‘Teen Mom OG’ Episode 3 Recap: Book Tours, Birth Parent Drama & Bedridden Baby-Daddies

This is probably the best quote ever spoken on this show.
This is probably the best quote ever spoken on this show.

This week’s episode of Teen Mom OG is entitled “Old Wounds.” A name like that evokes so many ideas as to what this episode could be about! Will we be discussing Butch‘s prison shank wounds? Will the episode cover the emotional scars that Amber has after her daughter chose a bag of Cheetos over talking to her last episode? Will Maci accidentally cut herself on a beer bottle while trying to open it too fast?! So many possibilities!

Anyway, the episode starts off with Amber, who has gone down to ol’ Rascal’s Fun Zone (You know there’s a lot of fun to be had at a place called Rascal’s!). She’s brought along Cousin Krystle’s, who’s always down to drive go-karts, get a pedicure or eat a meal, as long as it’s on MTV’s dime. (Hell, if she gets Amber to really “open up” on camera, they may even spring for Krystle to get a Rascal Dog and fries from the snack shack!)

"Filming is so hard!"
“Filming is so hard!”

Amber tells us that after prison, she wrote a book (as you do), so she and Krystle will soon be going on a publicity tour. They are busy working lounging around Amber’s house, and Krystle’s all sprawled out (with her shoes on) on Amber’s couch, discussing the book tour. Naturally, Amber’s worried that someone will come to the book signing just to say mean things to her. Krystle reminds Amber that she’s sober and has changed a lot since prison.

Over in Michigan, Catelynn and Tyler are painting a room in their house to prepare for the new baby. They are painting it purple (since it’s a girl) and patching all of the holes that Butch most likely punched in the walls.

Later, Tyler goes out to lunch with his mom, Kim, who is ready to take him to task for not actually signing up for school like he promised he would when he placed Carly for adoption. (Tyler, you better get started! If you don’t sign up soon, you’ll be able to share a dorm room in college with Novalee! Everyone knows it takes at least nine years just to get an AA degree! Just ask Maci!)

Kim is easily becoming my favorite ‘Teen Mom OG’ character (other than Butch, of course). She tells her son that college isn’t going to complete itself and that eventually this MTV gravy-train is going to crash harder than Butch after a drug bender.

That moment you realize that you can't be on 'Teen Mom' when you're 45...
That moment you realize that you can’t be on ‘Teen Mom’ when you’re 45…

“You need a job!” she tells Ty before looking directly at the camera and saying, “No offense, MTV, but this ain’t it!”

I felt like she was speaking just to me in that moment.

Tyler looks confused, as if he had never considered that there would eventually be a day in which MTV and a full camera crew didn’t want to follow him around, pay for gender reveal BBQs and watch him and his wife girlfriend make more babies. Thank you, Kim, for saying what most of us fans have been thinking for years!

Tyler says that he’s gotten sidetracked with a lot of sh*t lately, like impregnating his girlfriend and fighting with Farrah on TV, but Kim reminds his that his future career plans have to become a priority. She reminds Ty that Carly wants him to graduate too. Uh-oh, you know Kim means business when she pulls out the “C” card!

Maybe the producers could just wheel his bed to the car wash?
Maybe the producers could just wheel his bed to the car wash?

Finally we check in with Maci who is working hard in school, lying on her couch. Ryan is supposed to pick up Bentley for the weekend, but he’s busy lying in bed, so that’s a problem. One of them is going to have to get up to transport Bentley. #ParentingProblems. Perhaps one of the producers can drive him over?

Ryan has recently moved in with his girlfriend, Dalis Shelby, and apparently these two knuckleheads live in a gated complex. Ryan agrees to get out of bed and meet Maci at the car wash (?) if she’ll drive Bentley over. It’s the middle of the afternoon (we know this by the times they mention), yet all of these people are lying in bed or on the couch. WTF?

Bentley is less-than-thrilled when he finds out that he’s going to his dad’s house/car wash. (Has anyone else noticed how uncomfortable Bentley gets whenever Ryan is near him? It’s actually really sad.) He begs Maci to let him stay at her house and starts to cry. Taylor tries to convince Bentley that he’ll have a rip-roarin’ good time at Ryan’s. (He’ll most likely get to watch his dad burp and stack beer cans.)

