Shocking Video: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Wishes Death on Fiance’s Soldier Brother

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans just spent a week under the sun in St. Thomas, and something that happened there has gotten the reality star into some hot water. As The Ashley reported last week, Jenelle and her baby’s father, Nathan Griffith, got engaged while on the trip and, while that caused quite a lot of controversy (Ugh), it is not the engagement that has made the show’s fans angry.

Today, a woman named Candy Hennessy, who went on the St. Thomas trip with Jenelle, Nathan, Nathan’s brother and his girlfriend, uploaded a shocking video to YouTube. In the video, Jenelle is heard screaming some horrible things at Nathan’s brother, a soldier who spent time serving overseas.

In the video, Jenelle can clearly be heard telling Nathan’s brother that she wishes he had died while overseas.  Nathan (a former Marine himself) can be seen sitting with his head in his hands while his fiance and brother bicker. Candy’s boyfriend, also a vet, mentions that he did have a friend that died in combat right in front of him, but that did not deter Jenelle.

“I would have hoped you would have died in combat,” Jenelle appears to be saying in the video. When a girl (possibly Candy) tells her that she shouldn’t be talking about someone dying in combat like that, Jenelle continues.

“I wish he f**king died,” she says, before adding, “I heard your best friend got killed in the war, guess what?”

Before Jenelle is able to finish the sentence, everyone in the room jumps up to keep the guy from lunging at Jenelle.

To defend herself, Jenelle tweeted that Candy only uploaded one part of the video. She also later apologized.

On her Instagram account, Jenelle posted a text that claims she was set up by Candy and some of the other people present that night.

The show’s viewers were not impressed with the apology. In fact, they quickly pounced on Jenelle (via Twitter) and told her what they thought of her comments.

“No amount of sorry can ever make up for this. #SupportMyVets,” one commenter wrote.

“U can’t defend this,” another wrote. “I am so mad at her. She has no respect for military and the men who died I’m crying my eyes out.”

In other posts to Instagram, Candy claimed that Nathan and Jenelle spent most of their vacation arguing (with Nathan even asking for his engagement ring back once!)

While MTV was there to capture Jenelle and Nathan’s engagement, they were not present the night that this video was recorded, therefore it will not be on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

After the video was uploaded online, Radar Online posted a story that claimed to provide more details as to what caused Jenelle’s outburst. (Take this report with a grain of salt, however, as it is well-known that Jenelle and Nathan often work with Radar, so the site’s report may be biased toward Jenelle.)

Watch the video in question here. (Be aware that it does contain some naughty language so…make sure not to watch it at full volume if you’re at your desk at work!)

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  1. Not sure if there is any way she can come back from this. I believe no matter how much a person dispises another you should never wish death upon a person, especially a soldier. No matter how much you may dislike a person in the military these people risk their lives to give you freedom. The freedoms these soldiers fight for are not limited to allow you to be a bitch, having a baby when not married to the father, speaking up to and against a man, etc. A lot of the countries where these soldiers get deployed to would sentence you to death for these things. People, such as Jenelle, seem to forget how lucky we are to have people willing to risk their lives to protect our country’s freedoms. She should be thankful for how much time she gets to spend with her children when soldiers are away from their families for months to years on end. There are assholes we may dislike in and out of the military, but NEVER say a soldier should of died in combat. No matter what the circumstance may be these people willingly sign up to protect and fight for freedoms that you, Jenelle, feel way too entitled to.

  2. This just makes me giggle.
    Now, Jenelle, you truly need to remember to take your meds daily. When you feel fine just keep taking them.
    With people saying to give her the benefit of the doubt, a second side of the story. I have many family members who are addicts and lost custody if the children, maybe this is why I don’t totally hate Jenelle; those same family members get overly upset if the drugs or the lack of parenting is brought up. One took 4 years to gain custody back of the 2 kids. The other moved out of state and had another and is pursuing getting the other 3 back.
    With that said, wishing death on someone for a comment, even along that thin line above, is ridiculous. Now to say “I hope you die” vs. “I wish you died.” Is a huge difference because, I hope you die is more so along the lines of “I met you and hate you” and wish you died is along the lines of “I wish I never met you”. (Hell I’ve wished I had never met an ex or two but not for them to die!) And to use his history of service as well as using someone so dear to him that died makes her actions inexcusable and unforgivable.

