‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Tweets About Wife Leah Calvert Cheating

"I can't believe he done tweeted that!"
“I can’t believe he done tweeted that!”

Ding-dang it y’all! Better break out those banjos because the saga of Teen Mom 2 stars Leah and Jeremy Calvert is continuing!

The Ashley has been telling you since October that Leah and Jeremy’s marriage is over, but many ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans refused to believe that the couple was divorcing due to (among other things) Leah cheating on Jeremy with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd, back in October.

In the past, Jeremy has hinted via social media that he and Leah were through, but his tweets on April 24 left no question that his three-year marriage to Leah is over.

In an epic tweeting spree, Jeremy tweeted and retweeted about Leah cheating. He even called her out by name!

First, he posted one of those annoying Willy Wonka memes that stated, “Oh you have a joint Facebook account? Who cheated?” Jeremy commented, “LMAO So true.”

This is somewhat amusing because, after the whole Leah cheating scandal in October, Jeremy and Leah started a private  joint Facebook account during one of the periods they were trying to work their relationship out.

Next, he retweeted a message from a fan that stated, “Don’t give @TM2LeahDawn a penny! Cheating hoes don’t deserve child support!”

Leah is currently filming the sixth season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ The Ashley cannot confirm whether or not Jeremy is filming as well. Either way, the Calverts’ impending divorce will certainly be covered. After all, Jeremy reportedly filed for divorce back in November, and recently served Leah with divorce papers in a grocery store parking lot.

Last week, Leah quietly removed the part in her Twitter bio that stated she was married to Jeremy. She has posted a few telling tweets, including one that seemed to be aimed directly at Jeremy, the father of her daughter, Addy.

“Fellas pay close attention to how you hurt females so you know how to comfort your daughter later,” she retweeted.

It will all play out when ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 premieres on July 9; however, The Ashley will keep you posted until then!

If you want to read the entire Jeremy and Leah Marriage Saga series, click here.




24 Responses

  1. Well if learned anything from this it is to learn the location of deer cams and avoid them when sneaking out of a window after sleeping with a married woman. (Also if you are not getting an MTV paycheck or your meal paid for then hold out for money until you admit you slept with a teen mom)

    1. One person said on another site, the deer cam was a joke, you know that right? It would have been shopped around so fast. I said, trust me, that deer cam story is true and it’s going to play out this season like a bad 5th grade school play, and I got my popcorn ready!

  2. Here’s what some people forget…a kids room(s) cost extra, they use water, electricity, eat food, you need to wash their clothes, you need to pay for getting them to and from the doctor/dentist/school (so a car sometimes becomes necessary), etc. all of that cost money. Child support is suppose to offset some of the expense so the primary caregiver doesn’t have all the expense thrown upon them.

    Responsible Mom’s use part of their child support payment to pay for THAT. It’s not all about paying for clothes, shoes and extra curricular activities.

    But, I’m saying this as a single mother who never got one red cent in child support.

      1. I got downvoted for stating the same logic.

        I was on the opposite side. My husband pays child support to his ex. We had the same thought process for a while too. But, we grew up. Ultimately,, we know his kids are being cared for and that money is going toward providing essentials for them.

        1. I’m just going to assume it’s people who haven’t grown up (like you use to be. And, good for you!!!:), or people who aren’t parents and have zero understand of just how much a kid costs. Especially when you’re a SINGLE mother, paying all the bills on your own.

          I had no idea, until I had my own child.

          Head up for you, The older they get, the more expensive they get…even boys.

          1. Oh and I’ve noticed…not one single poster who downvoted me, has the guts to refute my post.


        2. My husband pays his ex-wife child support, but the child is never cared for, and we have documented it. He’s 6, and she dresses him in 24m-3t shirts, but posts photos of the new xbox she bought her live in boyfriend. She doesn’t work and lives rent and bill free at her mom’s, has a new iPhone, gets her nails done and buys cigarettes, and still collects child support when the child is with us for 6+ months at a time even though legally my husband is entitled to the money since the child is in our care not hers and she took the money and got a new tattoo with it. It’s extremely frustrating.

          1. if the child is with you 6 months of the time, you can get a different formula for figuring out child support. At least in most states anyway.

  3. Leah loves to play the victim,but she’s not.The childeren are the true victims in this story.I really think there better of with Cory,he’s a good father and takes his responsibility.About Jeremy i don’t now,he’s hard to see trough,but i think he cheats as much as Leah did.

  4. Leah is definely a whore. She doesn’t know who she wants which is y even tho she was with Jeremy she was still trying to get Corey back while fucking Robbie. She basically loves any of them that give her attention. I hope her kids don’t turn out to b money hungry attention seeking whores like their mama. I’m proud of Corey and Jeremy for getting away from her!

  5. I really don’t see the epic twitter spree where he calls out Leah by name. Did he erase it? Anyone have screen shots?

  6. Honestly – Jeremy is just as much as an attention who’re as Leah is….posting about going to MN and posting what hotel he’s going to be at….they both truly belive they are A list celebrities.

  7. Funny how he talked crap about Corey because of the whole child support incident but here he goes retweeting childish crap about not giving her child support.

    And if her drug issue is true then we all know why Corey didn’t want to pay her more child support.

    But I would rather both dads pay for whatever the kids need instead of handing money to Leah. We see her spending. I really believe she puts a small amout of the child support towards the twins and the rest on herself.

    1. Not only did he talk crap about Corey not paying enough, he also mentioned that he never would have walked out on Leah if he was married to her like Corey did. I think he mentioned it in the episode when Leah gave Jeremy back her engagement ring. Easy to say when he hasn’t been cheated on yet, but the moment he was…he ran for it lol. Of course people leave when they get cheated on… and he couldn’t understand why Corey couldn’t make up his mind about her.

  8. What a ridiculous retweet/original commenter. Child support is for THE CHILD. Spousal support is for the spouse. If Leah has custody of their baby, regardless if she cheated or not, Jeremy should pay CHILD support because it’s his child. Period.

    1. As bad as she is…I’ve always thought he was kind of a self centered ass. Wasn’t he Corey’s friend? These two deserved each other. I have a hard time feeling sorry for either one of them.

    2. Just because child support is meant to only cover the child’s expenses, doesn’t mean that’s all the mother uses it for. Leah is a greedy bitch and will probably try her hardest to suck all the money she can out of Jeremy like she did to Corey.

      1. As true as that may be, the bottom line is, you cannot take away money meant for the children to punish the mother. CS can go to anything to help the child even if it seems to be benefiting the mother like a mortgage payment or electricity. It’s a hard pill to swallow but that is a simple fact. As long as It seems like Leah is taking care and providing the essentials (shelter, food, clothes) for her children, it is hard to prove the CS is going toward anyone or anything else but the children. My husband went through almost the same thing with his ex and it took a while to accept it. That is not to say each state is different with regulations of CS but since Corey still has to pay, Jeremy will pay too.

        The funny thing is that Jeremy was all for bleeding Corey dry too. I know at the time Corey was barely paying what he should have been. Yet, BOTH, Jeremy and Leah wanted more. He is going to be the one paying that $1000 a month for one child he told Leah others guys were paying.

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