I'd cry too if I had to spend time with Ryan...
I’d cry too if I had to spend time with Ryan…

They head over to Ryan’s car wash, arriving at the designated time of 1:30. As the clock strikes 1:30, we see that Ryan has not even gotten out of bed yet. At 2:10, Ryan still hasn’t made an appearance, and Maci is getting mad. They have been sitting at the car wash for 40 minutes. Just then, Ryan calls, and (while slurping down an ice pop), yells at Maci for not calling him. Maci reminds him that they agreed on 1:30 and Ryan somehow tries to make it Maci’s fault that he was late because he had to stop and get an ice pop or something.

Maci leaves, frustrated and Ryan calls her a name. During this whole thing, his girlfriend Shelby is just laughing. Why the hell would any woman want to be with a guy like Ryan, after witnessing how rude he is to his parents, the mother of his child and even his own son? Shelby, do you think that ol’ Ry is going to help you paint a room purple when he inevitably knocks you up? Hell no. If he even gets out of bed to attend the labor, that would be counted as a “win.”

Anyway, Maci tries to hide her anger because Bentley is with her. She takes him to Ryan’s parents house, and Bentley declares that Ryan is always late. The producer encourages Ryan to call Maci, and yell at her for daring to leave after waiting 40 minutes.

Next, we check back in with Cate and Ty. Kim’s words must’ve gotten through to Tyler because he tells Cate that he wants to get into film school. Tyler wants to get into “video production or whatever”  and would need to go to school three days a week. The semester would start after Nova’s birth, so Tyler submits an application. They cheer as Tyler clicks the submit button. Um…let’s not break out the graduation party plates just yet, guys…

Um...he knows that you're not graduated just because you clicked submit, right?
Um…he knows that you’re not graduated just because you clicked submit, right?

Next, they pick up April to go baby shopping. Naturally, April smokes during the drive over there (despite the fact that her pregnant daughter is in the car with her).

Hey, when Virginia Slim calls, you answer!

They head to the Modern Natural Baby store, where Catelynn and Tyler both try out a baby carrier. They head back home with their bounty of baby goods, and show April the baby’s room. April declares that she will be purchasing Novalee’s crib, which makes Catelynn and Tyler happy.

Back at Amber’s place, it’s almost time to go on tour. She wants to see Leah before she leaves, but has to get the OK from Gary. Meanwhile, Gary and Kristina are talking about how Leah keeps falling asleep in class, and that it’s likely because she is spending school nights at Amber’s house. Apparently Amber is a night owl, and is up until all hours of the night playing MASH with Cousin Krystle (or something). Also, Gary is making cookies during this conversation. Naturally.

"So I guess Leah & I can't stay up and to watch Jerry Springer any more?"
“So I guess Leah & I can’t stay up and to watch Jerry Springer any more?”

Gary tells Amber that she can take Leah but that she has to return her by 7. (It’s just like a Blockbuster movie!)

Amber is not thrilled that Gary is trying to impose some structure on Leah, and that she will have to follow his parenting rules. Amber ends the conversation to prevent herself from going over there and beating the oatmeal raisin treats from Gary’s mitts.

Amber confides in the trusty producer (who has yet to brush her hair even once this season. Come on, girl, you’re on camera now. At least start wearing a hat if you’re not going to groom your hair.)

"I like how this recliner feels on my skin."
“I like how this recliner feels on my skin.”

The next day, Kristina and Gary are helping Leah do her homework and Gary asks Leah what her “favoritist” thing about school is. Leah doesn’t want to say, but finally declares that she enjoys lunch the most. Gary, too, enjoys lunch and declares, “I like to eat!”

Just gonna let that one slide right on by…

Gary decides it’s time for him to go relax upstairs on his new recliner, leaving Kristina to help Leah with her homework. Leah reminds Gary that Kristina shouldn’t be allowed to be on TV with her because Amber might see and get mad. Leah tells Kristina, “She don’t wanna see you yet!”

Amber’s not worried about that right now, because she’s meeting with her managers to see her book. The manager shows her the book, and Amber declares that she doesn’t like the cover photo. “Well, it’s a little too late to change it,” he tells her, before realizing that the book is actually called Never Too Late, so…awkward.

You know it's bad when your son has to bring a cowbell to get you out of bed...
You know it’s bad when your son has to bring a cowbell to get you out of bed…

In Tennessee, the gang arrives at Ryan’s parent’s house to drop off Bentley. Maci doesn’t want to discuss the whole Ryan Car Wash situation, so Ryan’s dad tries to get the story from Bentley. Fifteen minutes later, Ryan arrives (in a sports car?!) Ryan’s mom is helping Bentley gather toys to take to Ryan’s, and encourages Bentley to take a giant cowbell with him. That will help Bentley wake Ryan up before 2pm.

