Sneak Peek Clip: ‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Reveals Why She Divorced Husband Kody

Kody divorce
This basically sums up every episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ ever.

Sister Wives fans are counting down the hours until Sunday’s dramatic season finale, where we will learn the full story behind Meri Brown‘s divorce from Kody, her husband of 20+ years. (After the divorce, Kody went on to marry his newest –and youngest–wife, Robyn.) The last episode gave us a hint of what’s to come, but in a just-released sneak peek of the “Sister Wives Tell-All Special,” we get to see the Browns sob it out as they explain to Tamron Hall what the heck happened.

At the start of the preview, everyone is crying (except for Kody, who is probably not even sure where he is, and second wife Janelle, who checked out of this hot mess years ago). Meri explains why she decided to divorce Kody and give her status as “legal wife” to Robyn.

“I don’t want to sound like I’m patting myself on the back, that’s not what it was about,” she says. “It’s about the kids. It’s about being in the family.”

Of course, her decision to let Robyn become the legal wife hasn’t come without doubt.

“I’m not going to lie; I have that mixed emotion going on,” Meri said. “It’s an end of something that we had, in a way, for 24 ½ years. But at the same time, I know it’s not because I have eternity with him. I have eternity with the family. I know it’s not the end.”

A blubbery Robyn claims that it was hard for her as well.

“We were watching them sign those divorce papers and I’ve signed divorce papers before,” she wails, somehow managing to once again make everything about her. “It was because I didn’t want to be married anymore. And I’m watching these two and I know they love each other…it was painful to watch.”

Janelle (who, by the way, has also been divorced but didn’t bring that up in the discussion), reflects on how hard it was for Meri.

“This is probably one of the most painful things Meri could have ever done,” she said. “And I don’t want anyone to underestimate that.”

Watch the full clip below:

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  1. I truly wish Janelle would get a backbone and dump the whole plural marriage mess. Robyn and Kody deserve each other. Christine, a flat out mess. Meri, a mental mess. I have tried to figure out the whole relationship thing and all I see are 4 women who simply don’t understand they don’t need a bum like Kody. The day I would ever agree to a sister wife, well I would toss my husband out and take him completely to the cleaners. But those screwed up women go on the tube and try to project themselves as one happy family. The kids are not happy. The little ones don’t quite get it but the older ones do. You want to share your so called husband with one man, go for it but don’t expect the tax payers to support you. Once their Tv run is over they can kiss the houses good-bye. And Robyn, he’ll find another one to replace you.

  2. I found this entire series of events to be bogus and dishonest. As a member of the legal profession I DO know what adopting the children of another biological living person entails. First, he has to give consent or to prove to a court that this person is an unfit parent. It is also financially difficult as the cost of doing this is not minimal. I believe that Kody and Robin wanted to marry each other legally and that this puts the entire “we are married spiritually” crap into perspective. Kody prefers Robin and has since they “married”. I doubt that Meri wanted a divorce and to give up all of her community property willingly. I doubt that their daughter was so willing to go along with this and I doubt that the other wives agreed to this new arrangement. This show is a farce and not at all an example of a cohesive family unit. The anthropological students were so dishonest when describing the family tha they shoud both receive a failing grade for white-washing what they observed. In the beginning I wanted to accept them no matter what the law said about polygamy but after watching them for 6 seasons I no longer believe that what they are putting forth is in any way true, honest or healthy. Christine is a mess who acts like a four year old and I doubt that she would sit by and just love, love what Meri did. Janelle is probably counting the days until her kids are all out of the house so that she can make her own life and Meri should talk to a professional about her self-esteem issues. No one is that self-sacrificing unless she feels nothing for Kody and wanted out in the first place. I believe that Robin planted this idea in Kody’s head from day one and that she is the one who can bear him more children, who is the most attractive to him and that he favors her above the rest. She pretends to be the voice of reaason but instead comes across like a whiny idiot who is covering up a very cunning mind and a very selfish purpose. I am so disappointed that this particular group of polygamists is just as screwed up as those who have been in the news for exploiting women and running a cult-like atmosphere. The women are prisoners of their own insecurities and lack of belief in themselves as independent women who deserve better than they are getting. They are glorified babysitters and after thoughts to Kody Brown. I hope that they find a way to escape from this unsatisfying situation and make a real life for themselves. Let Kody have his Robin because they are both selfish and deserve each other.

  3. Of course he wants to be with the tiny one. because she takes care of herself everyone hates her I don’t like any of them really, watch because you cannot turn your head from a train wreck. He is the most idiotic looking man especially when he pulls back his pony tail, to show his receding hairline. But these are very needy women, if not they would not be in this situation. Most of the children have weight problems, which I consider child abuse. Meri is the only smart one, she will be able to cut and run when the money dries up when this crap show is finally cancelled.

  4. This family is horrific! Mary goes and makes this decision on her own. Then tells Robyn and Cody. (they are horrible actors). And then tells Mariah. Guess who doesn’t know yet? The other 2 wives!! They are not respected at all. Let them know what is going on..they don’t even get a choice in how their family is structured? The plan doesn’t make any sense anyway. I have legal experience, and you would think a lawyer would have given them better advice. Robyn was married to her ex for 9 years! They just expect him to give up all his rights to his kids??

    1. I was just thinking this. Her ex has not given up rights to his kids. Kody is not going to be able to magically adopt them…even with his amazing hair. This is just the story that TLC is spinning…there is so much more to this story.

    2. Did Meri talk this over with her Mother, Kody’s Mother or anyone in her family? Did she just stew on this “idea” for four years? I doubt that very much.

  5. These people are beyond ridiculous, it’s all about getting one over on the legal system, that’s why they did it. Everything they do and say is very orchestrated, contrived. Nothing but a bunch of grifters that got lucky with a show$$$!

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