“16 and Pregnant” Season 1 Star Ebony Jackson Announces Third Pregnancy

16 and pregnant
Ebony and her future baby-daddy, James…

There is certainly no shortage of 16 and Pregnant girls who have gotten pregnant shortly after appearing on the MTV reality show. In fact, of the 59 girls who have appeared on the show, 28 had second pregnancies within five years of their episodes airing.

However, there is a very small group of  ’16 and Pregnant’ girls who have had two pregnancies (or more!) since appearing on the show–and we can now add Season 1’s Ebony Jackson to the top of that list! Ebony, who has two daughters by her ex-husband, Josh Rendon, recently announced that she is pregnant with her third child.

The baby’s father is Ebony’s boyfriend, James Baldrick, who is a promoter of “4/20  club events” in Colorado. (They sound like a great time, for those of you that smoke, as Barbara Evans would say, ‘da weeeed!’)

On Easter, James announced the pregnancy on his Instagram, stating that Ebony was expecting a girl on June 22 and that the couple plans to name her Jaelyn Zoria Baldrick.

James and Ebony have been together for over a year. This is the second pregnancy for them as a couple; in April 2014 James announced that Ebony miscarried a baby boy they planned to name Hercules.

Ebony and her husband, Josh (who was featured on ’16 and Pregnant’ with her) split in 2013 after nearly four years of marriage. Josh currently has custody of their daughters, Jocelyn and Jada. After her divorce from Josh, Ebony entered into a relationship with a woman before meeting James. Josh, too, has moved on, and is currently in a relationship.

James posted one of Ebony's sonogram photos...
James posted one of Ebony’s sonogram photos…

Ebony may be the most fertile of all the ’16 and Pregnant’ girls (and that’s saying something!) She has had at least five pregnancies in her 23 years of life. In addition to the two pregnancies by James, and the two daughters she bore to Josh, she also suffered an ectopic pregnancy in May 2011, during her marriage to Josh.

Currently, only five ’16 and Pregnant’ girls have three children. Season 2’s Leah Calvert and Season 3’s Jennifer Del Rio have three kids, although that is due to them having twins during their first pregnancies. Ebony, as well as Season 2’s Lori Wickelhaus and Season 4’s Kristina Robinson are the only girls from the show to have three separate, viable pregnancies.

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  1. Pretty sure Josh only has custody because of the split. She relocated, he didn’t. Has nothing to do with her abilities of a mother. But nobody says anything when it’s the dad that gets the kids on vacations and holidays? Such a double standard. She’s amazing to me.

  2. hi this is James, in response to questions about Ebonys other 2 children , when they are out of school they visit often and Ebony has a great relationship with them and is working on custody as well. She is an amazing mature lady/mother (and mother to be lol)
    thanks for warm wishes!

  3. Omg so many girls from 16 and pregnant are popping out babies! I don’t know if Ebony Jackson is ready for that, considered that Josh Rendon has custody of their kids! Ah…
    Ashley, I’d like to have an update on Jordan Ward – Finder. I read somewhere that she’s moving back to St. Louis. Does that mean that she split up with Brian Finder? That would be sad, because I always thought they are a great couple!

  4. Josh has custody?! Wow. She seemed like a girl that had it together and was a good mother. That’s pretty shocking.

    1. Pretty sure they were taken away from both parents after their house was deemed unsafe to live on. Garbage everywhere. Looked like a drug next. When will young women realize that babies DONT make a man stay.

      1. Her first daughter was taken from both of them but they got custody back just around the time their second daughter was born. In this case, I think it was Ebony who didn’t want to stay; she left Josh and from what I’ve seen on her Twitter and IG, Josh got custody because he was (and probably is now) living a more stable life compared to Ebony.

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