    She should know better with Nathan’s PTSD that prevents him from getting a job (but he could work before they met). His purple heart (that he lied about having) and who can forget about his (dis)honorable discharge.

  3. Totally a shitty thing for her to say for sure! You know what else is a shitty thing!? Recording someone when they don’t know they’re being recorded, then posting it online without their permission to make them look bad in front of the whole world. Just saying

  4. Wow….this is shocking…even for Jenelle. There is no justification for saying something like that. I don’t even know what to say. All I know is that violence isn’t obviously not okay but I can’t say that I completely blame that guy for lunging at her. That is probably one of the worst things you could say to someone.

  5. O my god jenelle I’ve always watched you on teen mom I carnt beleive what I’ve just watched and seen I had loads of respect for you in what you have achieved and this as made me think 2 nd thoughts about you .. I know you have got a fiery temper as every woman does .. But to mock a soldier and wish him dead shocking I think you should do a big appology and don’t think on getting married yet you need to seriously get your head sorted Hun .. I live in Wigan .. Manchester England and I’ve always har respect for every teen mom but watching this makes me think !! Especially when you know it’s not been filmed Hun just my thoughts as this is what the topic is all about

  6. By the way they just released part 2, it’s before part 1. It shows that she was mad over something someone said on Twitter. So “there is” two sides but both just point to her being fucking NUTS.

  7. Disgusting yes but there are two sides to every story. Jumping up to stop the guy lunging ???? The woman was screaming we are gonna whoop your ass. Who knows what they said first. Does it make it right no but who knows what they said first.

    1. If it doesn’t make it right why are you even bringing this up? It’s irrelevant what was said, you could say there are 2 sides to every story about literally anything. Sorry but that’s BS. “Who knows what they said first” – there are very, very few things I can imagine that could have been said to illicit that response from someone. The average person doesn’t go there, ever, for any reason. If she was being antagonized or provoked she was perfectly capable of removing herself from the situation like an adult. She even had security with her, so there would be no worrying about the people pursuing her. Instead she chose to stay and escalate the situation.

      I’m so sick of people defending Jenelle saying people are provoking her. It’s always something, there’s always some excuse. This woman goes through friends and men so quickly, and yet despite the variety of her company the drama is constant. The problem is her. Your comment is insulting because it only serves to state what is already understood of any situation, and you bring it up as though it has any bearing on what her actions say about her. The other side of the story is irrelevant. There are some things you just don’t say, no matter what. I think even a child would know better than to do what she has done.

      1. If someone hit me I would hit them back. Simple. They were all drunk apparently and if people want to sit on their high horses and say there isn’t some things they regret then so be it. I said it was disgusting it truly is and she should be ashamed, all I am saying is there is 2 sides. That is the truth.

        1. You’re off topic, I guess because you can’t come up with a logical counterpoint to my comment. Verbal sparring isn’t comparable to physical altercations, and I would hope that you, a mature and rational adult, would only become engaged in one of those if you found it to be necessary i.e. self-defense. Otherwise, you either have a problem with impulse control or you simply enjoy confrontation – much like Jenelle herself.

          To address your other off topic issue, to call someone out on their excuses and hold them accountable for their bad behavior is not “sitting on my high horse” and nobody ever said anything about never making mistakes or having regrets. You’re just arguing imaginary points as an attempt to distract from the actual content of what I said, which was that regardless of what was said to her prior, what Jenelle said was reprehensible. Bringing up that “there IS 2 sides” is redundant. Everyone knows that already. I suspect that you feel the need to bring it up so much because you think that somehow, the fact that there is another side to this makes what we witnessed a little less awful. Let me speak on behalf of me and probably thousands of others: it doesn’t. If you’re really not trying to make excuses for Jenelle, then don’t come here stating the obvious as though it changes anything.

