‘Sister Wives’ Finale Recap: Legal Divorce & Lame Ponytails

divorce sister wives
After seeing that ponytail, Meri’s rethinking her decision to stick around after the divorce…

By Holly Rasmussen

It’s time for the Sister Wives finale! We pick back up with everyone’s favorite ponytailed polygamist and his family during a very dramatic period in their lives. As you may know from watching the last few episodes, Kody’s first and only legal wife, Meri, has decided she wants to divorce Kody. However, she’s not seeking a divorce because Kody’s a jerk like you may think. Meri says it’s so he can marry his newest and youngest wife, Robyn, and adopt her kids from a previous marriage.

Meri says Kody and Robyn don’t know anything about her plan. (I find that hard to believe.) When Meri sits the Kod-Man and Robyn down to tell them her idea, they act shocked. Robyn cries, of course. Robyn says the kids see Kody as a dad and her not being legally married to him is one of the only things preventing Kody from adopting them.

Can someone help Kody please? So...many...big...words....
Can someone help Kody please? So…many…big…words….

I don’t believe for one second that Kody had no clue this coming. I would bet it was his idea from the beginning. He and Robyn probably approached Meri with it and told her that she could be the martyr if she went along with it, and that they would all act as if Meri unselfishly came up with the idea on her own. (Side note- can someone please, please tell Kody to stop wearing that ponytail?)

Robyn talked briefly about her previous marriage, saying she felt “trapped” in it. Robyn finally addresses the kids’ biological father, saying that he doesn’t support the kids emotionally or financially and doesn’t see them very much. The fact that she says “very much” indicates that, while he may not be around as much as he should be, he is still involved in his kids’ lives. He would have to sign over his rights to them for Kody to be able to adopt them? Is he willing to do that? This all just seems strange. They’re acting like the kids weren’t raised by that man for many years when they were.

Meri said she has already talked to Mariah, her daughter with Kody, about the issue. So we are supposed to believe that she hadn’t talked to Kody about it, but she had talked to their teenager about it? That makes sense.

Up next, Meri sits #2 and #3 (otherwise known as Janelle and Christine) down to break the news to them. Although we expect Christine to freak out, as per usual, she actually surprises us all and acts like an adult. In fact, she’s happy about it.

This sums up how Janelle and Christine feel about the divorce.
This sums up how Janelle and Christine feel about the divorce.

Janelle is just sitting there quietly. Finally, she speaks up and mentions how much of a nightmare the family’s taxes are going to be because of this. Good ol’, Janelle. You’re the only one on this show that I don’t hate.

Next, we see Janelle sit Kody down from some real talk. (Am I the only one who thinks Janelle and Kody make the oddest couple? What do they have in common? She is way too smart to be married to this ponytailed douche.)

Anyway, Janelle tells Kody she’s afraid he’s going to start favoring Robyn. Oh, Janelle. Let’s be real here; your fears are about four years too late. She has to know he already favors Robyn. In fact, we all know; it’s as plain as day.

Also–is Kody wearing a denim blazer in the interview portion? A denim blazer and a ponytail. Oh, Kody. You just keep getting worse.

Kody assures Janelle nothing is going to change. It’s all for the children. Blah, blah, blah. We’re not buying it, Kod.

The funeral music playing during this scene was just ridiculous.
The funeral music playing during this scene was just ridiculous.

Meri has printed the divorce papers and she and Kody and Robyn (of course) are going to the lawyer’s office to get divorced. Robyn walks in and she and Meri are wearing the exact same jacket. They are taking this ‘my sister wives closet’ thing literally. Ladies– you bone the same dude, must you buy the same jacket as well?

Meri seems to be very upset over this divorce, naturally. She’s having dizzy spells. She breaks down crying when she’s signing the papers. This is really sad. Oh, and of course, Robyn is crying as well, and manages to somehow make this about her own divorce.

Well, that’s it, folks. Kody gets his way, once again. The ‘Sister Wives’ stars all sit down with Tamron Hall for a “Tell-All” special that aired after the episode. Of course, it literally told us nothing new regarding this strange situation. The show was recently renewed for a sixth season, but we will reportedly have to wait until the fall for new episodes.

All day, every day...
All day, every day…

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  1. Has Meri already checked out? Last night she seemed bored sitting there shaking her foot like she couldn’t wait for it to be over

  2. Number one, cut the damn hair Kody! You are going bald. Face it. I never believed Kody and Robyn knew nothing of Meri’s so called plans. I sincerely think they bullied her into it. By the way, Kody cannot legally adopt Robyn’s kids unless her ex-husband agrees to it. He too may be a tool but to let Kody be their legal father is absurd. If people want to do the plural thing, it is their choice but don’t throw it in our faces. Robyn is so defensive yet she does not seem to see that those who chose one spouse have the right to make that choice. She is such an airhead. But then Meri and Christine are out there too. I am just not sure about Janelle. why does she chose this?

  3. It’s saddens me a little to see this commentary by someone who so obviously doesn’t “get” this show at all. There really are loving, compassionate people in the world who often place the needs of others, people who are not blood relatives, ahead of their own. To them, the abstract idea of a “family of man” starts with their own families, their spouses, in-laws and even other people’s children.

    Are we so cynical that we can’t recognize these impulses as real when the evidence is right before our eyes? I thank God that the Browns were willing to tell their story. Seeing their struggles with universal issues has made me a more empathetic person when I view alternative lifestyles.

    Where exactly is your love, Ms. Rasmussen? Is it perhaps a love of conformity, political correctness, some personal ideology, or is it an unselfish love for people as you find them?

    1. I get the show. One man and 4 women who are trying to live a hopeless situation. “Love should be multiplied, not divided”. The words of Kody. But he is dividing his so called love between 4 women. And the women have such horrible issues to deal with. If this is what they chose, go for it. But tell me, what about the kids? Did they have the choice to have their lives televised? And the ones who have plainly said they would not live the life style, the parents seems disappointed. Compassion goes to the kids. It is a cruel world out there and I feel for the little ones. It is not a matter of right or wrong. I see 4 women who are so out of touch with their feelings and their kids feelings. It all revolves around a jerk named Kody.

  4. Firstly, I’d like to say Holly, great job on this article! I LOL’ed LOTS, and I couldn’t agree more with you on several of your comments! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; there is something weird about all this. I personally feel there’s something more to all this…I think it’s all just now coming to a head– I guess well find out sooner or later.

  5. That freaking ponytail!! Its so hideous! Cut that hair already Kody! My goodness.

    On another note, does it not seem like these people are constantly working the system? Some of them living on food stamps, some of them filing bankruptcy, now this “legal” divorce in hopes that Robyn’s ex would sign his rights over to a polygamist family? YAHHH RIGHT!!

    Whatever you want to do with your life is your own business. But I don’t think this father is just going to sign on a dotted line to give up HIS rights to raise his children in the event something happens to Robyn.

  6. Christine and Janelle could both do so much better than Kody who has favorited Robyn since the day he met her. It’s disgusting to watch.

  7. I think Kody definitely favors Robyn over the other wives. It’s pretty obvious. It might be because she’s still considered the new wife. Who knows? I don’t know who’s idea it was originally for the Meri divorce but I have a good feeling it was Kody’s idea. I also don’t understand if Robyn’s ex-husband are still involved in her kids’ lives, how he would allow Kody to adopt them? It’s pretty weird. But then again a lot of things about this family is weird.

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