EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars to Appear at MTV Music Awards for First Time Ever

Will Farrah's backdoor be given an extra seat? Just curious...
Will Farrah’s backdoor be given an extra seat? Just curious…

The fourth wall is down on the new season of Teen Mom OG, which means MTV is finally acknowledging that the show’s stars are full-fledged celebrities. This has opened the door for the girls to have many more opportunities, including one The Ashley can exclusively reveal!

For the first time ever, some of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls and guys will be attending the MTV Movie Awards this weekend! Before this season, none of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise stars had ever appeared at any of the MTV awards shows. (The closest any of them came was back in 2012 when Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell attended MTV’s “Restore the Shore” charity event.)

Several sources have confirmed to The Ashley that Amber Portwood and her fiance, Matt Baier, as well as Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell will be attending the MTV Movie Awards, which will take place this weekend in Los Angeles. Farrah Abraham will also be attending the event. (Let’s hope MTV has enough sense not to seat Amber, Matt and Tyler next to Farrah. Actually, on second thought, please do that, MTV, and put a body cam on one of them so we can all watch them catfight!) All of this info is as of today, but The Ashley will update if she hears any more about who is/isn’t going to attend.

None of the Teen Mom 2 girls or guys will be attending.

The ‘Teen Mom’ producers offered all of the show’s stars a chance to attend the awards show, but it is not known which other ones have accepted. (The Ashley can confirm, however, that Ryan Edwards and Gary Shirley will not be there, although they were invited.) MTV offered the tickets, but the ‘Teen Mom’ cast is responsible for getting themselves to LA to attend.

In the past, the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise cast has not been invited to events like this. According to one source, it is because MTV didn’t want it to seem like they viewed the shows’ stars as “celebrities.” By having the Teen Moms attend events like this, it could be taken as the network  glamorizing teen pregnancy. Now that the fourth wall has been lowered, and viewers are able to see how the show is filmed and that the cast is very famous, it appears that MTV has rethought that idea.

The ‘Teen Mom’ crew will likely walk to red carpet before the show starts. If you are interested in watching the MTV Movie Awards, it airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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  1. They are no different from Jersey Shore or Real World.
    Reality trash who will forced back into total oblivion after this show ends.
    The ratings suck for OG, and this will probably be the only season. No one is watching, that’s probably why MTV is wheeling them out- to drum up interest in the remaining episodes.

    Btw, Farrah will be back episode 5.

  2. well it’s no surprise that Ty will be there, he’s been trying for years to be an actor. He has an agent in New Orleans, he has auditioned but hasn’t gotten anywhere yet. His story on the show about him completing college is just for the show. THis show has been fake for years already. So they are all actors now playing for the cameras. I wonder how long their current acting gig on MTV will last?? Probably years more, as long as their idiot fans continue to watch! Teen Mom the golden years!

  3. This is literally the worst thing MTV could do.

    This glamourizes teen pregnancy ten fold.

    It’s bad enough they are on tabloid covers and make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    No wonder Dr. Phil keeps doing episodes about girls that got pregnant on purpose for 16 & Pregnant.

      1. I guess YOU, and all your thumbs up voters, failed at reading comprehension.


        Do you get it now?

  4. Are you f#cking kidding me???

    WTH is this world coming to!! These girls will be an outcast next to the REAL CELEBRITIES! I hope that the Celebrities question WHY they are there, and ask them who the hell they are?

    Lol!! Haha! These girls are NOT celebrities!
    Give me a f#cking break!!#!

    1. Do I think they Should be celebrities..No, are they, yes! If they weren’t you wouldn’t be reading and commenting on them

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