Another “16 and Pregnant” Baby! Season 4 Star Devon Broyles Announces Second Pregnancy

"Baby on board!"
“Baby on board!”

The list of girls featured on 16 and Pregnant that have gotten knocked up again just keeps growing! Devon Broyles, who starred on the fourth season of the show back in 2012, recently announced that she is expecting her second child. Devon gave birth to her first child, a boy she named Landon, in November 2011.

Devon revealed on her Instagram account that she is currently about six months pregnant with a baby girl, whom she plans to name Layla Monroe.

“I think it’s time to share,” she wrote in the caption of a photo showing off her baby bump.

The baby’s father is Eric Robinson, Devon’s boyfriend. The couple recently moved into their first home together. Eric has a son from a previous relationship.

Devon split with Landon’s father, Colin Crowder, several years ago.

Devon’s pregnancy means that exactly half of the girls featured on ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 4 have become pregnant again within four years of appearing on the show. Mackenzie DouthitJordan HowardMyranda TrevinoSarah Roberts and Kristina Robinson have all had second babies (and for Kristina, a third baby!) since we last saw them on MTV.

The stats for second pregnancies are even higher the further back in ’16 and Pregnant’ seasons you go. Currently, 60% of the Season 3 girls have had second pregnancies, 63% of the Season 2 girls, and 66% of the Season 1 girls.

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  1. Well the season 1 and 2 girls are now in their mid 20’s. That’s not an abnormal age for anyone to start having children.

  2. Can someone explain to me why this is always happening? If you choose to have more kids that’s fine but can’t you at least wait until you’re in your mid 20’s and married?!

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