Exclusive Update on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert’s Marriage to Jeremy

Things are NOT good in Calvert Land, y'all...
Things are NOT good in Calvert Land, y’all…

Leah Calvert noted on her official Facebook fan page that April 4 marked three years since her legal wedding to her husband Jeremy. However, the Teen Mom 2 stars had anything but a happy anniversary. The couple nearly split last fall after Leah cheated with her ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd (Robbie confirmed the affair). Unfortunately, their marriage is not doing much better these days, numerous sources have confirmed to The Ashley. In fact, Leah and Jeremy didn’t spend Easter together yesterday. While it is normal for Jeremy to miss big events due to his demanding work schedule, this was not the case at all yesterday.

Leah posted a few cryptic tweets about being sad and moving on, but really poured out her heart on her private Facebook page, posting an emotional status update on Easter.

“This isn’t the only holiday I have spent without my significant other,” she wrote. “Some days are harder than most. I have remained strong through it though and my strength has seen me through…Just as it does today and many more struggles to come!”  (This is just one of the many posts Leah’s been making to her personal Facebook lately. Other posts discuss how she has “not been heartbroken like this” in a long time.)

Also, The Ashley has gotten word that Jeremy has been living like a single man. Although he and Leah seemed to be trying to get their marriage back on track at the beginning of the year, that effort appears to have failed. One source tells The Ashley that Jeremy has been seeing another woman recently (more details to come on that). What’s more, Leah and Jeremy no longer follow each other on Twitter, and Jeremy’s family is no longer friends with Leah on Facebook.

A separate show source reports to The Ashley that Jeremy recently got into touch with some of the people from ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast and crew, in what appears to be an attempt to set the record straight on what went down between him and Leah. (As The Ashley told you last year, Leah did admit to Jeremy that she cheated.) The Ashley has no idea what will (or will not) be shown on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 in regard to the Jeremy/Leah saga, but it is a topic that obviously cannot be avoided.

The Ashley has more info, but needs to get better confirmation before she can post it. Stay tuned!

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  1. Maybe she’s done with playing house and mommy. It seems that her family does everything for her, so she can have her free time to cheat and find another victim, you know like a Black Widow Spider.

  2. Maby she better go on with Robbie.Why not?He is the one who she runs to everytime when her legal husband is gone.

    1. I don’t even think she loves Robbie. I think whenever her relationships start going bad, she sees him as a source of comfort and sleeps with him. I think Leah needs therapy, not a man.

    2. Robbie married his baby Mama several months ago. When he and Leah were ‘together’, he was single. He and his Baby Mama, were broke up at the time.

      I know he doesn’t care about Leah’s marital status, but he may his own.

  3. I think this story begs the question, and I am totally open to opinions because I seriously think its a good question: Are these people a hot mess because they are on reality TV or are they a hot mess because they are on reality TV?

    1. Ha! I meant to say are they a hot mess because they are on reality TV or are they on TV because they are a hot mess. Sorry it was late & I was tired when I posted the original.

      1. Ha! Sort of a “what came first, the chicken or the egg” thing. I think it’s kinda both. I think MTV has an uncanny ability to spot potential hot mess-ness in people and exploit it. So basically I think they have little hot mess seeds inside them already sprouting, and MTV nurtures those seeds until we have delicate hot mess flowers like Leah, Farrah, and Jenelle.

  4. Just let them live their lives. Maybe just maybe they were never exactly right for each other in the first place maybe all the drama that surrounds them made them loose each other. But its not cool to medal in their bissness and post stories about it. They agrees to be on tv and that was it they didn’t agree to be a gossip column. No matter if they are together or not Leah is still awesome and a good mom. God bless them on their journey in life

    1. Medal in their business? They are the ones that put their business out in the open for everyone to know. It’s not just the tv show. Leah, Jeremy and people from both of their families have plastered their relationship issues on social media.

    2. They give their approval and get paid by magazines to have stories written about them. They LOVE stories being written about them. They also KNOW they need to choose their actions wisely because whatever they do will probably eventually get out. They are very well aware of this. Yet, Leah didn’t care while she was riding robbie while married to cory. Thay got out and she was publicly embarassed. Then she decided not to care again while she was riding robbie whike married to new guy (I forget his name). She knew it would get ou, but getting some D was more important to her. She deserves the consequences.

      1. @Stefani– This is not true 95% of the time. Any time you see any of the girls quoted in a story, that was set up by MTV and they receive no money for the interview. There are some exceptions to the rule, such as wedding and birth spreads, but those are required of them per their MTV contracts. The hard and fast rule is that if a girl is quoted in a story, she did not get paid for it. -The Ashley

        1. As someone above me pointed out, if they do not want people “meddling” in their business, then why in the hell do they post all of business on social media? Same for all of these girls. They all say that they can’t stand the negativity, yet they post all over facebook, twitter, IG, about their custody situations and relationship status. If you want people to mind their own business, then stop telling them all the details of your life! You can’t blame that on TV or media, you only have yourself to blame for that.

    3. One. They ARE living their lives. This article has no affect on that. No one is “meddling”. Meddling would require getting involved in some manner. This is reporting what is going on. Small town gossip on a larger scale.

      Two. You agreed to be on TV, you basically are agreeing to have gossip columns written about you. Unless you live under a rock, any and all reality “stars” have had articles written about them. Unless they keep completely under the radar, it is bound to happen.

      Three. God bless Ali, Gracie and Addie. They really need it because their mother’s rash and poor choices affect them.

  5. Any confirmation on whether he really made a sex tape with his new chick (@entylawyer posted it)?! The banjo music playing in the background to that one was probably super seductive!

    1. He didn’t make a sex tape with her and just because it’s WV doesn’t mean there will be banjos. Though I have seen them around together and think they are actually dating.

  6. Somewhat random question – can you see these statuses on her FB or is one of her friend’s sending them to you?

    Their whole situation is such a mess. Even aside from infidelity, which I do think adults can move on from and rebuild a marriage, they’ve got stress from his work schedule, stress from filming regularly, the stress of raising three kids including one with serious medical issues, the stress of a co-parenting relationship… And on top of that being watched and talked about all the time. Even an exceptionally healthy and happy marriage (which I don’t think this is) would struggle with these burdens.

  7. She seems addicted to drama. I mean, girl is what maybe 22? Her track record reads more like a 35 year old woman. Married, divorced, married, three children.

    1. Yeah, getting married the first time was stupid enough but getting married and having a baby the second time was just plain crazy. I don’t understand that girl.

  8. Not surprised. I knew this marriage would fall apart eventually. It wasn’t just her cheating on him that caused the problems. I knew Jeremy’s work schedule would get hard on her. She is basically raising three kids by herself. I’m not one of those people that likes put others down for their bad choices but Leah has done some really stupid things. I still can’t believe she married Corey right after cheating on him with Robbie. I also don’t understand how anyone that had two babies and a divorce at only 19 years old would jump into another marriage and another pregnancy as fast as she did. Now she’s probably going to have another divorce and another baby daddy. I can’t even imagine how hard that is going to be.

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