‘Teen Mom’ Star Gary Shirley Confirms He Is About to Become a Dad Again

"It's almost Gary (baby) Time!"
“It’s almost Gary (baby) Time!”

The upcoming fifth season of Teen Mom is going to be chock-full of brand-new babies! Catelynn Lowell and her fiance Tyler Baltierra welcomed their second daughter, Nova, yesterday, and Maci Bookout just announced that she is currently pregnant with a baby girl.

These aren’t the only ‘Teen Mom’ tiny tots that we can expect to be birthed in 2015, however. Catelynn and Maci’s daughters will be joined by a third newborn, as Gary Shirley (former fiance of Amber Portwood) is also expecting his second daughter!

Although it was reported several months ago that Gary’s girlfriend, Kristina, was expecting, Gary did not confirm the news until today. This morning the father of six-year-old Leah posted a photo of Kristina’s baby bump, along with a caption confirming the pregnancy news.

“I get to welcome in the New Year with @leah_leann sister! Half way there yay!!!!” Gary wrote.

If Kristina, who has a daughter of her own, is “halfway” through her pregnancy, Gary’s new daughter will likely be born in May or June, right around the same time that Maci is due to give birth!

Gary posted a photo of his girlfriend’s baby bump…

Gary has proven to be a great father; in fact, he raised Leah, his daughter with Amber, on his own while Amber was in prison.

The cast has already completed filming for Season 5, so we will not get to see the birth of Gary’s daughter on this season. However, according to The Ashley‘s show source, the likelihood of ‘Teen Mom’ being picked up for a sixth season is very high, provided that all of the cast signs on. The fifth season, which the source tells The Ashley will likely premiere later this month, will feature plenty of footage that deals with the pregnancies of Catelynn, Maci and Gary’s girlfriend.

Currently, Amber and Maci’s ex, Ryan Edwards, are the only ‘Teen Mom’ main cast members that have not yet become parents for the second time.

Congrats to Gary and Kristina!

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  1. I feel bad for Amber. You know this news is a punch in the stomach to her. Gary has always used Leah as a tool to torture Amber with and adding a new baby will only make things worse.

  2. I’m interested to see how Gary’s relationship with Kristina differs from his relationship with Amber. Everyone says Gary was so manipulating with Amber which I sometimes agreed with but sometimes wondered if he is just very immature. It will be interesting to see how he behaves with a new girl.

  3. Can we just appreciate the fact that they failed to include train wreck Farrah when they said that Amber and Ryan were the only original cast members to not be expecting a second child? Talk about a smack in the face! They’re basically saying that she’s not even worthy to be included in the original line up

    1. @Stephanie– Farrah is no longer on the show, which is why she was not included. If she gets added to Season 6, (which is a possibility) she will once again be included. -The Ashley

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