Renewed or Canceled? Find Out the Fates of Your Favorite Reality Shows (UPDATED)

"I will never, ever go away!"
“I will never, ever go away!”

UPDATE: This list has been updated and is current as of May 13, 2015.

Every year around this time, television actors and producers hold their breaths to see if their shows will survive what The Ashley affectionately calls “The Big Hack,” in which the networks decide which shows get canceled and which ones get renewed.

Of course, The Ashley only cares about reality shows, so she’s put together a handy list of shows and their current fates. The Ashley will continue to update this list as the networks release more information on our favorite shows!

Here are the shows that have had their fates decided so far:

16 and Pregnant (MTV):  Renewed (Click here to learn how Season 6 will differ from previous seasons!)

90 Day Fiance (TLC): Renewed (Season 3 currently casting)

American Idol (FOX): Canceled (Will air for one more season in 2016. Click here for details!)

America’s Got Talent (NBC): Renewed for Season 10 (New episodes premiere May 26)

America’s Next Top Model (CW):  Renewed (Cycle 22 currently casting)

The Apprentice (NBC): Renewed for Season 15

Are You The One? (MTV): Renewed for Season 3

Bachelor (ABC): Renewed for Season 20

Bachelor in Paradise (ABC): Renewed for Season 2 (New episodes to premiere August 2)

Bachelorette (ABC): Renewed for 11th season, New episodes to premiere May 18 (Click here to see which girl was chosen to be the new ‘Bachelorette!’)

Beyond the Tank (ABC): Renewed for Season 2

Big Brother (CBS): Renewed until 2017

Biggest Loser (NBC): Renewed (Season 17 is currently in casting/pre-production)

Braxton Family Values (WEtv): Renewed for Season 5 (New episodes premiere May 2015)

Brother vs. Brother (HGTV): Renewed for Season 3 (New episodes premiere June 3)

Cake Boss (TLC): Renewed for two more seasons

Celebrity Wife Swap (ABC): Renewed for Season 4 (New episodes premiere May 20)

Chrisley Knows Best (USA): Renewed for Season 3 (New episodes premiere Summer 2015)

Couples Therapy (VH1): Renewed for Season 6 (Click here for more info!)

Dancing with the Stars (ABC): Renewed for Season 21

Dating Naked (VH1): Renewed for Season 2 (New episodes premiere Summer 2015)

Deadliest Catch (Discovery): Renewed for Season 11 (New episodes premiered April 14)

Dual Survival (Discovery): Additional episodes being added to Season 5

Extreme Weight Loss (ABC): Renewed for Season 5 (New episodes premiere May 26)

FaceOff (SyFy): Renewed for Season 9 (New episodes premiere July 28)

Fashion Police (E!): On hiatus until September

Flipping Out (Bravo): Renewed for Season 8

Gypsy Sisters (TLC): Renewed for Season 4 (New episodes premiered end of April)

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (TLC): Canceled (Click here for details!)

Hot Grits (VH1): On hiatus, may be moved to another network. (Click here for details!)

House of DF (E!): Renewed for Season 2

It’s All Relative- Leah Remini (TLC): Renewed for Season 2 (New episodes premiere Summer 2015)

L.A. Hair (WEtv): Renewed for Season 4 (New episodes premiere Summer 2015)

LeAnn & Eddie (VH1): Canceled

Little People, Big World (TLC): The family is filming new episodes, according to a Facebook post by Matt Roloff

Lip Sync Battle (Spike): Renewed for Season 2 (New episodes premiere in 2016)

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (VH1): Renewed for Season 4 (New episodes premiere April 20)

Love, Lust or Run with Stacey London (TLC): Renewed for Season 2 (New episodes premiere in June)

Kitchen Nightmares (FOX): Canceled

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (WEtv): Renewed for Season 3 (Click here for the cast list and first trailer!)

