“16 and Pregnant” Star Nikkole Paulun Arrested–See Her Mugshot!

"I knew taking all those selfies would pay off eventually!"
“I knew taking all those selfies would pay off eventually!”

Nikkole Paulun has a growing pregnant belly–and apparently, sticky fingers!

The 16 and Pregnant Season 2 star, who is about 16 weeks into her second pregnancy, was arrested last night in her hometown of Monroe, Michigan! The blog Wrapped Up With Reality broke the news that Nikkole and her friend were picked up for “Third Degree Retail Fraud” last night. The Ashley has verified that Nikkole was, indeed, arrested and has since been released from jail.

To be charged with “Third Degree Retail Fraud,” Nikkole most likely stole merchandise from a store that cost between $200-$1,000 (and then possibly tried to return it for cash).

She is currently out of custody, and has not yet mentioned the arrest on her social media accounts.

Nikkole may not have been chosen for Teen Mom 2, but she’s managed to stay in the spotlight since her ’16 and Pregnant’ episode aired anyway. From faking pregnancies (as you do), to getting a terrible tattoo in order to get free tanning, Nikkole is always up to some weird hi-jink.

She will need to appear in court for her crimes, but the date does not appear to have been set as of right now.

UPDATE: Starcasm has spoken to a source close to Nikkole, who claims Nikkole was not the one stealing but rather, someone she was with. Regardless if she was stealing the goods or not, she was aware that her hooligan friends were committing the crime, therefore she was charged alongside them. (Perhaps it would behoove her to find some new friends? Just sayin’…)

(Photo: Monroe County)


  1. Hey Ashley how bout covering the Party Down South show?? There a Hot mess!lol Or do you know any blogs for that show? Jw thanks!

  2. @The Ashley –
    Don’t want this to come across as rude, just a question on how the comments here work. Do they have to be moderated or something? This is listed as 13 comments but when I clicked on the story I can only see 4. Is that a site error, or are they being moderated or something else? I’m just asking because I’ve noticed it happened a few times on the site.

    1. @Sammy & @Ruby– Hi guys! That’s actually due to a weird WordPress thing. They count it as a “comment” when another site links back to the story. You guys aren’t able to see those linkbacks, but I can. It’s a weird thing that I have no control over. The actual comments (left by people) are displayed. Hope that clears it up! -The Ashley

  3. you can’t get cash for a return without a receipt, which she wouldn’t have of she stole stuff. the only thing you can get is store credit

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