‘Sister Wives’ Stars Defend Kody Brown Against Claims He Spends Little Time with His Daughters

Kody bonding with his sons Hunter and Logan...
Kody bonding with his sons Hunter and Logan…

Does Sister Wives star Kody Brown favor his sons over his daughters? That’s what was suggested by anthropologist students that were studying the Brown family on last week’s episode of the show. Although fans of the show have been speculating this on message boards and social media for years, last week’s episode marked the first time that the issue of Kody preferring to spend time with his sons over his daughters has actually been addressed on the show.

The students also noticed that he spends the most time with his youngest son, Solomon, who is mothered by Kody’s youngest (and now legal) wife, Robyn.

Of course, when the students brought this fact up to Robyn, she got very defensive and denied that Kody favored Solomon and ignored most of the “middle” kids. The denials have continued on Twitter since last Sunday.

“[Kody] spends time with all of his kids,” Robyn tweeted. “I think it is a constant struggle 4 him to be there 4 his kids as much as he would like.”

Kody, who is the father of seven boys and 10 girls from his four wives, admitted on the episode that he sometimes feels more comfortable around his sons because he can roughhouse with them.

Some kids, such as Solomon and Janelle‘s oldest son Logan get a  lot of camera time, but others, such as Janelle’s 11-year-old daughter Savannah or Christine’s 14-year-old daughter Gwendlyn, are rarely discussed and only seen in the background. (Seriously, The Ashley couldn’t pick those kids out of a lineup for any amount of money.) Kody is rarely, if ever, seen interacting with them or many of the other “middle” kids.

Janelle did her best to convince the show’s fans that Kody does at least try to spend time with his daughters.

“Many fathers struggle with how to connect with their daughters. I will say @realkodybrown keeps trying. I love the dad he is to my kids,” she tweeted. “[He] is an involved dad! He adjusts the interaction 2 meet the needs of each child. The fact he know those differences is evidence.”

A quick glance at Kody’s Twitter feed shows posts about certain kids, particularly Hunter, his 18-year-old son with Janelle. (Hunter is a state champion wrestler, just like Kody was, so there’s obviously a connection there.) Other kids are never mentioned. (Of course this doesn’t mean anything; it is simply an observation.)

Kody even joked that he favors a few of his sons over the rest of the clan.

“What do you mean ‘all my time with Solomon?’” Kody tweeted in response to the students’ observations. “I spend lots of time with [Hunter]!”

Oddly, none of Kody’s children commented on this subject via their social media accounts.

We ‘Sister Wives’ fans will have to wait another week to watch the two-hour season finale, as the show is not on this week due to the Oscars. To tide you over until the new episode airs next Sunday, click here to read a recap of last week’s episode!

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  1. Its pretty obvious that Kody is frisky only for Robyn. His interest in the children is nearly nonexistent, as his main concern is always about the happiness of himself. That is one self centered man. I wonder how long Robyn would put up with the concubines if it wasn’t for the show and the money. For the money and fame, they all hang together, although its painful. Worth it? A mistake? Yes.

  2. He is egotistical, self-centered narcissistic and selfish. He does favor Robyn. Meri was crazy to divorce Him legally because now when sshe decides to leave him for real she will get nothing. He is always with Robyn and her children and when he isnt with her he sure seems to be looking forward to being with her. If a man has to try so hard to spend time equally among his children he should not have 17 children. He is disgusting. It so sad. He and MerI used to be so head set on having another child but as soon as Robyn came along and gave him a child he told Meri he didn’t want to try With her any more. I feel bad for these women who think this is the best they can do. Sister wives? Really? You all show how jealous you really are. It’s clear you all wish you were the only wife. Why would you settle? Get friends instead of sister wives. Thus lidest5may work for some but clearly you guys haven’t figured it out. Too much jealousy and favoritism. Your friends that were a poligamist family that you had on the show some time back that were able to openly show affection amongdt each other without fear of hurting the sister wives feelings seem to be a more accurate depiction of how sister wives should be. Shane on you for reaching your children that some are better than others

  3. If these people are happy with their life style, for heavens sakes,leave them be. I get so sick of one tiny little thing being mentioned on the show,the media has to jump all over it and make a big deal out of it. As Robyn said on the show, Kody was spending more time with Solomon that day because he had surgery. And if he didn’t spend extra time with him that day, we would see headlines saying how “uncaring” Kody is. Good grief just watch if you like the show and if you don’t there are other shows on television.

    1. No one could comment or judge if this family didn’t put all of their business out there. They do it simply for money. Good for them, they’re getting paid. But remember this show is still on because the general public loves a train wreck.

  4. I just figured contracts and child labor laws drove who is on the show and in what capacity. I figured the younger children weren’t shown as much for those reasons, not b/c they weren’t favored. Same on 19 Kids, some are only shown in passing. Maybe some kids are camera shy. Maybe it’s a function of editing.

  5. I think the presence of cody every day is enough for his kids there are so many kids who never see their dad from the outcome of divorce.

  6. Robyn’s statement that he is trying his best to spend time with all his kids is so telling of why this lifestyle is simply not working. “trying to spend time”….here’s an idea: maybe you shouldn’t have so many children that you can’t figure out a way to spend time with them! As far as the girls go? Well, Kody is a collector of vaginas, their needs and wants are secondary to his. His daughters are no different.

    1. I know Robin keep her son on in the huband all the time not she has talk the first wife in divorcing snd now she marry him that’s not right.Robin should not be next to marry it should have been the second wife.

      1. I so agree. It’s clear he favors her and could care less about the other wives. He shouldn’t have had 17 children if he has to try so hard to spend time with them. These women need self-esteem And should get friends rather tHan sister wives. They try to act like they live their lifestyle but it’s clear they don’t. The jealousy is as clear as day and they are always crying because they are clearly hurting. Sad that they teach this to the children. I wish they would put the other family on the one that was featured as their friends o the show. The one where the sister wives actually cared for each other, they lived in the same home and didn’t get jealous when they showed affection for the husband in front of the other sister wives. That would be more educational and show a more accurate depiction of poligomy

  7. Jenelle’s comment was either very ignorant or she’s trying to use an excuse for Cody not spending time with his daughters. Plenty of fathers connect with their daughters. My dad certainly did.

  8. Just another reason why polygamy is wrong. How on earth do those kids get the attention they need from their parents?

  9. Although people should be able to live how they wish, this is just another reason why polygamy isn’t the smartest choice. In today’s fast paced world even traditional parents have a tough time spending a decent amount of time with their kids. Every child deserves a present father.

  10. Besides kody, I’m surprised we don’t see the other moms interacting with the non biological kids – isn’t that one of the benefits of living a plural marriage? Although the show is ok and I do watch it, I don’t think kody is best suited for polygamy.

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