Ryan sits with his dad and somehow tries to make it sound like Maci left because he was two minutes late. Shelby says that Ryan and Maci need a set schedule, and Ryan doesn’t seem interested in the conversation. We know this because he’s spending this time cutting his cuticles (or something) with a big knife.

"Ding-damnit! I got spittin' tobbacy under my nail, y'all!"
“Ding-damnit! I got spittin’ tobbacy under my nail, y’all!”

Shelby and Ryan’s dad talk amongst themselves about how big of a douche Ryan is, while Ryan spits and eventually gets up to go mooch some food off of his mother.

In Michigan, Tyler is all caught up in baby fever, which has made him miss Carly more than usual. He shares a video of Carly on their Facebook fanpage, but that worries Cate,because she thinks that Brandon’n’Teresa will get angry about it. They want to keep Carly out of the public eye (and off of ‘Teen Mom’ fanpages), and have expressed this to Cate and Ty. They have asked them not to post any recent photos or videos of Carly so that her privacy can be protected and she can grow up normally.

Tyler doesn’t think it’s a big deal; after all, it was his sperm that made Carly. Catelynn is being reasonable, and trying to explain to Tyler why they need to follow Brandon’n’Teresa’s rules if they want to keep a good relationship with them. Tyler brings up that Brandon’n’Teresa appeared on this magazine cover with Carly, so it’s only fair that he gets to put Carly’s face out there too.

Tyler starts to get all fiesty. He sends out a message directly to those people watching who are considering adoption. “Pick the right people!” he tells them. (I’m sure Brandon’n’Teresa just loved watching this! If Ty posting that video didn’t piss them off, watching this episode surely will!)

"But I WANNA!"
“But I WANNA!”

Ty says that Brandon’n’Teresa shouldn’t have picked them as birth parents if they didn’t want cameras around, but Cate reminds him that they had no clue that ‘Teen Mom’ would ever happen. Tyler wants Cate to just “pop this kid out” so he can have a new baby to focus on. He says he feels like he’s been punched in the face by them, since he gave them his spawn when they couldn’t make one themselves.

Oh no you did not!


Sure enough, the next day, Tyler gets a call from Teresa, who is angry about the posted video. (What until she gets a load of what they say about her in this episode!) Tyler tells Catelynn (who is for some reason eating while sitting on the counter with her foot up?) that both Teresa and Brandon were very upset that he didn’t follow their request. Kim comes over and Tyler tells her what happened. He’s still being all salty about the whole thing.

Catelynn, meanwhile, is being completely rational and handling the situation like an adult. She says that she doesn’t care if she can’t post photos of Carly, as long as she gets to see her and have a relationship with her. Catelynn reminds Tyler that they have no rights to Carly at all, and that he needs to get off his high horse and accept that before they lose contact with Carly forever.

Then Catelynn hurls what could be taken as an insult to the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls. She says that Bentley and the rest of the ‘TM’ kids don’t have a normal lives because their parents have put them in the spotlight. Ziiinger! (I would have expected that to come from Kim, not Catelynn, honestly!)

"Yeah...I'm gonna need you to stop talking about yourself for, like, one minute."
“Yeah…I’m gonna need you to stop talking about yourself for, like, one minute.”

Meanwhile, we check in with Ryan, who’s napping again. Maci, however, is at a bridal shop. No, she hasn’t gotten Taylor to pop the question and buy her an engagement ring at Walmart; her friend Keelie is actually the one getting married. Maci will be a bridesmaid, a role she has filled many times, apparently. Keelie flaunts her big engagement ring to Maci, which makes Maci declare that Taylor needs to be asking her the big question.

Poor Keelie. This trip is supposed to be about her wedding, yet within two minutes it’s totally transformed into yet another scene from the Maci and Ryan soap opera saga.

"Thank you Baby Jesus!"
“Thank you Baby Jesus!”

Maci remembers that it wasn’t all that long ago that she was in this very dress shop, trying on wedding dresses to marry Ryan in. She thanks the Baby Jesus she didn’t say “I do” to Ryan back then.

Maci makes an “appointment” with Ryan to discuss their issues, but isn’t sure Ryan will be able to roll himself out of bed to attend. As per usual, Ryan is late by 30 minutes, but Maci goes ahead and orders pizza for him anyway. They start the conversation and Maci says that Ryan never answers his phone, and always has an attitude when he speaks to her.  He barely grunts an answer to most of her questions, but, hey it’s before 2pm and he’s out of bed. That’s a big step, y’all!