          1. Wasn’t off topic ??? It is obvious they were provoking her, if that means nothing to you fine. More than jenelle were at fault here yet she is copping all the flack. I’m not a big jenelle fan. But come on! She has had death threats and threats on Twitter that people will call cps, now why is no one outraged at that? Hmmm.

          2. First of all I do not accept that verbal attacks constitute provocation. Adults don’t participate in name calling and verbal attacks, and they certainly don’t escalate them. So actually yes, whether or not Jenelle was being “provoked” does mean nothing to me for reasons I think I’ve already explained very clearly above.

            The death threats she receives on Twitter are unforgivable. They also have nothing to do with the issue we are discussing right now. Another off-topic point of yours. But so long as we’re going all in on off-topic conversation points – what is with your verb confusion? I feel like I’m talking to Jenelle herself right now.

          3. Meep, I seriously could not praise this comment more. It’s so spot on it’s ridiculous.

            Also, I don’t see anything ANYWHERE about Jenelle receiving death threats or threats of calling CPS. I’m sure it happens – I’m sure it’s happening a lot today because of this video – but since it ISN’T THE POINT AT ALL, THAT IS WHY NOBODY IS OUTRAGED. If we were talking about that I’m sure plenty would defend her. BUT WE AREN’T. So there you go being off topic again because you can’t come up with a valid argument. The fact of the matter is she had full control over how she responded to whatever verbal assault they threw at her, she CHOSE to take it way the fuck too far. It DOESN’T. MATTER. what they said to provoke her. She’s not the victim here! How do you not understand this?

  8. Glad this story was finally mentioned..Jenelle better be ready for some backlash…and it’s soldier isn’t it??

  9. she’s a piece of trash that got lucky with MTV. Any person out there, that has their life in order in every way, would never have anything to do with her, so anyone she is with is also trash, very sad for her children.

  10. Memorable family vacation…

    Remember that time we got engaged and then I wished people who fought for their country got killed.. good times..

    Jenelle needs to think before she speaks.

    1. lol a romantic story of granny and papas engagement for the grand children (that will come in approximately 11 years)

  11. how did she only upload part of it when it clearly ends when everyone jumped up. UGH JUH-Nelle I was starting to think you could change. she needs to be kicked off of teen mom 2 for this

    1. I think she means she didn’t upload what happened BEFORE her comment. She’s crazy & all but I do believe their is two sides to this. You can tell this didn’t come outta nowhere. If someone said something as foul as that to me, out of nowhere, my first reaction would be wtf are you talking about what the f*ck did I do you. Instead his reaction was something about “that’s fine, I don’t care.” Maybe he called her a bad mom or druggie, who knows. She’s still a bitch for sayin that!

      1. Ugh. “Their is” two sides to every story. I fail to see how that excuses Jenelle’s behavior, or why it even needs to be brought up. Who gives a shit if they possibly called her a bad mom or a druggie? She’s both. Those are decisions she made, just like letting this filth fly out of her mouth. Nothing anyone could have said excuses her. So who cares if “their is” two sides to the story? Good lord.

        1. Ugh is right to the fact you feel the need to reply to my comment. No one said anything about it excusing her behaviour?.. I’m stating the obvious, which is that she didn’t say this shit out of nowhere. This was extremely trashy but I’m not oblivious to what could of possibly happened before her she snapped. God forbid someone not have the same opinion as you. “Good Lord.”

          1. I like how you say god forbid someone not have the same opinion as you while obviously taking offense to the fact that she replied with a different opinion than your own. And yeah, you ARE stating the obvious, you’re telling us all something we already took into account when we decided how we felt about what she did. So why do you have to bring it up as if it makes what she said any more relatable or okay? Normal people don’t say that kind of stuff no matter the circumstances – there is no logical cause to what Jenelle said. And if you think so, you’re probably as bad as she is.

  12. I had 0 respect for Nathan before this, but he’s still with her so I think it’s official: he’s the biggest pussy on the planet. I can’t even say anything regarding Jenelle. I knew she was trash so I’m not surprised, there just aren’t words for this level of fucked up-ness.

  13. That was not an apology. She said she was sorry they felt that way. She never said she was sorry for saying that.

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