Fans Start Petition to Get Farrah Abraham Kicked Off ‘Teen Mom OG’

Luckily, Farrah is her own #1 fan!
Luckily, Farrah is her own #1 fan!

By Holly Rasmussen

Farrah Abraham is back on Teen Mom OG and not everyone is happy about it. During the last five minutes of last week’s episode, viewers finally got their first glimpse of Farrah…and watched her be a bi-otch to everyone around her. The show’s producers weren’t the only ones unhappy about Farrah’s reappearance. In fact, over 1,000 ‘Teen Mom’ fans are attempting to get Farrah (and her backdoor) kicked off the show!

A petition has already been started on that pleads with MTV and the show’s producers to boot Farrah from the show. At press time, the petition has over 1,300 supporters.

In the preview for the next episode, we saw Farrah’s co-star, Maci Bookout having a hissy fit when she finds out that Farrah is returning to the show.

“Y’all can just leave right now. I’m done,” the soon-to-be mom of two drawled to producers upon hearing the news. It has been reported that Maci refused to let her son, Bentley (and most likely her unborn baby girl) be filmed on the show once Farrah returned. (Oh, no! A show without Bentley is no show at all!)

If it comes down to a showdown between Farrah and Maci, it seems that Maci definitely has the majority of the show’s viewers on her side.

“Why would MTV trade a positive role model, like Maci, for a bratty, disrespectful, hateful, nasty, p0rn star, whack job?” the petition reads. “MTV should be ashamed for promoting Farrah, her lifestyle, sex toy line, and p0rn on a show with children…a show that is meant for teen girls.”

Several commenters agreed.

“I believe putting a p0rn star on a show where the main audience is teens is irresponsible,” commenter Kimberly Howell wrote.

“I would rather see Maci and Bentley before ever seeing Farrah. With MTV bringing her back they are sending a message to young girls that her lifestyle is okay! I’m not happy with this decision at all,” wrote Katrina Summit.

While Maci is the only one ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast member we’ve seen react negatively on camera  to Farrah’s return, other cast members may have similar feelings. In an interview with E! News in March, Catelynn Lowell stated that she questions whether or not Farrah belongs on a show meant for teen girls.

“At first, for a little bit, we were kind of OK with it,” Catelynn said. “Until we really sat down about it and were like ‘Um, we don’t know how good this is for the moral compass of the show?’ Like, we are trying to educate girls about good things, not so much the sex industry part.”

Farrah isn’t on the best terms with her other co-stars either. Just in the past few months, Farrah has started Twitter feuds with Gary Shirley, Amber Portword, Tyler Balterria and even Catelynn’s biological father, David Lowell. Tyler’s dad, Butch Baltierra, however seems to have no problem with Farrah. In fact, in a recent episode, he joked that he was down to shoot a p0rn with her.

So far, Farrah has not commented on the petition (or the Butch p0rno).

98 Responses

  1. She really is the Biggest Bitch ever! She treats her parents awful and Men. No man will put up with her..She thinks shes All that! Everyone hates her.


  2. though I am not a farrah fan, I find it ridiculos Farrah is kicked off but not MATT ? ambers boyfriend, hes a deadbeat father, con artist and sexual assulter, bully to others online- he makes Farrah look like an angel. I would never watch again, this is a train wreck with amber being so dependant on a man to help her and hold her hand, she cant see what a scumbag he is. not to mention maci is an alcoholic and cate and tyler, are never showed smoking or fighting.

  3. Farrah needs to be off the show, she is stuck up snob and most probably mentally ill..let the porn queen make her money the good old fashioned way “work for a living”..a very poor role model for young girls.

  4. I won’t watch the show if she stay I won’t give her the time and day for her to make money off her behavior trying to be like the Kardashian differences is their actually famous she just a wanna be.

    1. Y”all i am telling you now we DON’T want her dirty attitude with a chip on her shoulder or her small businesses down here in Austin Tx, Austin has a saying “Keep Austin Weird” and is the slogan adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to promote small businesses in Austin. She is TO WEIRD for Austin and 98% cant wait for her to move. Y’all come back now you hear 🙂 except you FARRAH.

  5. I’ve stopped watching the show because Farrah stresses me out. She’s so rude and mean and she acts like her shut don’t stink. She’s awful!