When TV shows collide...
When TV shows collide…

Meanwhile, Amber is officially on tour! She has met with Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry, who recently released a book as well. They are like rockstars, and will be touring the country in a giant tourbus with their book covers on the side. For the first time ever, a ‘Teen Mom 2’ girl appears on ‘Teen Mom.’ It’s really weird. It’s kind of like those cross-over episodes that 1990s sitcoms used to do. Remember when Steve Urkel appeared on that episode of ‘Full House?’ Those episode always creeped me out a little.

Anyway, they mount the tour bus, and, of course, Cousin Krystle, is along for the ride (and probably packing bottle of water in her purse to take home). Kail asks Amber if she’s ever done any publicity tours before, but Amber reminds Kail that she had been busy the past few years, what with being in prison and all. (Amber’s full of more piss ‘n’ vinegar than usual this episode, isn’t she?)

Amber hates being around people, but Kail encourages her to make the best of it and help other people grow from her experiences.

"This next song goes out to Gary and his new recliner, in Indiana!"
“This next song goes out to Gary and his new recliner, in Indiana!”

Amber flies to LA to appear on Dr. Drew’s radio show, and she’s very nervous. Meanwhile, Cousin Krystle is lounging on the couch and trying to indulge herself in that leather luxury and free coffee!

Dr. Drew talks to Amber about Leah, and Amber declares that she will eventually seek full custody of Leah.

We’ll check back in with these knuckleheads next week! Until then, click here to read The Ashley‘s recap of last week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG!’

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49 Responses

  1. After this season I just wanna hang out drinking beer by the garage with Ryan’s dad Larry and then have Kim pick me up for lunch

    1. I wanna go to lunch with Ryan’s mom and listen to her sweet sugary voice. Then I wanna see Dr. Phil tear into her and Ryan.

  2. Though, my comment was direct mostly at the person who made the “zinger” about TMJ, yours could also be viewed as an indirect jab. There aren’t many TM blogs and, (though it was meant toward blogs in general) to say you would rather wait than ready a crap one could be seen as piggybacking that comment. Even if it wasn’t intended.

  3. Brandon and Teresa should not have adopted Carly in the first place if they didn’t enjoy being filmed. They should have realized that being on one reality show often leads to participants appearing on follow-ups or sequels. Also, with social media, there is now a possibility that anyone could whip out their phone and record them in public and upload to facebook and youtube, so I don’t think asking Catelynn and Tyler to refrain from posting pictures will do any good at this point. Their last name and the fact that they live in NC is now known.

      1. They were already being filmed for 16 and Pregnant and facebook and other social media was around then. They should have known that there is often an opportunity to appear on other reality shows. Look at the Real World and how many of the contestants have done these Challenge shows. Survivor, Amazing Race, Jersey Shore, etc. Once you agree to appear on one show, it’s very hard for most of these people to turn down other offers. If you don’t want to be on a reality show, then don’t agree to appear even once, no matter how desperate you are for a child or anything.

        1. Anyone who has ever been part of adoption knows how taxing the entire experience is. It took is 4 years to get our daughter. Adopting a child isn’t like going to the shelter and picking put a child likea dog….for those of us with infertility and have gone through the process take opportunities when presented to us so we don’t miss out.

          I guarantee you both Teresea and Brandon were in the process of adoption with Tyler and CATELYNN WAY BEFORE the cameras…like I said – it’s a long and taxing experience.

          The reality is Tyler and Care chose to give their child up – no its, ands or butts…they have no legal tie to this child….they need to stay out of it ..

        2. that’s absolutely ludicrous .. like another poster said below, you don’t just get to “pick another baby” like that. tyler and cait AGREED to their terms so they should continue to respect those terms.. or at least tyler should. i don’t find fault in them not wanting her on their social media.. have you seen some of the comments people leave about the TM’m kids? commenters are vicious and i wouldn’t want my kid put in a position where people can and will say whatever they want about her because her birth parents are on an MTV show. that may not be the reason they don’t want them posting anything about carly but its a really valid point nonetheless.

        1. the scenes where they “pick out” the adoptive parents were re-shot for 16&p so it was in the story line.. t & c had already chose adoption when they were chosen for the show, which is likely why they were chosen, but they had to shoot some scenes as though they were still figuring it out for the show. you don’t just chose adoptive parents in the matter of days and it goes through just like that.. in MOST cases. so you get your facts straight girl, everything you see on TV is not how it goes or in the timeframe it appears to be.

