So she got pregnant in summer and she is due is summer?? Who knew making a baby takes a year I thought it was 9 full months

      1. I concieved my baby Sept 14 and am due June 6th. I am 17 weeks. If Maci is 16 weeks than she conceived middle of September, not the summer

  16. I have PCOS. If I am not getting a period then I know I’m not ovulating and can’t get pregnant. If I get my period, I know that my body is functioning typically and I might be able to conceive. I have a feeling that Maci knew what she was doing, but who knows with these girls.

  17. There is always a chance even if it is slim and if you didn’t use protection don’t be surprised. I don’t even want to hear her bullshit on tm about how she’s got her shit together etc I fe like she acts like she’s a good girl and just like catlyn hasn’t accomplished anything besides tm

  18. Considering she said this pregnancy was a huge shock, she probably wasn’t using much in terms of protection so she shouldnt be THAT shocked that she ended up pregnant, especially considering she was able to get pregnant in the past.

    1. There is where you are incorrect. She suffers from PCOS which actually makes it extremely difficult and her doctors didn’t expect her to be able to get pregnant again. So it is a shock for anyone who suffers from severe PCOS.

      1. Maybe she was shocked because she was using protection – otherwise it doesn’t make any sense. She was told it would be hard to concieve naturally. Common sense should have told her that even if she doesn’t concieve as easily as most women, that she still can (and has) concieved naturally – she has Bentley.

        So, if she threw caution to the wind and figured she couldn’t have an oops, and she’s shocked she got pregnant naturally after having already done so, despite what a doctor told her – she is naive.

        If she was told that it would be difficult to conceive on purpose, nevermind by accident, and if she was on birth control, I can understand the shock then. It’s the shock of birth control failure compounded with knowing you’ve been told you should have a hard time to conceiving and yet, don’t.

      2. So because she suffers from PCOS, that means she shouldn’t use protection? That is where you are incorrect. Even if there’s a slim chance she’d get pregnant, it could still happen.. And clearly her case can’t be THAT severe if she’s accidentally ended up pregnant twice without trying. So I find it hard to believe that this is ‘shocking’

      3. Pcos also causes weight gain, acne, dark facial/body hair growth, abnormal, heavy periops, elevated levels of testosterone etc. The main treatment for pcos is to be on the pill, so I have a very hard time believing her.

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