    1. I am appalled at her level of cruelty. Allowing her daughter to learn to disrespectful behavior toward her grandmother. Her unwillingness to get along with everyone is so stressful. Her voice grates on me. Her vanity and self-importance is beyond measure. She is one of rhetoric meanest self-appointed divas I can think of. She deserves to be left alone. Get that woman off the show, for goodness sake!

    2. I totally agree with you. I love TM but i’m so sick of this girl!!!! She’s ruining it for me and NO ONE says anythign to her about her freakin attitudee.

  6. I would totally sign a petition to remove Farrah Abraham disgusting piece of a human being from the show or anythg for that matter, she is ugly inside and out and has no respect what so ever for anyone or herself and teaching her daughter to act pretty much the same way , like a little whinny brat that is rude and disrespectful and nasty as ever , I don’t know one person who would even ever want to meet such a disgusting human being , Farrah Abraham , you think your something with money and take it all away and your nothing but ugly and God does not like ugly sweetheart, maybe u should love yourself a little more and give some respect to the parents that put up with you and teach your daughter better morals in life , it’s harder for a rich person to get into heaven bc they forget the true values of life itself given by the greatest of all , and karma bites bad also , fame doesn’t last forever , you’ll be all forgotten one day , it happens every day !!

  7. Hey Farrah, ive read that you have had three breast jobs done?did you ever consider paying for Simon to have a breast reduction?your man has man boobs and is dragging around a freakn b size cup!!!!wtf Farrah?can u do any better?probably not !!!!your an ass and your vanity will ruin you someday!!!also you’ve taught your daughter to treat others like crap!!!!!! Keep it up…maybe karma will step in…give u stretch marks,a fat ass,a link card,and a trailer to come home to.get a grip!!!!!!

  8. You people make me laugh. Really Farrah isn’t a role model? None of these women are..
    I watch the show for what it is. This isn’t a show to teach women lessons about teen pregnancy. Don’t you think they would have done a better job? Could have went a more realistic route? This show is all about drama and MTV doesn’t care who gets caught up in it either.
    Most of these women have serious need for psychiatric help. They are crying out for it and no one gives it to them. Do you think a normal person acts the way Farrah does? or Janelle? or Amber? or any of them really..I wonder when one of them gets seriously hurt who will take the blame. I blame MTV.

  9. I don’t even care what she’s done of good role mood blah blah she’s boring to watch !! If I wanted to watch a reality show about a self obsessed emotional drama crazy woman I’d be watching the real housewives !

    1. Please take Farrah off teem mom she a dumb ass bitch with no respect she thinks she the shit I just can’t stand her and the way she talks to her parents and her boyfriend doesn’t even like her he just using her to b on TV


  11. Take her off the show please, she is a spoiled stuck up snot and her poor daughter is going to see how much her mother is an idiot with no respect for anyone, if this is about ratings you would have it better without Farrah Abrahams, her whole attitude makes the show look sick. Yes all the girls have not been perfect, but thet others are real, she is not, just a snob, and MTV producers are cateri g to this spoiled brat just like her parents, I am waiting on the news about her so called new bf to drop her because he is only using her for a few minutes of fame. Goinb after that other guy trying to push him for marriage, sick. Please for her daughter do the right thing and make this girl grow the hell up.

  12. Cannot stand a stuck up bitch! She has no rspect for anyone. Why is MTV having her spoiled ass on this show, she is rude, I mean none of them are perfect but she is crap. Please rethink about having her on the show, she is nuts! Her parents are idiots for not raising her with a brain and a heart, she used MTV and is still using MTV to be “famous” and in truth her daughter is going to see all of this and its sick.

  13. Farrah is is horrible role model to all the young teens who follow Teen Mom every week. MTV should be ashamed for promoting such trash!

  14. Farrah Abraham is a very bad example for a teen mom. I do not care how hard she works. Look at what she sells and how she got her money. She has alot of issues, but thinks she is perfect in what she does. She is rude,disrespectful and a bad example all around.I feel sorry for her. I hope she can turn it around. Please get her off the show.

