Cody Lundin Blasts Discovery Channel for Offering “Dangerous, Phoney Survival Programming”

“Do better, Discovery!”

It’s been almost a year since Cody Lundin was fired from Discovery Channel’s Dual Survival. Back in February 2014, Cody took to his Facebook page to let his fans know that he and the network had parted ways over “differences over safety and health concerns on the show” and that he had not “quit” as network press releases sent out at the time implied, but rather he was fired.

Last week, Cody once again used his Facebook page to share his views on the recent wave of “survival” shows being put out by Discovery and other TV networks. The barefooted survival expert, who continues to teach aboriginal living skills, blasted Discovery for its “out of context, phony survival programming” and for putting lives at risk.

“[This type of programming] creates unnecessary risks for millions of viewers, and the result can and has killed people,” Cody wrote. “Unfortunately, this trend continues with ‘Dual Survival’ and other survival programming.”

Cody’s former partner on the show, Joe Teti, continues to appear, alongside Matt Graham, the survivalist that replaced Cody during Season 4.

In his lengthy post, Cody called out his former employer for hiring actors to portray scientists on its shows. (He did not, however, provide examples of times when this has happened.)

“No one is more culpable for ‘creating’ survival experts from people who are not than Discovery Channel,” Cody wrote. “The media in general fails to recognize that survival training deals with life and death situations for actual people. It is not a ratings game. The viewing audience, whether they realize it or not, are training when they watch survival programming on TV…This imagery is the first information that the brain will access to be utilized by the survivor. If this imagery is based upon wrong information, very bad things can happen to the survivor.”

(Just for the record—if The Ashley should ever find herself stranded in one of the God-forsaken places the stars of this show go to, she isn’t taking off her shoes!)

Anyway, Cody did credit new Discovery Channel president Rich Ross for admitting that the network has “betrayed its original mission.” (While The Ashley can’t be sure, she believes that Cody is referring to this discussion that took place during the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour last month, at a panel The Ashley attended.)

Cody finished his rant by stating that, despite his feud with Discovery Channel last year, he wishes well for the network.

“As grossly unprofessional as my treatment was from the network and Original Media in their defamatory attempt to explain my absence from ‘Dual Survival,’ I do hope they get back to the quality programming that earned them the respect and credibility they once had.”

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  1. I think Joe Teti Was great on I believe he was a real survivalist if I was out I would definitely want him to be my guide I believe he and Matt made a great pair on the show. I think Cody Lundin was a cry baby trouble maker who just wants attention and if things don’t go his way he pouts about it. He seems so hateful and uncooperative. Like it’s his way or no way. I stopped watching it because of Cody I just couldn’t stand his attitude. Thank you. Jim Thompson

  2. Sorry but Anyone Complaining About “REAL SKILLS” That Refuses to wear Shoes Loses My Backing. Just Seems Like A Thick Headed Dude. May Have Also Been Jealous of Joes Obviouse Superior Strenth and Training ??

  3. The Discovery Channel actual aired Mockumentaries during shark week (see mermaids and megalodon) ( they have actors. This can be confirmed in the closing credits of the movies and you can look them up on IMdB etc.
    For this reason I stopped watching the Discovery Channel altogether. It’s such a let down that they have resulted to this, of all the channels on tv, The Discovery Channel is the main channel we should be able to trust.

  4. I miss Cody!! I loved him and loved all the educational info he gave, and he was nice to lool at too in my opinion. I lost interest in the show after his departure.

  5. Lundin displays a lot of his characteristic delusion by calling the network “unprofessional”. Remember the “I’m looking’ for rubies” part. Just the tip for that flake.

    That said, he is right about Discovery putting out garbage. A lot of it is unsafe and honestly how often can they play the same few clips in the same show over and over again. Their shows could be cut in half if you took out all the repetitive footage.

  6. I find if funny that The Discovery Channel fired Dave Canterbury for lying about his military experience and replaced him with Joe Teti, a man whom the military says led about HIS “special ops” background. Then they fire Cody and replace him with a nobody. Guess who is getting away with all the lies? That’s right: The Discovery Channel. No more. That channel well never play on my tv again.

  7. Cody spews lots of sour grapes. He is exposing the dirty laundry of TV shows, big deal if the show is a phony now it was when he was the prima-donna. He never did anything dangerous on the show, except eat raw bugs (parasites) so safety and health can’t be the issue. His partners did the entire amount of stunt work in each episode. I think Cody probably threatened to quit one time too many, see the last show that he appeared in. Karma bit him in the butt and he can’t take it like a man. I am not surprised.

  8. I used to be a fan of Dual Survival with Cody Lundin but it became very apparent the conflicts between Cody and ,mighty Joe Teti where scripted to the benefit of Teti for some reason. It is amazing how similar Matt is to Cody and that similar conflicts occur. Joe Teti thinks way too highly of himself and playing off his “Special Ops” background really does not make him a survivor expert. He may have stlking and clandestine skills along with weapon skills and survivor training but these men are trained for endurance and are normally dispatched with supplies to make their survival and extraction a part of the mission. I cannot believe that he also bad mouths Matt in similar ways to how he criticized Cody who like Matt has a deep appreciation of nature and understanding on developing a plan verses Joe’s “Mission” orientation to just keep moving is not how you survive. The current Dual Survival ” Art of Self Reliance” seems to be a dichotomy to me. Heck you might as well watch Naked and Afraid to get a better sense of “Survival” with no significant resources.

    Growing up in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon, we went mostly barefoot regardless of the activity ranging from climbing trees to riding bicycles for entire summers – had to keep a pair handy to get into stores and such though.

    Can’t remember a sprain or a strained ankle while barefoot. That only seemed to happen when “protected” by shoes.

    When I was stationed in Germany, there were a good number of guys who had an ongoing contest to see who could last longest through the German winter showing up in shorts for outdoor 0630 physical training including the traditional two mile run. Seem to recall they were viewed as equal parts crazy and tougher than the rest.

    Dual Survivor regularly takes unnecessary risks in the interest of producing better television over viewer safety.

    S/one please tell Joe “he’s not in combat anymore.” Overall, he’s a poor survivalist and an embarrassment to the military. At a minimum, “Pack some tact.”

    1. As far as I’ve been able to find, Joe never said he was in the miltary, he was a contractor. Special operation contractors are routinely used to provide security for the Corps of Engineers that go in and evaluate rebuilding the infrastructure of local towns and villages.

  10. @Dee Insisting on being barefoot in below freezing temperatures is not smart nor is it survival. It’s idiotic, plain and simple.

  11. Cody Lundin is a very interesting man. He has written survival books and has a strong philosophical perspective on life and death. Plus, not wearing shoes has benefits if it’s part of an aboriginal survival lifestyle, like the feet’s natural moisture perception (finding water) and taking more care to watchg where you walk and your surroundings in general.

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