Sarah Rice Says “Battle of the Exes II” Will be Her Last ‘Challenge’

"Should I come back...Nah, I'm tired of this crap!"
“Should I come back…Nah, I’m tired of this crap!”

Sarah Rice just committed what was arguably one of the best blindsides ever to take place on The Challenge, but don’t expect her to do it again next season.

In fact, the eight-time show veteran has announced that “Battle of the Exes: II” will be her last season of ‘The Challenge.’

“I’m definitely retired, it’s just a weird thing to say,” she tweeted in February.

Earlier this week, she explained her reasons for ending her ‘Challenge’ career.

“Yes it is [my last ‘Challenge],” she wrote on Twitter. “Im getting married in May & starting grad school & Being gone for 60 days is too long! + babies are In the future.”

Sarah became engaged to her boyfriend, Landon Patterson, in October 2014 (right after she returned from “Battle of the Exes!”) The couple plans to get married on May 23 in Huntington Beach, California. While many fans thought they saw the spark between Sarah and her current ‘Challenge’ partner, Jordan Wiseley, reunite this season, Sarah assured them that she and Jordan are just friends. (She did report that Jordan will be at her wedding, however!)

Leaving ‘The Challenge’ will be hard for Sarah. She’s frequently expressed how much she loves competing on the show.

“I’m getting a fix when I go on these things. I’m Sarah and I’m a Challenge-aholic,” Sarah told Reality Wanted in 2013. “I don’t say no because where else can I do this stuff?”

Sarah knew she was retiring after “Battle of the Exes II,” which may be a reason she decided to make such a big move and blindside her friend Johnny Bananas right the finals. That move, while bringing her closer to her first-ever ‘Challenge’ win, destroyed her real-life friendship with Johnny, Sarah has confirmed.

The finale of ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II’ airs tonight on MTV!

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  1. Nia is a hypocrite. She took money for drinking a cup of Zach’s sweat. She landed on the show after giving Leroy oral sex for no reason. Yet she has nerve to slut shame other women? She quits challenges because she doesn’t have the gumption yet she trash talks other people’s abilities. Shame on her. She is a bad person who fights dirty when things don’t go her way and I hope to never see her on a challenge.

  2. Bananas: I’ve NEVER betrayed one of my friends….

    …cue the clips of Bananas betraying all his friends…

    I will miss Sarah. So happy she didn’t cave to fukkin Johnny Bananas’ whining and bitching. Look up “Dishes it out but can’t take it” and you’ll see a pic of Bananas. So happy he was out and Sarah and Jordan won!

  3. I will miss Sarah on the show. It was nice to see a girl who doesn’t get wasted every night and make a fool out of herself. When did they start going to the bar every night? They should really get rid of that nonsense.

  4. I don’t blame her for being done with it. The way she was treated by those psychos was ridiculous. She didn’t deserve that. Johnny and Nia are whiny little bitches that throw fits whenever things don’t go their way. They can never take responsibility for anything.

  5. Sarah is one of my favorite girls to ever be on The Challenge.I will miss her but it’s probably better that she retire now then deal with the wrath of Bananas on a future challenge. Plus she went out with a bang a finally took home the money!

  6. Congratations Sarah and Jordon! You played a great game. Johnny is a hypocrite. Watching a lot of these challenges I have see him make alliances with friends, people he hangs with outside the show. To turn around and stab them in the back…1 example of many…Paula… He is just angry because he finally met his match and lost. Kudos to you both!!!

  7. She did awesome this challenge! Great game play Sarah! Glad she knocked bananas off his high horse! So glad her and Jordan came in 1st!! Congratulations 🙂

  8. Damn, she was one of my favorites! The finale is on for me in about 20 minutes, I hope she takes first place.

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