  15. Hmmmmmm role models vs. ratings? I think ratings wins!!!
    But seriously, Farrah isn’t a good role model because of her career choices/bad attitude, Maci is becoming a statistic pregnant by 2 different guys and STILL not married (probably going to get married is not engaged, sorry), Tyler and Catelynn are perpetually engaged, had another baby, STILL not married, no job to support their family, and Amber has no custody of her daughter and no job, yet she says she is going to sue for full custody – WHAT! Smh if you want good role models stop looking at MTV reality shows for them.

    1. I am sick of hearing it shows the struggles of being a teen mom. I don’t see any teen moms working two jobs to make ends barely meet, struggle to go to school because of work not because they’re just too lazy to go and finish, and struggle to get child support. All I see are moms with nicer things than most 2 income families

  16. It makes me not want to even watch the show anymore. I hate the fact that Maci isn’t on the show just because Farrah is back.

  17. Who cares. Since when are these other moms upstanding citizens?! One went to prison for God sake!! The other 2 are knocked up. Wow, such a great set of role models to compare to Farrah…Stop glamorizing trailer trash lifestyles and worry about your own kids.You people are the reason these girls’ lives are so effed. Youre too enthralled in their sad lives, it keeps them from focusing on reality. Good job. Mean while there are people fearing for their lives, dealing with rel problems. Get a clue ladies!!

  18. U all are stupid farrah dose not need to be on the show she’s not a good person I half to agree with maci she’s a bad parent she’s a bad roll model for young teens around the world take off the show fore good she’s nasty

    1. Talk about stupid, learn how to spell. Gezzz.. Have not half, role not roll (you eat that) for not fore… No wonder our country is going to hell

      1. Dear someone living in a glass house,
        Only those who can properly punctuate a sentence are allowed to dis someone’s spelling errors.
        Hope your walls don’t come crashing down.
        Xoxo, Me

      2. I’m also not writing perfectly English,but i live in the Netherlands.We don’t speak english but the dutch language, so it is a little bit more difficult to express.

  19. Just a waste of time. They had a petition for 14 mugshots Jenelle and shes still on the show. If anything, this will be the last of teen mom.

    1. Waste of time or not, I’d like to see how many sign it out of curiosity. And for those wanting to know how to sign it, click on the link in the second paragraph. 🙂

    2. It really doesn’t matter to people how many times you’ve been arrested. My son is 5 and started his teeball season and learned his coach has been arrested 4 times and has her own playboy social sites nude. Multiple sites. I reported her and had him switched, but people really don’t care in today’s world. That’s exceptable. It’s really sad how people can treat others and act and still get aridiculous amount paid to them and live better than great civilians that work a 40 hr work week and having food on the table but not being filmed to “pretend” to be a advocate on teen pregnancy and everyone has more kids by DIFFERENT men. And you’d think being wealthy from showing your attitude and private parts you’d be a little more grateful..bc eventually it will come to an end. And Maci will probably be back…you can’t just let fame and a paycheck go.

  20. And Maci.. I would never be so calm handling Ryan. He’s a bad example. Have you noticed he seems high this season?…But she’s a huge speaker on teen pregnancy. I’d never seND my child to a convention with her speaking and your pregnant AGAIN with someone else your NOT married too. Not very educated on what these conventions are supposed to be about. Jen and grandparents ever. They need to stop putting Ryan on camera. He’s driving a camero and never seems to be working? …actually no one does.

  21. This whole ‘Teen Mom’ series is ridiculous. When they start out at “16& pregnant” it’s reality…hardships..relationships how your going to raise a baby..finish school. Now watching this show since the beginning. I’m embarrassed for them. This whole teen mom thing isn’t role model behavior for young girls. It looks like..”hey I want to get pregnant so I can be on TV and get paid”. Having more babies and obviously unprotected seX. ..most still no fulltime career job. The only teen mom I have respect for and hats off to is Chelsea. Though not everyone has a wealthy family to help out..she stuck to accomplishing her goals. .great with worthless baby daddy. .doesn’t bring a new guy home every other week to confuse Aubree and STILL ONLY 1 CHILD! Also, stays clean and respected on social media, doesn’t seem to use “teen mom” as a crutch. Teen mom needs to end. Never heard of 20 teen…24 teen. Let’s move along Farrah is a nasty person..Leah needs mental and cheater help..Amber is trying still needs work not fully stable. ..Catelynn & Tyler need a reality check..Carly isn’t yours anymore. Chelsea great job…Kailyn does a great job at juggling both but IS married with 2…jenelle NEXT..

