EXCLUSIVE: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Calvert Goes Solo to Sister Victoria’s Wedding: See Pics!

Leah served as Victoria's maid-of-honor.
Leah served as Victoria’s maid-of-honor.

Leah Calvert‘s marriage to Jeremy Calvert is over, but the Teen Mom 2 star still managed to put on a brave face at her sister’s wedding this weekend. Just as The Ashley told you she would, Leah’s little sis, Victoria Messer, got hitched on Saturday to her boyfriend Brian Jones, and the entire Messer clan came out to celebrate the union…everyone except Jeremy, that is. The Ashley can confirm that Leah’s husband did not attend his sister-in-law’s wedding. Numerous wedding guests report that Jeremy was nowhere to be seen on Victoria’s big day.

Jeremy may not have even been invited to the festivities, given that he and Leah have split and Jeremy recently had her served with divorce papers.

Leah, however, did attend the wedding, standing alongside her 20-year-old sister as she said “I do.” This marks the first wedding for both Victoria and Brian. As Victoria’s maid of honor, Leah wore a one-shoulder mint-green dress.

Leah looked tired in most of the wedding photos posted online...
Leah looked tired in most of the wedding photos posted online…

Victoria’s wedding took place at the West Virginia State Capitol Building in Charleston. She continued on with the Messer wedding tradition of incorporating camouflage into things; her reception featured camo cake pops and, of course, a camouflaged hunting-themed cake.

Victoria is the only one of the three Messer children to avoid teen parenthood. Leah had her twin girls at 17, and her brother, Isaac Messer, recently became a father at the age of 18. She is also two years older than Leah was when, at 18, she married her first husband, Corey Simms. At age 20, Leah married her second husband, Jeremy, in April 2012.

Leah has not mentioned her sister’s wedding on any of her social media accounts. She did, however, quietly remove the line in her Twitter bio that states she’s married to Jeremy.

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  2. What’s up with the toothpaste teal and the electric blue flowers and ribbon. The color should mat h am I right? It looks awful and like someone chose the colors from memory instead of bringing a sample color swatch. I know I’m picky but my eye was drawn straight to it. It makes everything look cheap and last minute.

  3. Given that Jeremy served Leah with divorce papers and we all know this is not an amicable split, I wouldn’t have expected him to be there in a million years..

  4. Does Leah’s mother give any kind of guidance to her kids? She has two kids that became teenage parents and another getting married at 20?! There is something wrong with that family.

        1. dawn also commented earlier on jenelle’s teen mom truth post about the wedding that people need to say leah’s going to rehab because she’s not. well, if she really has a drug problem, and she prolly does cuz this stuff doesn’t appear out of nowhere then grow, maybe she shouldn’t be acting like rehab would be so despicable! worse things than getting help, like continuing downhill. don’t think she’s the sharpest knife in the drawer u know?

          1. I just hope Dawn brings her red highlights back for the new season. I really enjoyed those

  5. she doesn’t look that bad, I think how she looked at her sister’s wedding is the least of her problems. The sister is only 20 and that’s very young to be getting married. This one sadly probably will not last until one of them passes away. Marriages entered into when one or both are in their 20’s have a 90% failure rate! Sad that she didn’t try to work on herself and get a career going before jumping in!

    1. I was 22 when I got married and have been married for 23 years. Not saying this marriage will last, but not going to curse it based on the participants ages.

      1. so don’t, you go in thinking it will last, but most don’t. Many long term marriages are not healthy either. A lot of cheating, and other unhealthy behavior. One good test is, if both partners, have complete access to the other’s tech devices at all times, I bet very few people would be willing to do that, and if so why is that, if everything is peace, love and roses?

        1. Some people have trust in their significant others? Lol joint facebook accounts and/or condoned invasions of privacy don’t signify a healthy relationship.

      1. yes those are the stats, god people have such a hard time with reality, it’s actually very scary. All the down votes from a bunch of kids that don’t know about life yet. Just take a random sampling of people you know, most 30 and over have had more than one serious relationship and or marriage. Many long term marriages are unhealthy, cheating, drama, toxic behavior, etc. The concept of ‘marriage’ was first utilized 5000 plus years ago, when people were old at 30. People are living to 100 and over now with regularity, it’s not realistic to think that if you marry at 20 you will still be with that same person when you’re 80 that is just not realistic thinking!

        1. I think that stats you’re referring to back up what you’re saying in that the older you are when you get married the better chance you have of staying married. And that marriages under 22 have a 90% divorce rate. But then the stats say that with each year you age the percentages of divorces go down, so 29 is not the same 90% as 20. It’s somewhere between 90% and 50% but much closer to the 50%. And mid twenties are still very high but closer to the middle of averages.

        2. I think you need to re research your statistics. Lots of people (probably most) get married for the first time in their late 20s, so it’s ridiculous to say that 90% of those marriages end in divorce, since the national divorce rate is no where near that high. The vast majority of marriages aren’t toxic, involve cheating, and so on. It really just sounds like you’re super bitter and are making stuff up about how awful marriage is to make yourself feel better.

    1. At this point, we all know she and Jeremy aren’t together anymore. She might not ‘technically’ be single, but she’s not really married any longer…

    1. Yeah, she does. From the dress, to the hair and makeup, she looks terrible.

      Guess when your closet full of skeletons explodes, this is what you look like?…

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