‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Reveals Fiance Matt Baier Cheated on Her

There's trouble in 'Teen Mom OG' paradise...
Trouble in ‘Teen Mom OG’ paradise?!

Amber Portwood took to Twitter on Thursday to report that she’s hit a snag in her relationship with fiance Matt Baier. The Teen Mom OG star, who became engaged to Matt in November, basically told her 149,000 Twitter followers that her fiance cheated on her.

“Every man I give my heart to uses me and cheats on me @mattbEPT,” she tweeted.

Amber, who recently said that she and Matt started out as friends before getting into a relationship, was shown plenty of support from her fans, who tweeted her encouraging messages.

“That’s so sad you’re such a wonderful person you will find the man of your dreams,” a fan wrote to her in a tweet, which Amber retweeted.

When Amber confirmed her engagement last month, she talked about how great she and Matt get along, and how different Matt is from her former fiance, Gary Shirley.

“My life now with my new fiancé is amazing and our relationship is completely different than what mine and Gary’s was,” Amber said. “There’s not really fighting or anything like that. It’s not perfect, but we’re so happy together. I never thought I could find another man that could make me feel love again, honestly. I feel more love for him than I ever have for anybody.”

Matt is originally from Boston, according to Starcasm, and, at 43, is much older than 24-year-old Amber. They are currently living together in Indiana.

It seems that Amber has come a long way in the way she handles relationship troubles. A few hours after she announced that Matt had cheated on her, Amber revealed that she is giving her fiance another chance.

“We’re going to try to work it out,” Amber tweeted, adding in Matt’s Twitter handle.

The couple recently spent the weekend in Los Angeles, where they attended the MTV Movie Awards alongside their ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-stars Farrah Abraham, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell.

Matt has not made any comments regarding the cheating on his Twitter account.

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  1. Hope it’s ok to post here but it’s the most recent teen mom og article lol
    teen mom og drinking game
    -amber is on a couch
    -someone thinks ryan is being a jerk
    -tyler has an attitude
    -they mention butch
    -april smokes in front of her pregnant daughter
    -farrahs daughter sounds more mature than she does
    -one of the moms mentions another mom

  2. She’s broadcasting it for the sake of fans, followers & ratings. No normal person out of the spotlight would put such a personal blow out in public.

  3. if you’ve been together less than a year and he already cheated, do yourself a favor and cut your losses now! and you’re already saying it’s not perfect, well, u should be blissfully happy in the beginning. if you’re not move on and wait til u find someone u really are head over heels for, not one single doubt about it, Please!

  4. They haven’t even been together that long, when did he cheat and with who? And how, she’s supporting him, she pays for everything, took him to a trip to Vegas, paid for him to move to Indiana from Boston. He has no job, he has a criminal record, was married before and has kids. He sought her out on Twitter by sending her a tweet. He was obsessed with Teen Mom, sending Jenelle mean tweets all the time. He figured she was lonely and vulnerable. He’s an opportunist that is just using her, is she that desperate? Why not work on yourself? Go to School like you said you were going to do. The University of Phoenix is not a credible college, that’s where her brother Shawn got his long sought after degree from, he’s been trying to be a police officer for 5 years already, this whole family is a bunch of losers, all the money and fame in the world will never change that, sad for Leah to have such loser parents. I hope she gets fixed so she never has another child!

    1. Oh boy, that’s pretty harsh. People can work on themselves and change. We have seen a changed Amber already this season. She has made great improvements in regards to her impulse control and coping mechanisms. I totally agree she has more work to do, and she should pursue a career goal, but to call her whole family trash and beyond repair… Not fair.

      I agreed with the first half of your comment though. And the guy seems shady as hell. Get away from him Amber!!!

      1. I don’t see any real changes with her. She still clearly has an anger problem, and doesn’t do anything she says she’s going to do, hooking up with this loser says more about her than him!

        1. I know what you mean, her behavior isn’t perfect. You can tell she can barely keep it together when stressful things happen. She is doing so so much better than before though, much less screaming, no physical altercations that we know of, she doesn’t fall for it when Gary tries to push her buttons. I dunno, I have soft spot for people who are trying.

          1. amen fellow Simone! I totally am always rooting for people that are trying to work on themselves because if you are at least acknowledging you have issues and you’re trying to work them out that’s better than being in denial or just plain doing nothing to get healthier and change. Also everyone says she should be going to AA or NA meetings but there’s noooo respect for privecy in support groups that aren’t in LA or NY (meetings in those cities there are celebrities and people have respect enough to not break the anonymous code and go blabbing about a celeb they went to a meeting with). it’s really a bummer that she can’t go to meetings without someone trying to sell a story to a magazine of what she shared in privacy. I think Dr Drew
            sort of acknowladged this issue in the last episode..

  5. Why is she broadcasting it? My husband and I have been together for 10 years and we have good days and baddest butwe don’t broadcast it…that’s life…relationships aren’t all butterflies and rainbows

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