  22. Who cares if she did p0rn, at this point I don’t even think that’s an issue… why is she just such a sh*tty human being? She’s a horrid witch and treats everyone like crap. How is that okay? And how is she getting paid to do that? What is her storyline these days? Plastic surgery and treating her parents like sh*t? I PVR the show now to skip thru all the Farrah scenes. And I’m actually on my last try of watching the whole show, between Amber’s creepy BF and Maci’s little fits…the only reason I still watch is to see cute little Nova. LOL its just all a trainwreck.

  23. My problem with Farrah is not that she is a p0rn star, although I wish she would just admit it. My problem with her is her attitude and the way she treats people. She is so horrible and mean for absolutely no reason. I think that makes her a bad role model.

    1. She is full of anger. She lashes out because her parents smother her and won’t let her have any independence. She needs to get some friends and just tell her mom to back the fuck off.

      1. I don’t think her anger is about her parents.Her parents seem nice to her one should treat there parents like that! She’s a cold hearted brat who thinks world revolves her.

        1. I think her parents have a lot to do with it. Her mother is VERY domineering and tries to control everything in Farrah’s life. That doesn’t give Farrah the right to act like a brat and talk to her mom the way she does but I think she is just sick of it.

    2. Cindy. You are watching the wrong show for role models. LOL. This show is not about that at all.

  24. Macy has spent many hours going to different schools and colleges giving speaches on Teen Pregnancy, isn’t that what this shows message was intended to be, As for Amber. She has done her time and rebuilt her life and does have a message to send to help teens struggling with addiction, Farrah hasn’t changed she’s arrogent, disrespectful and a narrasist, and still selling her sex toys her porn video and for the other cast members to side with Farrah saying they agree she should return is wrong, Let’s get back to why MTV made this show,,,No Farrah is wasn’t just for you, I hope everyone can see the good that Maci Bookout has done she doesn’t deserve a slap in the face, she deserves the the respect from MTV,

  25. How do I sign this petition. I agree 100% it’s not even the fact that she’s a porn start which is bad enough. The bad part for me is I absolutely hate watching how badly she treats people. Her attitude really sucks and if I were her mother id smack her across the face for being such a bitch. Why does anyone have to be as rude as she is there’s no need of it. She Ruins the whole aspect of the show.

    1. I totally want to sign but why does it make you put your street address in? I don’t want to give my address! That’s weird.

    2. did’nt her mom once do that and almost ended up with a 5 year jail sentence when farrah called the cops on her

  26. I feel bad for Farrah … This poor young lady can’t do shit right in the eyes of well everybody … How about all you fucking hypocrites go worrying about your life and if your letting your teen stay up to watch this show well that’s a BAD PARENT choice or I don’t know maybe talk to your child about her choices … Stop blaming other people for your bad parenting .. Farrah is making decisions on her life , not yours so fucking get over yourselves already !

  27. Heres the difference amber made bad choices and did what she had to do so that she could become a better mother everyday she can be with her daughter she does. People make mistakes were all human. Atleast amber has changed for her daughter and does what is best. Farrah is disgusting and has no morals at all. She has a little girl who i would hope would never end up seeing that. Farrah isnt someone who should be on teen mom she is rude nasty n disrespectful. I dont understand why mtv would even want someone like her on there show period it doesn’t set good examples for anyone. Farrah continues to say it was mistake to make the video but just after she did another one. Keep your legs closed girl ur trashy!

    1. Don’t judge someone because they sin differently than you do. Have you heard of that?
      Amber made her mistakes. Farrah is making hers. She can change and Amber can go back to being how she was before. You have no idea where these girls lives are going.

  28. Ill be signing it to.But when will they start a petition against Jenelle Evans?She is also not a very good rolemodel with her drugs and her yelling and cursing.Maby it is time to move on and stop this shows.It is time for a few new teenmoms!.The current moms are no teenagers anymore and they got to much of an attitude against everyone.The only girl i seriously like is Chelsea Houska she’s still a nice girl.