          1. This is true– those scenes were reshot. Brandon and Teresa were already the parents Cate and Ty had picked by the time they got chosen for 16&P. They were not thrilled. -The Ashley

    1. Whether they realized Catelyn and Tyler would go on to become public figures or not, they adopted Carly and as such have the right to decide all matters related to Carly, including what her digital footprint looks like. I have a great niece whose parents have decided they do not want a digital footprint and I am not allowed to share any pictures of her. Their decision and I respect it always.

      1. Yes, but your great niece’s parents did not appear on a reality show. It’s a little late now that the cat has already been let out of the bag. Unfortunately, many people are very naïve with regards to how their choices will affect their futures. How you act in public or on a reality show could impact you due to social media. People have lost jobs because of it.

        1. There are so many things wrong with that statement I’m not even going to bother. They agreed to one appearance on a cable documentary which in no ways signs them up for a lifetime of being a celebrity.

          1. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. I know it sounds harsh, but too many people don’t seem to think of the consequences for themselves or their kids. Life consists of choices and part of it is taking the bad with the good and not complaining. Once video or pics get posted to social media, they are there forever. People can download them, etc.

  4. I love the Ashley recaps. She has a funny and quirky writing style that makes me laugh. I am sixty years old and have learned things from watching the Teen Moms. Everyone slamming them should have a couple hundred hours of footage of themselves at that age to review. My misspent youth looks a lot different to me after watching the teen moms suffer from vision problems right and left. Poor Leah has a vision of perfect little family that just never happens because she’s in such a hurry to get there she plucks the wrong pieces (husbands, pregnancy timing, financial issues) and tries to make it work.

  5. I feel like I’m going to get a lot of flack for this but does anyone else think Tyler is a little “off”? He and Catelynn have always been my favorites. They always seemed so rational and likable. But It seems that on these newer epsiodes that Tyler is fairly immature, especially at missing the logic with the Carly situation. He just seems kind of manic, to be honest. And I know that this is a reality show and everything is edited, but he has just given off such a douchie vibe.

    1. I think he has some dashes of narcissism and self-righteousness. Like lots of other kids his age or younger he has these grandiose ideas and will stand his ground when he’s standing in quicksand. It was really clear on the last episode that he isn’t being honest with himself, Catelyn or his mom.

    2. You’re dead right about him failing to grasp the consequences of his actions and where Theresa and Brandon are coming from. It may have just been a bad and irrational moment (we’ve all been there) caught on tape or it’s an indication about his maturity on the whole. I think he also seems immature because he’s always making faces at the camera and talking in weird voices. I read somewhere he wanted to be an actor or something, so I think he thinks he’s “funny” a la Jim Carey circa 1994…which is he is not. (Not trying to be mean…just sayin’…) I don’t know if that is feeding into you thinking me may be manic or not, but it is definitely helping him look immature!

    3. No – you aren’t the only one..he certainly thinks he’s gods gift to the world these days….

      They just had a baby without any education or career and now he wants to go to film school? Sounds like he’s trying to use MTV fame to get his foot in the door…

      Give it 10 years – I suspect things will change…

      1. you’re being generous .. i say give it 3 years and everyone will be saying “tyler who?” “teen mom OG what?” when he tries to use his “celebrity” status to become a film producer. he has definitely let ‘fame’ get to his head. i thought out of the two, it would have been catelynn for sure that would get caught up in the reality TV ‘fame’ thing but she is now the rational one and the brains of the operation and he is the immature, self absorbed one.

    4. I agree, and how come he and Cate both don’t have a four year degree? THey gave up Carly on May 18th, 2009, six years ago. They are BOTH lazy do nothings. No respect from me!

    5. ugh, totally agree.. he’s almost like gary now; thinks he’s a real celebrity, has zero talent but thinks he can just fall into a trade (film school/film producer) because .. he’s tyler, i guess? i really liked him at first, he seemed so responsible and wise for his age on 16&p. now he’s 21 (or however old) acting like he’s 15.. and not the responsible 15 year old we saw on 16&p .. just a typical immature, self absorbed 15 year old. guess that’s what ‘fame’ does to some people. i always liked him and didn’t like catelynn and now its the total opposite. she has matured and got her head on somewhat straight and he has regressed.

  6. Am I the only person who saw Catelynn’s mom smoking in the car with “pregnant” Catelynn??? WTF is that?

    1. yeah she’s gross, and Ty probably still smokes, and Cate smokes too, they are called white trailer trash because at the end of the day that’s what they are!

