EXCLUSIVE: “16 and Pregnant” Star Valerie Fairman Caught Prostituting–The Real Story

16 and pregnant 2015 mugshot
The latest epic mugshot from Valerie…

The Ashley has been waiting for a good time to post this story. She has known about the, um, sexual hijinks of 16 and Pregnant Season 2 star Valerie Fairman for months now, but has tried to be respectful and not publish anything about it. However, since Val was just arrested for prostitution, The Ashley is posting everything she knows. Multiple sources have been informing The Ashley for nearly a year that Valerie was working the streets, and things finally came to a head today.

TMZ reported that Valerie, who gave birth to daughter Nevaeh on the show in 2009, was one of eight women arrested for prostitution in a recent sting.

“Valerie allegedly agreed to perform a sexual act for cash,” the site reported.

To find out the full scoop, The Ashley spoke with David Pryce, a former boyfriend of Valerie’s who just happens to be the uncle of Valerie’s baby-daddy, Matt. (Got all that?) Matt has also confirmed to The Ashley that the details posted below are correct.

Valerie dated Matt’s uncle after she split with Matt, and David said he’s been trying to help her get clean for years. Valerie has gone to rehab three times in the years since her ’16 and Pregnant’ episode was taped, with the most recent visit being last year.

“She wants to get better,” David tells The Ashley exclusively. “She was always a really good girl. But she’s been on dope forever. It’s turned her into a monster.”

In 2013, The Ashley broke the news that Valerie has been in serious trouble since her ’16 and Pregnant’ days. Unfortunately, her legal trouble has continued. In April 2014,Valerie was arrested for violating her probation. She also spent time in rehab last year, but according to multiple sources, she has been unsuccessful in kicking her alleged drug habit.

David said that after Valerie “nearly burned down” his living room early 2014, he called her parole officer to try to get her into a rehab facility. She agreed to go and eventually spent time in a facility in Bowling Green, Kentucky. She was clean for a while, but eventually met people in rehab that got her back into her old ways.

Valerie during her '16 and Pregnant' episode...
Valerie during her ’16 and Pregnant’ episode…

David said that he found out that Valerie was prostituting around this time last year, and she has been doing it ever since.

“She’s a really pretty girl, so it is not hard for her,” David said. “Eventually, she got Hepatitis C and after that she just really gave up.”

Although Valerie is struggling, her daughter Nevaeh is thriving, David says. The five-year-old lives with Valerie’s parents, who share custody with Nevaeh’s father, Matt.

“Valerie never sees Nevaeh at all,” David said. “Matt’s a really good dad. Nevaeh is a happy girl and is well-loved. Matt will eventually try for full custody, but he wants things to be perfect before he does.”

Valerie’s parents no longer allow Valerie in their home, according to David.

“It’s very sad because Valerie is a real sweetheart and she wants to be clean,” David said. “When she was with me, she was fighting so hard to get clean. She would be sick every morning. But she can’t kick it.”

Valerie is currently behind bars at the Baylor Women’s Correction Facility in Delaware. David and Matt say that they both care for Valerie and want her to get better.

The Ashley will be getting more scoop tomorrow!

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  1. Rest in Peace, Valerie. I,too, suffered from that evil. But overcame it, after many,many years of suffering. I know what she was going through.

  2. Sadly she passed yesterday ?? RIP Valerie! Keeping her fam and most importantly her daughter in my thoughts and prayers ??

  3. So sad. I hope for her daughter’s sake that she can get clean. She seemed like a nice girl and maybe she can turn her life around. Drugs are the devil and once they get a hold of you it’s hard to get clean. My ex died of a drug overdose.

  4. I hope MTV is establishing trust funds for these babies that can’t be touched by anyone. They should at least have their college educations taken care of. MTV should establish protection for the babies before anything.

    1. While the sentiment is nice, MTV does not do that. The girls who appear on a single episode of “16 and Pregnant” are paid a single check (in the low thousands) for their participation. A 4 year education at a university is on average, over 30 thousand dollars per year. There is no way MTV would pay that for every child who was a 16 and Pregnant baby.

    1. MTV probably made her say that in the narration to make a more dramatic episode. I also noticed that.
      They made Megan say lies about her life in the narration, too.

  5. MTV screwed up these already messed up girls. they are used to fast, easy money after getting paid by MTV.. even if it was only a couple thousand that’s still a lot of money for a 16 year old who likely doesn’t know what an honest days work is like to begin with and don’t have enough life experience to understand their poor choices. the girls either should not have been paid at all or all the money should have been put in a trust for their kids (the only reason they are on the TV to begin with) that cannot be touched except for education once they are of age.

  6. It is really sad. Were her biological parents addicts? That would explain why she has a hard time staying clean. Some people have bad luck in the gene (or womb) lotterie…For years I never understood why people who where depressed or addicted or else could Not just control themselves – until i had some Kind of burnout although my life looked really good from the outside. Then I realized it might Not always so easy to control your mind and body. I think the book “the mood cure” is great to understand this topic and explains how to cure yourself with supplements.

  7. Does anyone know if ANY of the girls of 16 & Pregnant have their acts together? They would be the exceptions, and not the rule, unfortunately…

    1. I suppose “acts together” is a relative statement, but as a whole I would say Chelsea, Lizzie, Brooke, Kayla (season 3), Taylor, Hope and Aleah

    2. I would say the ones that stay out of jail and out of the tabloids are probably the ones that have their acts together.

  8. Wow. I never would of thought that Matt, not Valarie, would end up being the good parent. Valerie is probably going to loose her life or end up in prison if she doesn’t clean up her act. At least Neveah has her dad and her grandparents though.

  9. Unfortunately her story is pretty common. Except for the part of being pretty having anything to do with prostitution, let’s be honest it’s more about price than anything else. Sad for her daughter, but I’m glad that someone stepped up to raise her. Hopefully she gets clean and can have a relationship with her daughter before it’s too late.

    1. I also hope that there will be a good outcome – although addictions is a really hard battle.
      There are many factors determining the person you will become (e.g. a happy person, an anxious person, an addict, etc.) – like the genes you inherit, influences during embryonal development (like deseases, stress, drugs, deficiencies you mother has), the environment you’re brought up in, and many more.
      Sure, you can influence by yourself what kind of person you want to be – but only to a certain degree and not to the degree many people think. E.g. some people are naturally really positive and happy no matter the circumstances around them, while others constantly battle depression although they really want to appreciate the good life they have been given.
      A person with problems (addict, depressed, violent, etc.) needs to want to change and work hard for sure, but these people should nevertheless get help and support on their way. In a perfect world these people would be really checked and make sure that underlying causes for bad behaviours are detected (alleles that make you more prone for addictions; vitamine and mineral deficiencies that cause depression, anxiety, cravings for drugs…; traumata during your upbringing) – I truely believe that success rates of rehabs and prisons would be higher, if the underlying cause/predispositions would also be treated and not only the results.
      I am truely grateful for having been born as a healthy baby to healthy, loving caring parents – because otherwise I would probably not have what I have today.
      We should constantly encourage people with problems to better themselves not bring them further down.
      Concerning Valerie: what are the roots of her problems, what can she and her loved ones do to overcomes them.

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