    1. I think the difference with Janelle and Amber etc is that they are tortured souls who are struggling and need help. Whereas Farrah knows exactly what she is doing and doesn’t care. A terrible role model for young people…. and her daughter

    2. There already is one for Jenelle to get booted. MTV gives 0 f*cks. Negative publicity is still publicity.

  29. I give zero shits about her involvement in the sex industry. I want her off the show because she is unpleasant to watch. I get the whole train wreck argument but her entitled, snotty and flat out disrespectful attitude makes me hate her. I fast forwarded through her whole segment tonight and plan to continue to do so.

  30. What I want to know is how ANY of these girls are “role models” Who cares who is on the show? Maci is high up on her pedestal, like if Ferrah being on the show is going to have more of an impact on her son than her and Ryans disfunctional relationship..

  31. they need to take Farrah off again! she is nothing about what teen mom represents! she is trying to be an adult porn star and I’m sorry but that sex video was not leaked! she has her own line of adult toys and blow up dolls and what not but yet we’re supposed to believe that?! she is an extremely negative unhappy bitch! the show is doing much better without her on it!

  32. Where can I sign a petition,mtv is wrong it was great without Farrah.Just erase her parts,she brings the whole show down.

  33. Alright. Obviously everyone’s got their own opinion. But Farrah is really rude and selfish. All of the got famous by being nuts or putting their drama on blast. Oh well. But she’s doesn’t deserve to be a role model. Teaching people to be rude to her parents like that. She has no respect. Who cares if she got naked and taped it. She’s a bitch. A rude rude rude one. Who cares about nobody but herself. She’s not doing the show to help other teens moms. It’s for money for more botched face jobs.

  34. Would love to see her off the show.i don’t like her attitude she’s a spoiled brat calls her dad by his first name really she’s something else blames everything in her life on everyone else she needs to grow up she’s not a good example what so ever. And she’s so rude to her mom take her off teen mom!!!

    1. While it is in Farrah’s case, calling a parent by their first name isn’t inherently disrespectful. I’ve known a couple of people who’d fallen into it just because the child only ever heard the parents refer to the other as ‘Dave’ or ‘Lisa’ while they were learning to talk and followed suit.

  35. none of them are role models. They are teen parents who made a lot of bad decisions. I think Bentley will go to school more embarrassed that his parents are fighting back and forth in TV. Get over yourself maci.

    1. Maci made a lot of bad decisions? Yeah, she had unprotected sex and got pregnant but she has been a wonderful mother and has given that little boy a good life. I don’t blame her for being pissed off. Farrah’s porno is called “Backdoor Teen Mom.” That links her porno to the show and everyone associated with the show, including the kids.

        1. Everyone makes bad decisions. It’s part of life. But Maci’s bad decisions don’t even compare to Farrah’s.

  36. I’m sorry but isn’t Amber a convicted felon? How is this better than a porn star? A porn star is not someone to look up to but they’re not doing anything illegal.
    Farrah’s attitude and overall rude demeanor is one thing but kicking her off because she’s a porn star and people being totally fine with Amber being on the show is totally hypocritical.

    1. I think you’ll find that having amber on the show is actually proving that depression and bi polar is something a lot of young moms suffer from. At least in Amber’s case it’s showing people that if that’s how you are, then you need to seek help. SLIGHTLY different than a cheap ass ho that loves and thrives for any sort of attention making money from a demeaning sex tape because she knows she’s absolutely useless in life. MTV should never be associating that life style to a broadcast of teens and let them think it’s OK. The girl has no morals and is a complete train wreck. At least amber knows and understands her problems and stuff she’s done in the past. Unlike that money thirsty ho Farrah.

    2. I would agree with you if Amber was a drug dealer or a violent offender but that’s not the case. She had a substance abuse problem. This is an issue that many people struggle with and unfortunately they have to deal with harsh consequences such as jail. Amber has made mistakes but she has learned from them and has cleaned herself up. Farrah is a while different story. She is a spoiled brat that has taken advantage of the fame she gained from this show to exploit herself in every way possible. Pornography isn’t illegal but it’s morally wrong and completely contradicts the message this show is trying to give out to teens.

      1. Oh you mean that show that pays it’s cast way too much. Where the biggest struggle for them is what to eat for dinner?

        Teen Mom 1,2(truth, I don’t know about 3. I never watched it)hardly showed the realities of being a teen Mom struggles they go through.

        The message is already a lie. I don’t like Farrah, but Maci and her drunken boozing throughout the U.S. isn’t much better. Did you see ‘Being Maci’, and how she was raising Bentley in what was essentially a frat house environment? How about all the guys she lets go in and out of Bentley’s life, by living with them?