  7. Gary declares”I like to eat.”LOL.He could have fooled me.He grow’s every episode i watch.The better change that in “I like to sport”.

  8. I HAVE MISSED THESE TEEN MOM RECAPS! Thank you for writing them, Ashley!

    Brandon’n’Teresa – haha, thank you for that addition. It’s exactly what I was picturing in my head.

    Is it weird that I’m secretly wishing that MTV would merge Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 at some point? Farrah needs to GTFO – she is spiraling and is just so uncomfortably toxic to everyone she encounters (if they’re not indulging in HER). I really don’t see any point of continuing her storyline within the show – it stopped being “educational and preventative” a long time ago. All I want to see is her actually come to terms with her actual mental/emotional limitations.

  9. Omg…that side by side shot of Kail and Amber + Urkel and Stephanie! I’m not the type to laugh by myself but I had to take a moment before I continued reading because I was chuckling pretty hard!

    On another note…I’m mega curious to see if there is any backlash from Theresa and Brandon about what Tyler said. My eyes were super wide when that scene aired.

    Last thought…can Cousin Krystle be Kousin Krystle? I mean, if you’re going to have a stupidly spelled name a la the Kardashians….

  10. ughhh im literally so tired of hearing maci talk about ryan all the time. it seems like nothing has changed at all with these girls. same shit different day

  11. Y’all should do the recap after the show,not 4days after.. anyways ryan has to be the biggest Douche dad Ever!! Him and Farrah should get together..both think there Beautifully entitled to Everything and there sh*t don’t stink!!

        1. Megan actually does an awesome jobs with the recaps and keeping us up to date about TM news.The Ashley does a good job too but she covers all reality TV so she has to split her time. Megan is able to focus solely on TM so they always turn out awesome!! Don’t hate!

          1. Thanks guys! The recaps take a few days because they literally take hours to watch, write, edit photos and edit, and sometimes The Ashley can’t devote that many hours to it immediately after the show. The Ashley has lots of love for Teen Mom Junkies! In the words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?” (OK, I dated myself right there, didn’t I?) 🙂 -The Ashley

    1. I would rather wait 4 days to read Ashleys recaps than read a crappy one on another site. Her recaps are hilarious and despite what you may think, it takes a lot of effort to come up with a GOOD recap! I don’t even bother reading any others.

      1. Both blogs have their strengths and weakness.

        Ashley’s takes a few days but she gets that time to really think about what she is going to write.

        TMJ is able to give play by play as the show is airing. Yet, since it is rushed during commercials, so Megan isn’t able to put as much time into it.

        Both add their own level of snark and report the same things that is going on in the episode. Both blogs take effort whether it’s taking a few days to plan out what is written or taking time out of their life to do a real time recap.

        Personally, I love both of them and there is no need to hate. The writers respect each other, why can’t you?

        1. Totally agree!!! Both the Ashley and Megan are awesome! They’re both fun sites, there’s no reason to start spreading hate about either one!

          1. I do too. Some of the commentators (of which, I am NOT one) are well worth reading on Teen Mom Junkies…

        2. I wasn’t saying anything about Teen Mom Junkies, I didn’t team ANY of the comments except the person saying they wish she would get them out faster. I realize I may have replied to the wrong comment but I had no idea the Teen Mom Junkies blog was ever even mention. You guys just assumed I was talking aboUT that blog yet I NEVER mentioned that blog by name. I scan thay blog here and there and have nothing against it.

        3. Yeah I just checked and I replied to the correct comment. I wasn’t even replYing to the ones about TMJ. I was literally just responding to the person telling her to post them faster next time don’t assume, okay? 🙂

          1. Sorry autocorrect on my new phone likes to change all my words. Sorry I’m not trying to have attitude but I feel a little attacked about ‘not respecting’ TMJ for something I never even said.

          2. That was my bad and I do apologize for that. I meant to reply to the one about TMJ. Though, in hindsight, there doesn’t seem to be many big TM blogs, so it could have been mistaken as a indirect jab at TMJ. Just how I would read it. But, as I said, I replied to the wrong comment and that is an error on my part.

          3. Nope definitely wasn’t, and I go there to scan the site quite often and anytime people left rude comments there I’d jump in and defend TMJ just like I meant to do for The Ashley.

            You’d be surprised at the amount of blogs out there that are just downright rude and don’t put much effort into their recaps..that’s moreso who I was referring too. 🙂

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