Jessa Duggar Addresses Recent Pregnancy Rumors During Southern Women’s Show in Richmond

This photo of Jessa heading to Richmond has caused some to think she has a small baby bump forming...
This photo of Jessa heading to Richmond has caused some to think she has a small baby bump forming…

InternetLand has been in a tizzy lately over rumors that 19 Kids and Counting star Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her first child. Fans of the show have been quick to point out that Jessa, who has been married to Ben Seewald since November, has been sporting more of a tummy lately, which many think could be because she is carrying the next Duggar Family “blessing.”

Jessa, however, flat-out denied the pregnancy reports during her appearance at the Southern Women’s Show in Richmond, Virginia, yesterday. Jessa, who appeared at the show alongside Ben, was asked if she was pregnant during the Q&A portion of the chat. Jessa said she had “nothing to report” in terms of pregnancy, according to a show-goer that spoke with The Ashley.

Jessa is probably unable to reveal big news such as a pregnancy due to her contract with TLC, so if she is pregnant after all, she was most likely forced to lie about it.

TLC has been advertising that the Duggars have some “big news” to announce very soon. Jessa was also reportedly seen shopping in the maternity department of a Ross department store in Rogers, Arkansas, earlier this week.

While Jessa denied that she’s pregnant, she did, however, say that she and Ben were not “protecting against” pregnancy.

Photos from the event, as well as several recent ones taken while Jessa and Ben were traveling to the event, do, indeed show Jessa looking a little fuller in the tummy region. Ben has said that the comments people make about Jessa having a “baby bump” have made his wife self-conscious about her weight.

“We fight about this,” Ben told People in February. “Jessa thinks she’s fat, but she doesn’t remember all the times that people tell her that she looks great.”

While she denied the pregnancy rumors during her speech, Jessa did say that she and Ben really want to adopt a child. However, they will have to wait until they’ve been married for at least two years before they can start adoption proceedings.

The Ashley had a reporter at the Memphis Southern Women’s Show, where Jessa appeared last month. To read an account of her appearance, click here!

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  1. I agree. Leave her alone. If and when they get pregnant they will let everyone know. I can’t imagine the frustration of having the world scrutinize your appearance every time you step out of the house. Perhaps IF she is pregnant they would like to wait until the 2nd tri-mester to announce, as the majority of couples do or maybe she’s just not pregnant. Leave the poor woman alone.

  2. She didn’t actually say she wasn’t pregnant just that she had nothing to report yet. if she is it will have to be reported before too long or it will become obvious

    1. I’ve seen them too. “Pickles and Hairspray”, perchance?

      Her boobs are huge, and she’s got a nice belly going. I don’t think there’s a chance she’s not…unless she’s got a food baby going, which I don’t think she does.

  3. I really feel for her. It must be hard to have people constantly looking for a baby bump. Jessa is a thin woman and if she has a big lunch it could be confused for a baby bump. People should really leave the Duggar kids alone regarding babies. Their fertility and family planning should not be open to the world just because their parents are outspoken about their choices.

  4. I really hope for this woman’s sake that she is pregnant. Can you imagine being CONSTANTLY asked if you’re pregnant because maybe you had one or two milkshakes this week? Not to mention the pressure she must feel following Jill’s rapid conception and her mom’s super fertility? Ugh, I know what how it feels to be not pregnant when you want to be and people’s comments can make an already bad situation a million times worse. Good luck to her 🙂

  5. Jessa did not exactly deny being pregnant. Only that she had nothing to report. Not quite the same as denial. It’s a way to possibly not tell a lie, if indeed she is pregnant but unable to reveal the truth due to a contract.

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