Married at First Sight (A&E): Currently casting for Season 3

Married to Medicine (Bravo): Renewed for Season 3

MasterChef (FOX): Renewed for Season 6 (New episodes premiere May 20)

MasterChef Junior (FOX): Renewed (Season 4 to air in late 2015)

Mountain Men (History): Renewed (Season 4 to air Spring 2015)

My 600 lb. Life (TLC): Renewed for Season 4 (New episodes premiere early 2016)

My Big Fat Fabulous Life (TLC): Renewed for Season 2

My Five Wives (TLC): Canceled (Click here for details!)

Naked and Afraid (Discovery): Renewed for Season 4 (New episodes premiere April 19)

Pit Bulls and Parolees (Animal Planet): Renewed for Season 7 (New episodes premiere Fall 2015)

Real Housewives of Orange County (Bravo): Renewed for Season 10

RuPaul’s Drag Race (Logo): Renewed for Season 8

Shark Tank (ABC): Renewed for Season 7

Sister Wives (TLC): Renewed for Season 6 (New episodes premiere in September)

Skin Wars (GSN): Renewed for Season 2 (New episodes premiere June 10)

Snooki & JWoww (MTV): Canceled

Survivor (CBS): Renewed for Season 31 (Will include a cast made up of previous contestants)

Teen Mom 2 (MTV): Renewed for Season 6 (New episodes premiere July 9. Click here for more info!)

The Amazing Race (CBS): Renewed for Season 27

The Challenge (MTV): Renewed for Season 27

The Little Couple (TLC): Renewed (New episodes to premiere Spring 2015)

Tiny House Nation (FYI): Additional episodes added to Season 2 (New episodes premiered April 13)

Top Chef (Bravo): Renewed for Season 13 (New episodes to premiere Fall 2015)

Undercover Boss (CBS): Renewed for Season 7

Utopia (FOX): Canceled


There are a few shows that will almost certainly return for another season, but haven’t gotten the official renewal by their network yet. Those shows include:

19 Kids & Counting (TLC): With new Grand-Duggars, and Jessa married and and ready to make blessings, TLC would have to be crazy to cancel this money pile.

Duck Dynasty (A&E): The show’s cast has confirmed another season but so far the network hasn’t.

Kendra on Top (WEtv)

The Real World (MTV)

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19 Responses

  1. I think the show should come back I thought it was hysterical me and 4 of my friends watched it faithfully get rid of some of those dum ads house wife shows try making the world a little more funny and real friends then nasty people who hate each other reck ing every ones loves ending up in devorse and l this kid shit bring back the show loved it

  2. One more question… Do you know when Real Housewives of Orange County will start this year? It’s been over a year since the last season began and it seems to start later and later every year but there’s no real info out there about the upcoming season!

  3. I LOVE The People’s Couch on Bravo! I REALLY hope they bring it back and soon!!! Also, whatever happened to that show One Born Every Minute on Lifetime? I can’t find anything about it being cancelled yet I don’t think it’s played a new or repeat episode since like 2012. Oh, one more, I don’t really care for it but was Rich Kids of Beverly Hills cancelled or is there a new season starting soon?

  4. I really wish they would cancel Sister Wives. Kody Brown is just obviously making things up for television. He lies constantly and gets his ‘wives’ to lie as well. We, the audience, aren’t stupid. We have watched this show and honestly he contradicts himself often. They are always transitioning from one thing to another. The ‘wives’, IMO are also not real anymore. When they are asked a question in the tell alls you can tell they want to say something but have obviously been told to show a united front

    1. I completely agree. He’s an egotistical creep. And when those anthropology students came, it was obvious they were told what to say.

    2. so agree with you, and it’s not interesting anymore at all. It’s a bunch of middle aged women that live near each other that or boinking the same douchy man! Not interesting, get it off the air.

  5. I would love to hear your thoughts & reviews on the new A&E reality show, Neighbors With Benefits. I stumbled upon it last night & last night was the premiere. It’s a hot mess but I’ll probably watch the rest of the season

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