‘My Five Wives’ Not Renewed for Third Season, Says Star Brady Williams

"Maybe we can get a guest spot on 'Sister Wives?'"
“Maybe we can get a guest spot on ‘Sister Wives?'”

TLC is cutting the fat in its “polygamy” programming.

In a video posted to YouTube last night, My Five Wives star Brady Williams announced that his family’s reality show has been cancelled and will not have a third season.

The entire family was shown seated in the family’s living room. To start the video, Williams family patriarch Brady Williams introduced himself and his family. (Well, kind of…he just called them “Brady and wives.” That’s gotta make the women feel special, eh?)

Anyway, after thanking fans for supporting the show over the last two seasons, Brady dropped the big news.

“It turns out TLC, as great as they’ve been, has decided not to keep going with ‘My Five Wives,’” he told the camera. “So we’ve decided, being loyal back to you, to keep our own YouTube channel going. We’ll have weekly, maybe even bi-weekly updates, and we’re going to have lots of crazy fun just like we’ve always had.”

The news that TLC was dropping the show must have been a surprise to the Williams gang. After all, the family certainly had enough going on to create an interesting third season. Brady’s fourth wife Nonie is currently pregnant with Brady’s 25th child, and the family recently filed for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, ‘My Five Wives’ fans won’t get to see those topics play out, at least on TV anyway.

The best part of this video, hands down, though, is how everyone but Brady looks completely miserable. The wives and the kids all look like they were just sentenced to a lifetime in prison.

It’s no surprise that the Williams are disappointed that their show didn’t do as well as that other polygamist family show on TLC, Sister Wives. Now in its fifth season, ‘Sister Wives’ still maintains good ratings and given the GIANT scandal that just broke involving the Brown family, it will no doubt continue to snag heaps of viewers.

Watch the Williams’ family video below:

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  1. I can’t believe you canceled this show it was hands down so much better than sister wives at least he was nice to all his wives and kids and they seemed to get along well I can’t stand sister wives but this show was really good it shows a different side of polygamy that seems to work and not the dysfunctional family that the browns have that I can’t believe is still going after they all left him this was a much better show please bring it back I never even got to see if they had another baby

  2. Tha Brady’s are very good people . Very more interesting than sister wives the brown. That need to be taken off air and replaced with my five wives the duggarg girls look at them that family went wild… We want our five wives the williams family back on or I and lots of others will just drop tlc and discovery. We’re and audience and should have a say look at the rating the williams family got they are a happy family you can see .

  3. Dang, guys! Just when I find a very entertaining show, it gets pulled. Whoever made that ignorant decision will most likely find that it to come back and haunt them. Its a great family show that will be dearly missed. Stupid decision…..

  4. Tlc doesn’t no a good thing sure going to miss you all hopefully they will ask you to come back. Marie British Columbia canada

  5. I think it’s sad because I personally don’t like “Sister wives” and would prefer to see that show go and not My 5 Wives. Obviously no talent or brains in the TLC management.

    1. What? That’s their own damn fault. You don’t have 25 kids in hopes of getting a reality show one day to afford them. You work to provide for your family like everyone else in America has to do. Nobody is entitled to reality show income. There’s 5 perfectly capable adults in that house. Go work. Earn some money to feed and clothe your children. Don’t sit around feeling sorry yourselves or letting people like you feel sorry for them.

  6. 25 kids? wow.Are any of the wives and Brady working at all? or are they just banking on others helping them out (TLC & churches)?

  7. Devasted Going to miss them all.. They are such a wonderful family.. I so excited to see Noonie baby and more little Taylee.

  8. I don’t think people realize what this means for them. Since they had their own show, Rhonda has quit her job, Nonie has gotten pregnant, and they were trying to build new homes. Now, they have filed for bankruptcy and lost their show. The place where they lived was church owned or sanctioned and they wanted Brady’s family out of there. Losing the TLC money could very well mean they may have no place to go! The family probably all looks very depressed because the TV show has hurt them more than helped them. They started to build their lives around the TLC money and now it’s gone. I hope they stop having children and don’t end up with nothing and wisen up.

    1. They chose to live this life in this sick cult
      Having hordes of kids.

      Why should I pay taxes to keep them lot
      I work damn hard for what I have.

      Their like rats breeding, maybe keeping their legs closed, or like the rest f us get s damn job and pay their own way

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