Gordon Ramsey Slams Owners of Amy’s Baking Company During Reddit AMA; Amy Responds

"Oh no you did NOT!"
“Oh no you did NOT!”

By Holly Rasmussen

The owners of Amy’s Baking Company and Gordon Ramsay are sparring once again! As you may remember, the restaurant appeared on two episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, in which Gordon attempted to save the struggling bakery/restaurant. It was a disaster. The first episode was the only one in the entire series where Gordon walked out before finishing it.

The owners, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo have been the center of several media firestorms concerning their questionable business practices, including keeping customers waiting for an hour and a half for their food, kicking customers out for complaining, and pocketing tips meant for the wait staff.

After that debacle died down, ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ tried to do a return show to the Scottsdale, Arizona, restaurant in 2014. Once again, however, Amy and Samy met Gordon and the show’s crew with much hostility.

In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session last week, Gordon was asked to give his current feelings on the owners of Amy’s Baking Company and, in true Gordon form, he didn’t hold back!

“I get inquiries [about them] on the daily basis,” Gordon told a fan. “I think it’s absurd. And I’m now on the verge of actually feeling sorry for them, because it’s not correct. They’re one of a kind. I have no desire to come back [to their restaurant]. It was the only time I ever threw the towel in-where I physically can’t do any more. We tried so hard for that program, you know. We left them with descriptions to get the business back successfully, and even if restaurants don’t follow your recommendations, you still get blamed for it. I’m frustrated with them.”

Gordon continued to vent about the couple.

“I just wish they’d listen,” he wrote. “You know, them becoming sort of big online-I’ve seen some of the stuff they’ve been doing and saying and it’s quite embarrassing… I just wish they’d put their heads down, and let their business, you know, think for itself, rather than trying to react to every little sort of negativity. So yeah…they seem to go out on a limb and attack people, and take great pleasure in attacking people. It’s a bit weird. They’ve become so successful, for being so bad.”

The Ashley reached out to Amy Bouzaglo via Twitter, to see what she thought of Gordon’s harsh words about her and her restaurant.

“I think Gordon Ramsay should feel sorry for himself,” Amy told The Ashley. “He is the one who is losing his restaurants.He is the one being sued.”

Amy is likely to referring to the recent legal problems Gordon has been facing.

According to the most-recent Yelp! reviews, Amy’s Baking Company has cleaned up their act (according to some customers, anyway) and has gotten a lot of extra business, thanks to customers who saw the show and want to see if the place is really as bad as it was when Gordon was there. However, one customer reported back in October that Amy and the gang may not be enjoying all the extra publicity. The customer, who goes by Richard on the site, reported that Amy kicked him out of her restaurant for taking pictures!

Watch the original ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ episode featuring Amy’s Baking Company below!

(Photos: FOX)

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  1. Chef Ramsay was trying 2 help but he has to get people to snap into reality first if the food sucks it sucks no matter how u slice it. OG Jhif
    “Since Nine Trizae”

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