Get a Sneak Peek of Jill Duggar’s “19 Kids and Counting” Birth Special

TLC was there to capture all of the agony!
TLC was there to capture all of the agony!

Jill Duggar endured 70 hours of labor before finally giving birth to her son Israel earlier this month and, luckily for 19 Kids and Counting fans, TLC was there to capture every grunt, push and contraction to air as a birth special!

The special, which is entitled “Jill’s Special Delivery” will take viewers through Jill’s water breaking, her unsuccessful home birth and her hours of painful labor. (Sounds fun, eh?) The network has released a sneak peek of the two-hour special, which will air on May 5 as part of TLC’s “Mother of All Weeks” Mother’s Day lineup.

In the clip, Jill explains that her water broke in the middle of the night.

“We want to labor at home, so we’ll be on our own for the first while until things pick up and then it will be my mom, and Jana and the midwife team that will show up,” Jill tells the camera.

We?! Um…pretty sure ol’ Derick isn’t going to be pushing any human beings from his loins.

Anyway, the clip skips to 17 hours later, with Jill still laboring at home, but not much happening in terms of progression.

“Contractions kicked in very hard, with not a lot of breaks in between,” Jill said. “I was like, ‘This is very early labor, I know.’ I was thinking that if I have to do this for another 24 hours or 48 hours or whatever, I’m going to need a lot of coaching.”

"Um...yeah, so...I'm kinda rethinking this whole 'I want 19 kids' thing..."
“Um…yeah, so…I’m kinda rethinking this whole ‘I want 19 kids’ thing…”

Jill called her sister Jana and mother Michelle to come over to help. By that point, Jill had been laboring for over 20 hours and still had not had her baby. (Michelle probably could have shot out two babies in that amount of time!)

By 48 hours, Jill looks like a corpse. Of course, the TLC camera crew gets right up in her face to capture all of the agony. Jill and Derick finally decide that Jill should go to the hospital.

“At this point, we felt like it would be a good time while I’m not in an emergency situation to get to the hospital,” Jill said.

As we know, Jill had to have an emergency C-section after 70 hours of labor.

Jill’s sister, Jessa Seewald, will soon get to experience the pains of labor firsthand—she recently announced that she’s due to give birth to her first child in November.

Click here to watch the sneak peek of Jill’s special.

(Photos: TLC)

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  1. Why doesn’t the dugger girls use their married last name!.? It’s kinda disrespectful to their hubbys and anyone that is a fan will know who they are. I am a fan but it say in the marriage vows these two shall be as one. To me that means they have become one and so should use the same last name as there hubby

    1. They do use their husband’s last name. Some will still use their maiden name because that is how they have been known since they’ve been on TV.

    2. Four things:
      1.) ‘their’ hubby.
      2.) As nauseating as the word ‘hubby’ is, the convention in English is that words ending in ‘y’ have plurals ending in “ies”.
      3.) Why”don’t” the Duggar girls…
      4.) It can mean whatever you like to you, honestly, but women are perfectly free to keep their last name. It’s fairly common for women who were professionally established prior to their marriage and in some places in the world is the norm.

  2. Was up with that band? Please limit your children. Do not take a page from your mother who is working on no. 20

  3. Seriously, what is up with that headband? She’s also very lucky that she didn’t lose that baby, there’s no reason to be in labor for three days. A doctor should have pulled the plug on that waaaay before.

    1. It isn’t.

      When my water broke at 36 weeks, the doctor told me I have to deliver (vaginally) within 24 hours of the bag breaking. Or they’d have to perform a c-section. Why, infection can, and often does, occur. Which could endanger baby and mom.

      Jill IS lucky. After this, even if I was incline to use her, I wouldn’t.

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