        Everything about this series is hypocritical.

        1. That’s not true. Teen Mom has shown all the hardships these girls have to go through as teen mothers. They have shown their struggles with breakups with their baby daddies, college, child support and co-parenting. And yes, I did watch Being Maci and she didn’t anything wrong. She went out to a club when Bentley was at Ryan’s house. Wow, that’s such a crime! Just because she’s a mother, doesn’t mean she can’t go out with friends when her son is at his dad’s house. And btw, Maci has only lived with two boyfriends, Kyle and Taylor (who she is still dating and probably will get married to). The other guy she lived with was just a roommate and friend.

        2. I don’t know too many people getting out of prison and going right into living in a nice house, with a $700 dresser (I saw it while furniture shopping and about fainted when I saw that price!) A brand new Cadillac and a $400 Michael Kors bag. That’s what really gets me. Amber may be struggling with sobriety and depression, but that’s about it. She has no financial struggles like most people released from prison, and her family isn’t well off, so it’s not like they’d be helping her all that much financially, so it’s DEFINITELY the show paying her very, VERY well

  37. They want Farrah back on the show because they know she’s a whack job. They are exploiting someone that is clearly unstable. It’s not right. Farrah doesn’t need a tv show. She needs serious therapy.

  38. Can they actually boot her off the show at this point? I mean it’s already been filmed & edited. It seems as if this ship has already sailed. Maybe the petition would have had more power if it were done in the filming stages. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see Farrah either, but I don’t know if MTV will really go back and re-edit her out of the show at this point. Oh and just curious @ The Ashley, why do you spell it p0rn instead of with the letter o? I assumed it was because this way it won’t pop up in conjunction w those type of sites if that’s what someone is looking for. Just curious.

  39. I’m completely on board with getting rid of her as long as they still give us 5 minutes every week of Deb’s crazy behind

  40. I was disgusted at how rude and obnoxious she was.
    She must have realised why she was originally left out of the show and when she was then invited back – she had the choice whether to return or not.
    If she had such a huge chip on her shoulder – she should have stayed away!
    Here in the UK, we woke to rumours she is signed to appear on our Big Brother! Perez was bad enough last time.

  41. I really don’t like Farrah, but if the other teen moms are trying to say they are good influences on the show and she isn’t, well they really need to take a look at what they are doing too. The other girls aren’t what I’d call “role models”. I mean, having more kids, drinking to excess and bragging about it, going to jail, having no plans for a solid future (taking forever to finish school, not going to school, not planning on how they are going to support themselves after the teen mom train is over)…they don’t exactly have room to talk about how great they are. Personally, I think they should just cancel the show and do update shows once or twice a year. The original message when they started made sense, but now these girls have made a mess out of their lives. For them to act like they are role models and are still promoting the image that they are responsible “teen moms” is just ludicrous. For me, it’s fun to watch the train wreck, but this isn’t a show I’d ever recommend to teens about how to prevent pregnancy and to show them how hard being a teen mom is. The show is what it is now, a circus. If they are going to take down the fourth wall, they should show everything that these girls are doing. I don’t understand why it’s okay to show that Amber chose to go to jail, Maci is pregnant again by a different guy and is basically an alcoholic, and Catelynn and Tyler have no plans for how they are going to support themselves and their new baby, but since Farrah is into the s3x industry, she is somehow worse than them. They are all a train wreck, and each one should be shown because all teen mom is now is entertainment.

  42. None of them are role models, get real.MTV hears $$ signs and nothing else, don’t waste your time with a petition, kids.

  43. lol dont they know that reaction is exactly the reason they brought her back

    ps what is the point of the petition the season has already been filmed including the reunion


  45. Ill be signing it! She treated the mtv crew like carp, i don’t understand why there paying her! Go away farrah!

      1. Wow!!!!hey Farrah!!!your always getting your boobs done,maybe you should get Simons done!!!you do recognize he has man boobs and is sporting a b cup!!!your such a jerk tho u cannot do any better!!!!you’ve ruined your daughter with your awful entitled attitude!!!maybe karma will step in,give u stretch marks,a fat ass,a link card,and a trailer to come home to!!!! Lmfao!!!!

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