‘Challenge’ Creator Reveals Huge Spoiler for “Battle of the Exes II”– The Ashley has the Details!

One of these gals screwed up BIG time!
One of these gals screwed up BIG time!

WARNING: This post will contain mild spoilers. The Ashley will not reveal all she knows (yet) so that she does not spoil the rest of the season. If you don’t like spoilers, click here and enjoy.

Anyway, Johnathan Murray, creator of The Real World and The Challenge, recently did an interview with Reality Blurred regarding the current “Skeletons” season of ‘The Real World.’ While Johnathan’s prespectives on ambushing the ‘Real World’ cast with people from their pasts was interesting, the highlight of the interview came when Johnathan switched gears and discussed ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II.” In doing so, he revealed a huge spoiler for the season. In an upcoming episode, someone will be sent home for inappropriate behavior–but it will be different than any times this has happened in the past!

“When we feel we need to intervene to send someone home, we do,” Johnathan said of incidents involving bad behavior by ‘Challenge’ contestants. “Someone gets sent home this season because of actions they take, and in fact, it’s a woman, not a guy.”

And….The Ashley has the details!

According to The Ashley’s very good show source, a female contestant will get the boot for “sexually assaulting” male contestant Jordan Wiseley. (Keep in mind that “sexual assault” on this show can constitute many different things; at this time The Ashley is not sure what this female actually did, but it was done to Jordan.)

The girl (and her male teammate) had actually won themselves a spot in the final ‘Challenge’ for all the money when this incident occurred.

This is not the first time a contestant has been sent home from a ‘Challenge’ for sexual assault. On the original “Battle of the Exes” season, contestant Vinny Foti was sent home after he ripped off the shirt of contestant Mandi Moyer. The producers deemed his behavior inappropriate and sent Vinny packing. His partner at the time, Sarah Rice, was also sent home, despite the fact that she did nothing wrong.

This time, however, things will be different, the source tells The Ashley. Although this is a couple’s ‘Challenge,’ the girl’s male partner will not be sent home. Since this is the first time a contestant was disqualified right before the final, the producers will do something different to make it fair to her male teammate. (This is good because, well, that guy probably would have murdered her.)

The Ashley’s source said that the show’s producers have gotten much more strict ever since the “Tonya toothbrush” incident of 2011. (You can click here to read about the lawsuit Tonya Cooley filed after she said she suffered sexual assault at the hands of other contestants during a ‘Challenge.’ The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court.)

However, Johnathan Murray insists that the show’s producers take great care in protecting the cast.

“We try to, with our selection of the people with our approach to it, make sure it’s a safe environment,” he told Reality Blurred. “It doesn’t mean that sometimes people act in ways we don’t want them to. Most of the time, they don’t go to a point that worries us, but occasionally if someone does, then we take appropriate action.”

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Nia. She was the only girl who came to my mind when I was reading this. I never saw her season of RW but she has done some questionable things on The Challege.

    1. She wailed on both Johnny and Avery on her season. I mean just whooped both their asses. Whether they deserved it or not (Johnny wiped his ass and put the TP on Nia, Avery just ran her smug mouth as far as I remember), she came across as psycho and they started calling her Hurricane Nia. It was straight Bad Girls Club.

      So I totally believe it!

      1. she also gave jordan a blow job then later bit him. she’s nuts. she wasn’t on the aftershow last night so it was her

  2. I read this on another site awhile ago, they said it was Nia but it wasn’t sure exactly what she did and Theresa got to come back as Leroy’s partner. Who knows for sure I guess….

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